My Favorite Thing About Each (Major) Holiday

New Year’s Day

I love everyone’s excitement to start a better and healthier lifestyle for themselves. I love how some New Year’s Resolutions are checked off on this day.

Valentine’s Day

What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day? For someone who loves all pink everything, I am in love with how all the stores and decorations are pinks and reds everywhere. I love how certain candies change their wrappers and flavors to all pinks and reds, like Starbursts. Valentine’s Day is a day I get to spend with my man and we have an excuse to splurge on a nice date!!! Best holiday, ever. I have always loved it even the times when I’ve spent it single and even the times I’ve spent it alone when I should’ve had a date. The pinks and the hearts make me giddy. I am not that girly, though, I swear…it’s just something about Valentine’s Day. ❤


I’ve only celebrated this once with the egg hunting stuff people do. My Aunt also made us read excerpts out of the Bible for candy on this day (which I was all for). I love to read out loud and I love candy. I can’t remember anything I read though. :-/

My favorite thing about Easter has to be the pre-made Easter baskets and all the pastel colored decorations, so cute. I also loooove those chocolate Cadbury Eggs.

Mother’s Day

I like that we celebrate Mother’s. They ARE the ones who bring us to life. They deserve more than one day, in my opinion, but my favorite thing about this day is that people do take their Mother’s out and thank them for everything they’ve done! People remember to remember their mom’s and it’s a beautiful day. Not to mention all the nice Mother’s Day Specials they have at restaurants!

Father’s Day

Yeah, they deserve a day, too. They don’t carry us in their bellies and give us all their nutrients to help us grow but they carry us through life, right? Or at least they try their best to and for the effort, we thank them on this day and it’s nice to see all the Dad’s go a little soft on this day. That’s my favorite part, for sure.

Independence Day

The creative, fancy fireworks. Drinking all day. BBQ FOOD!!


I love the Halloween spirit that comes alive in so many people! I love those people who go ALL OUT on their costumes. People that work inside haunted houses who want to scare people and do the best acting jobs they can to make it as real as possible! People who want to keep Halloween alive. I love to see it, all the new and creative costumes each year, all the different ideas, and haunted house themes. Halloween is just such a fun holiday, I love everything about it!!


Nothing is better than Thanksgiving food! N O T H I N G! You all know the dishes I’m talking about. I won’t make everyone drool all over their keyboards by going into detail. 😉


Hmm, it’s hard to find something to like about Christmas. I truly have become a Grinch about Christmas. All it’s about is presents in my family and I’m sure in a lot of other families as well. I do like the sales that stores have when Christmas is over, so I’m materialistic, too, I guess. I like Christmas lights and decorations, faux trees with ornaments and tinsel are always pretty, but I’m not sure how I feel about cutting down so many real trees just to bring inside homes for a week to decorate and destroy…? I think I want a faux pink tree this year.

New Year’s Eve

The countdown, the kissing at midnight.

25 thoughts on “My Favorite Thing About Each (Major) Holiday

  1. I love the holidays, especially the last few months of the year! They honestly fill me up with so much joy and give me something to look forward too. Definitely agree with all of those points up there! Especially thanksgiving food.

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  2. I have a love and hate relationship with holidays haha. I love them, but they’ve always seemed to trudge up bad memories, or bad things always fell around the holidays. So it made it hard to really look forward to them. Nowadays, I still try to be optimistic haha. I love New Year’s, last year I actually went out and I’m happy I did. I’ve never had a kiss right at midnight though. Valentine’s Day has always sucked for me, I’ve always been alone for it and it’s always reminded me of that lmao. But we’ll see, I might have a date for this next one! Easter used to be bigger as a kid for me when we’d visit family. My mom used to make her own baskets for us kids, they were always beautiful. Mother’s Day I know I don’t do enough for my mom on this day. Father’s day, well, my father is barely in my life, so a text suffices. Fourth of July can be fun with the right people. Halloween is fun with the spooky themes, costumes, and decorations. Thanksgiving is all about the food lol. And Christmas is the biggest one, but it’s been so blown out of proportion I hate it. I like giving and receiving gifts, but it’s like everyone expects something and that’s not the idea. It’s about celebrating with people you love. I love the lights and festivities more than anything though. And if snow falls, it’s even more beautiful. It’s the only time I want snow lol.

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    1. I hope you have a New Year’s kiss and a Valentine’s date this year! That’s so cool that your mom made Easter baskets for you, I’ve always loved the pre-made ones all over the stores, lol. I’m so sorry to hear that your father isn’t in your life. :-/ I know I don’t do enough for my parents on their days either. Yeah. Christmas is weird nowadays. I liked the family time but it always seemed kind of cold during present opening time…and people express their true feelings on gifts in my family and not just the ones they receive…it’s rude. I hate the snow. so much. lol.

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      1. Thank you 💜 I hope so, too, haha. And it really was! They were more special, she’s very intricate with gifts lol. And it is what it is. And that sounds rude! People suck :/ they can’t just appreciate something. And hahaha so do I 😂 I like a little on Christmas but that is it

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  3. I don’t care about Valentine’s Day itself, but I love all the pink and red too. It’s one of my favorite color combination’s.

    I hated New Years for a while because it was my anniversary with my ex. But then finally it just changed back into a holiday again like it always was and I began to celebrate again and not dwell on him anymore.

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    1. I don’t know how WP unfollowed you for me? But it must’ve just been today that it did it because I saw your last post on my reader…weird.

      Pink and red and hearts, it’s impossible to hate the day!! Lol.

      Aw. I’m glad it’s turned back into a holiday for you! Fuck him. He doesn’t deserve to ruin your celebrations. ❤

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  4. As usual, we think alike although since my grandmother passed on Valentine’s Day in 2003, I haven’t really celebrated it other than with my son. Halloween is the best and talk about deals the day after! Who can resist half off candy prices? Cadbury Eggs, YUM

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother, I definitely understand why it’s not one of the best holidays for you now.

      Oh my gosh yes but I wanna buy a bag of Halloween candy right now and I can’t believe how expensive they are. Can’t wait for the deals!

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  5. Its so weird how holidays were invented by people with the sole interest of business and somehow we assimilate so much meaning to it and we made it something more beautiful than just numbers.

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  6. I’ve never had a New Year’s kiss or a under the mistletoe kiss ☹️ Hahaha! But that’s okay. It’s because most Filipinos are actually very family-oriented and they spend the countdown with their families and just see their SO the day after. Lol 😂

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    1. I don’t think I’ve had an under the mistletoe kiss either. 😛 I don’t even know if I would know if I was under one lol. I hope you get that New Year’s kiss one day, it’s so special! ❤

      Yeah, the adults in my family do hang out and want us to go over for the countdown but sometimes (most of the time) I prefer to not be with them!! 😛


  7. I loved this… I feel that the holidays are all rushed, and are turned into Hallmark holidays for more and more industries to make more & more money. There are maybe 10-15 Christmas’s I can remember that I loved & was excited over, and that applies to Valentine’s day as well. Then again… Valentine’s day is my Mom’s birthday, and that is the love of my life. LOL!!!

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