Journal Entry 12

October 25, 2017

Today, I woke up around noon to my downstairs neighbor screaming. I knew it was noon because every day at noon she is screaming about something. I used the toilet and took a shower and when I came back boyfriend was awake and he said “I hate today.” He remembered but I forgot today was cleaning day and I prefer to shower after I do all the cleaning so I skipped cleaning today. I am washing my sheets, blankets, and pillow cases, boyfriend swept up the kitchen and dining area and is currently cleaning the cat boxes so we did do some things. Next week, we will clean everything again.

Boyfriend showered after he did his bit of “cleaning” and we went to the DMV to turn in my plates. We waited in the appointment line vs the long line of people with no appointment since I had already done what I needed to do online and I just needed to turn my plates in. The lady said I should’ve made an appointment but she was really nice and she took the plates for me. So yay, I finally got rid of those! Now I just need to sell the car. Who wants a car with a pulley tension something problem??

Last night, when boyfriend got home from work, he started making dinner but I asked him if he wanted to have a scary movie night and go get some candy, cookies, cane sugar sodas, and popcorn from the store. He wanted to go to the store before he cooked because he was nervous that it would close by the time he was done so he put everything in the fridge and we went to Albertson’s for our snacks. There was no popcorn with no butter?! 😦 so we tried a kettle corn–we both knew we hated this sweet stuff but we bought it anyways. It was worse than I expected. When we got home, I read a bit from the new book I started Hunger out loud (I think he hates this but idc, lol) while he cooked.

I did finish Words in Deep Blue on time but I just didn’t even try to read Emma in the Night in two days. I just put myself on hold for it again and I think it will be awhile until I get it.

Boyfriend just left to get us more weed from the dispensary that’s nearby. We really don’t like that one but it is so close to our apartment that I’d rather have him go there and be away for a shorter period of time.

When we came home from the DMV, I just got on the computer and read most of the blog posts on my reader. We got hungry around 5 and boyfriend made dinner. Then, I came back and read the rest of the blog posts on my reader and now here I am. Things have been uneventful. My period is nearly gone–I could prob go back to work tonight but I don’t wanna risk any thongs so I’ll be going back tomorrow. I don’t have any money to buy new heels because I’m choosing weed instead but I have a sexy pair that are a bit uncomfortable I’ll have to live with until I catch up with myself. I did real bad last week and then I got my period. I hope that things are better this weekend at work. I feel a bit guilty for not going back to work tonight but I also can’t trust that my period is truly over. I’m waiting until tomorrow.

capn crunch

Oh!! At Albertson’s they had this cool Cap’n Crunch Halloween special cereal on sale. I had to buy it. When boyfriend saw me eating it he said “that’s why you wanted it!” hahaha. It turns your milk green!!! The orange ones turn green when it hits the milk, too. I was nervous it wouldn’t work with my cashew almond milk but it did! 😀

Boyfriend has the day off tomorrow but I will be going to work. He’s still not back from the dispensary.

It is now 7:16p.

17 thoughts on “Journal Entry 12

  1. Sounds like a semi productive day for you haha. I never trust my period to be over until it’s close to 6 days lol. Mine acted like it was over this morning and I’m glad I still wore a pad because it definitely wasn’t over lol. I sometimes feel the last few days are the worst because it’s so close to being over, but enough to make you miserable. Good luck tomorrow night at work! Hopefully the rest of your week is better money wise for ya!

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  2. A scary movie night sounds like fun. I’m like you though, I like buttered popcorn. I don’t much care for other kinds.

    If I was a stripper, I would be so paranoid about my period too. I know most girls still work and just cut the tampon string (so I’ve read), but I would be so anxious about it. lol

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    1. I wish I were able to do that, most dancers do…but tampons do not work for me. :-/ One dancer told me she put makeup sponges in and I cringed at her and I told her I’d try it but I def haven’t/won’t lol.

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  3. I never thought about what would happen if strippers got their period. So you have to take unpaid days off I take it. Up to how many days in a row can you take off for period?

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