Journal Entry 14

October 29, 2017

I don’t want to talk about work because everyday has been extra shitty.

Yesterday was boring. I didn’t do much except read. I got through 45% of Hunger by Roxane Gay and I DNF’d it. It wasn’t grabbing my attention, I felt like the first 30 chapters were so repetitive.

Today boyfriend and I both had the day off. We planned to go to Fright Dome tonight because I do have that 2-for-1 coupon but last Sunday, we skipped our sushi tradition so today we were craving it bad. We both decided that we would rather go to sushi. Honestly, we should have spent the money on groceries but oh well…we wanted to go out today.

I got the check from American Family in the mail but my name on the check has only one of my last names so I wasn’t able to cash it. Luckily, my bank card is under my one last name still (I should prob fix that asap) so I just deposited the check into my card though I would’ve rather had the cash today. Not a big deal but it was rather inconvenient since the first Walmart we went to had the longest line so we drove all the way to a different one just to be told we couldn’t do what we wanted.

Anyways, after the Walmart and check fiasco we had to buy weed so we went to the dispensary by our place since our favorite place is closed on Sundays. 😦

We went to a Wellsfargo and deposited the check then we headed to Yama Sushi, our second favorite AYCE sushi spot. I posted pics last time we went but I don’t remember in which post so I can’t link those of you who are interested, sorry…! :-/

yama pumps

They changed their backdrop for the fall time. It used to be a picture of a beach.

babe at yamanigiri

We used our last giftcard which was a $25 one to any AMC theater. There are only two here in Las Vegas, one was nearly 30m away and the other was 15m away from where we were. It was in this cute, rather large outdoor mall called Town Square. It was our first time here and I’d really love to go back one day. There were SO many different stores!!

mall 2mall

We couldn’t decide between the Jigsaw movie that started at 7:40p or It which started at 8p. We decided we needed to see It. We used our giftcard but only had $4 left after the tickets so we had to buy popcorn and soda. We drank so much soda, which we NEVER do. I think we won’t ever drink it again for a long time but it was yummy and fizzy for the occasion!! With the last $4 on the giftcard we bought delicious Butterfinger bites. I also had ice cream at sushi and a lot of butter on the popcorn so I’m definitely in for some trouble–I already had to use the bathroom right when I got home LOL. Oh well. It was worth it, we had SO much fun!!

amc 2amc

candy factory
I’ve never seen one of these before?!


Now we’re home and I’m prob gonna catch up on some blog posts. I’m gonna start reading Obsession  soon. I’m so excited.

I hope all of you had an amazing weekend!


I don’t know what I’m going to be doing on that day…hmmm.

It is now 11:44p.

17 thoughts on “Journal Entry 14

  1. I’ve never read anything by Roxane Gay but I heard her stuff is good. I will check out her stuff when I’m not currently overwhelmed with a ton of books I borrowed but haven’t begun to read yet lol. As someone who has never eaten sushi with raw fish or seafood meat in it, what does it taste like? It’s great that you had so much fun for your night out. 🙂 That candy machine looks amazing haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t finish the book…it wasn’t interesting to me. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed with books, I’m in the same boat. Ah, I can’t believe you’ve never tried sushi! It’s hard to explain–it just tastes so fresh and delicate. You should try it some time but there are a lot of people who don’t enjoy sushi. 😛


      1. I guess the main thing keeping me from trying sushi, as ridiculous as it sounds, is fear that I will ingest a tapeworm. That horror story probably doesn’t happen often for most people who eat sushi regularly but I am scared lol.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I’ve been freaked out about tapeworm in raw fish ever since years ago when I saw some type of documentary on PBS about tapeworm infecting fish while the fish is still alive. Apparently raw fish is supposed to be frozen at a certain temperature for a specific number of hours before it can be used for sushi as a way to kill whatever parasites might be in the fish. But it freaks me out to think, like, if there might be some sushi place that doesn’t follow this regulation.

            Liked by 1 person

  2. You guys are adorable 💜 but I’m glad you had a fun day off! You definitely needed it from how your posts have been sounding lately lol. How was It? I’ve been wanting to see it still! Also, I feel like I’ve seen one of those candy machines in a mall before, but I’ve never used it!


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