My Blogging Essentials

My Phone

I would not be able to blog without my phone. It is the one thing that’s on me at all times (except for yesterday when I went to the grocery store, I actually left it on the charger and ended up having to use boyfriend’s phone to take pictures with). Whenever I have an idea or see something I want to have a picture of on my blog–I need my phone. I need to write my ideas down right away or they disappear into thin air and who knows how long it’ll take for that idea to come back to me. I take all of my pictures with my iPhone, I have a regular, small digital camera but it’s less weird (not that I care…that much) when I’m taking photos of everything with my phone, for some reason. I actually didn’t even have a computer before the beginning of this month so I wouldn’t have been able to create this blog 3 months ago without my phone.


My favorite stock photos site. Every single photo on here is amazing. You can always find exactly what you’re looking for to add to your blog post to make it perfect.


When I can’t find the perfect photo on Unsplash, I resort to Google images. I also use Google to look up words to make sure I’m using them right or synonyms of words I use too often. I try to make sure if I am giving out facts (which I usually don’t, lol) that I’m being at least as accurate as Google. I use Google to run everything by. I think this has become not only a blogging essential, but also a life essential for most of us.

Adobe Spark

I like the app and the desktop website. At first, I liked the Canva app and used it for everything but right now, I’m solely using Adobe Spark to create all of my featured images.

Desygner App

I used this app to create my header/logo and my signature. There is a paid version but I’ve only used the free one. Their pre-made templates are all locked unless you pay but you’re allowed to use all their embellishments, fonts, shapes, etc.–you just have to put everything together by yourself.

My Computer

Ok, now that I’ve gotten a computer–I don’t think I’d be able to blog without it. I think if I wouldn’t have gotten one, I would have deleted my blog very soon. The app had made an update recently and every time I would edit or publish a post on it–it would just completely ruin all of my content. The only way I could edit or publish a post without it getting messed up is if I went onto Safari and typed in which was a pain especially since I’d forget most of the time and accidentally publish my posts on the app. A LOT of my time was spent fixing up mistakes I never made and filling in parts of words that decided to disappear. Even if the app didn’t mess everything up–I would have gotten a computer. I have definitely realized how much faster and easier blogging is on a computer compared to a phone.

P.S. A ton of blog pages I visited were shitty/laggy/didn’t even show up on my phone and I have gone to a couple of those pages now since I’ve gotten my computer, they show up just fine–if you care to, you might wanna check yours out on your phone? 🙂

PicMonkey App

I like editing my photos on the free PicMonkey app but the website doesn’t work unless you pay for it. I haven’t found a good, free website to edit my photos on and for some reason, the built-in to my computer photo editor won’t let me save the copies of the photos after I edit them, it’s weird. I mostly use this one to edit my food pics because I just mess with the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. since food does not need filter effects, it always looks best in it’s semi-enhanced natural state. 🙂

Photo Editor- App

I really like this one for all the filters and effects they have. It’s all free, too. The problem is, the app crashes a whole lot and you’re only allowed to upload one photo at a time to edit–that makes it all take way too long. I’ve deleted this app so many times out of frustration but have always re-installed it when I realize there’s nothing out there that’s better for free. Currently, it is NOT installed in my phone and I actually didn’t edit the photos one bit in my Journal Entry 11 post yesterday because I didn’t want to deal with it and they looked fine without editing anyways, maybe even better.

22 thoughts on “My Blogging Essentials

  1. I used to use Pixabay, but I started to use Unsplash more because I don’t have to type in a code every time to download an image lol. And I didn’t know about the Adobe Spark app, I’ve been using Canva (actually courteous of you lolll!!), so I’m going to download that to check out (:

    And oh gosh the app can be so finnicky! I use my computer to write out my posts, and my phone to upload photos (prefer not using my computer since I don’t have virus protection, however, it happens that I still use it for pictures, too). But the app will give me issues with uploading photos often. I’m glad you didn’t quit blogging lol. You’ve become one of my favorite bloggers to read and hear from, I’d be so sad if you just quit! ☹️ haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I checked out Pixabay and none of the pictures ever would show up when I uploaded them on WP and their photo selection isn’t as beautiful as Unsplash’s, in my opinion.

      Have you tried the Spark app yet?? Do you prefer it over Canva?

      Ahhh, that makes me so happy that I’m one of your favorite bloggers!!! ❤ You are one of mine, too. 🙂 I'm glad I didn't quit as well, lol, I'm just done with the app now, not WP altogether. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh no! That sucks :/ and yeah Unsplash does have a better selection!

        And not yet! Going to try to soon lol. Canva keeps glitching on me and giving me issues.

        Of course!! 😘💜 And awwww that makes me happy, too haha. And I don’t blame you! The app is so glitchy

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  2. You are amazing for putting so much work into your blog. I, on the other hand, am simply too lazy to bother with editing my photos or finding good stock images, LOL. For grammar and spell check on laptop or computer, I highly recommend using the Chrome browser add-on “Grammarly”. There is, of course, a free and paid version, but even the free version is helpful with finding spelling or grammar errors right away. I find it great to catch everything as I still end up missing stuff when I try on my own to reread my posts to check for mistakes. I too sometimes blog from my phone if I’m on the go somewhere, but I tend to type faster on a computer keyboard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s actually really fun for me. I like looking for pictures and making my posts look nice. I saw commercials of Grammarly but it seemed weird to me. Like I’d rather write my own words? Lol. Thanks for the suggestion though. 🙂 Yeah I agree, I like typing on a keyboard much better now that I’ve got one.


      1. Hmmm. Then maybe I could give stock images a try too someday. Sounds nice. ☺

        Grammarly can tend to suggest making comma additions or word changes for sentences. It can be confusing sometimes since I’m sitting in front of my computer like, “Do I really need a comma in this sentence?” I want to trust that it’s grammatically correct but idk if it is excessive, lol.

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        1. It’s easy!! I like stock images. 🙂

          Lol yeah I don’t really want it to try to change my words. Everyone’s writing would sound the same if we all used Grammarly, I think.


  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing your blog essentials!

    I was wondering if I could mention your blog (especially this post) in one of my blog post? I’m also sharing blog tools/resources that I use and I learned about Canva (it’s really cool & helpful) from your blog so I wanted to mention you. Is that alright?

    Liked by 1 person

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