Journal Entry 11

October 23, 2017

My period snuck up on me on Saturday. Boyfriend went to get the coffee and I was about to start working on my makeup and it came. I tried to call boyfriend to let him know, in hopes that he hadn’t got the coffee yet but he had already purchased them. Oh well, then we had to go to CVS to get some lady products which I swore I had until I didn’t when I needed them, of course.

Yesterday, I did the last load of laundry. I finished reading Gabi, A Girl in Pieces and started reading Words in Deep Blue–I’m trying to finish this book today because otherwise it’s going to be checked back into the library and I was on the hold list FOREVER and I do not wanna wait that long again to get it back. I’m nearly halfway done and it’s a quick read so hopefully I get to read it all. Emma in the Night is checked out to me for only 3 more days and I doubt I’ll even get to start it, I’m so sad…I wonder how long I’ll have to wait until I get it again. I want to read it so badly. I finally got the Glass Castle but didn’t get to it on time and now I’m #100 out of 100 holds…I’ll prob be reading it this time next year. Jeez. I hope there’s not as many holds on Emma in the Night.

After dinner yesterday I accidentally took a nap while I was reading and I didn’t wake up ’til around 11p. When I woke up I noticed boyfriend had decided to take a nap as well, lol. I woke him up and we hung out a ‘lil but since he had woken up a lot earlier than me (he had work early yesterday) he went back to bed after like an hr. I wrote up the Fetishes blog post and read some of your blogs, I went into bed around 2:30a and read a ‘lil. The last time I remember looking at the time it was almost 4a.

Today I woke up before boyfriend. He has the day off. 😀 I read some blogs and a bit of Words in Deep Blue before I needed to use the bathroom and decided to take a shower. This was around 1p and boyfriend woke up when he heard me go in the shower. When I got out of the shower I made the bed and boyfriend cleaned the cat boxes, took out the trash, and swept up in the kitchen and dining room. Boyfriend showered and I wrote a bit of Recipe Reviews (#3)We were about to leave to the grocery store when my package from Pottery Barn arrived at the door. We also had a $50 gift card to this place that I had never shopped at before. I was able to find a few things for under $50. Two faux plants (we can’t have real ones because the cats eat them and some could kill them) and a set of cup coasters with Santa Claus on them came today but I also have a plaid scarf coming. It was back ordered so no idea when I’ll be getting it. 😛

We went to a Smith’s that is 5m away from my place and actually in the same strip as the restaurant Sushi Hero that we went to a few weeks ago. We bought 3 meals worth of groceries and no snacks–we actually didn’t spend too much. We did try hard not to spend so much since I won’t be going back to work for another day or two. Ugh.

When we got into Smith’s we noticed the built-in Starbucks and we just had to treat ourselves to some super sweet treatsI tried the “for a limited time only” Maple Pecan frapp with almond milk and boyfriend got the plain jane Vanilla Bean. I really enjoyed the Maple Pecan frapp especially the crunchies on top, yum.

dollar tree

We went to The Dollar Tree afterwards which I love and we found some things we wanted, like super cute 2018 wall calendars and an ashtray for the balcony but there was only one cashier and the line was LONG AF. We couldn’t wait in it with all of our food in the car. We rushed out. But I thought the food would be fine long enough for us to go into this cool Comic Shop I spotted.

cosmic comicsall the comicsrows of comicsmore comicsthe whole store

I mostly took pictures and ooh-ed and aah-ed at every single thing while boyfriend thumbed through some comics. We couldn’t spend too much time in there because like I said, our groceries were in the car. We went home and boyfriend decided he didn’t want to cook today. There is this Laos Market nearby that we could definitely have walked to but I’m the laziest P.O.S. in the world so I whined at boyfriend to drive us instead. He did even though by the time we got into the car I decided I would walk if he really wanted to but we were already in the car so we drove, lol.

laos asia marketchicken currylaabpapaya salad

We ordered Laos style papaya salad, Laab (beef, tripe, veggies–“beef salad”), sticky rice, coconut bamboo chicken curry, and for dessert I got the rice cakes with banana.

Then I wrote this, now here I am. 🙂 I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the rest of the day, probably read or something. I can’t believe October is almost over!!!

It is now 6:44p.

23 thoughts on “Journal Entry 11

  1. Oh man. The papaya salad with ALL the chili peppers and the fermented fish? I had the best one of those when we lived in New Mexico. I’ve had some here and it wasn’t nearly as good but a slightly better one was in Winnipeg, of all places. Now I am jealous!

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    1. AHHH, it was so spicy and wonderful. Lol yes yes yes the fermented fish. ❤ Most thai style papaya salads don't use as much fermented fish if any in theirs and that's all I've ever been able to find since I moved to Vegas but finally I found some Laos style salad!!

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  2. Hi Hunida! Sorry I have been so MIA recently. I love when your posts pop up on my feed though 😀 Sounds like you had a relaxing day! And the food looks amazing, especially the coconut bamboo chicken curry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Keira!! Wow, no worries at all, it’s so nice to hear from you whenever you find the time. 🙂 When boyfriend and I both have the day off, it’s always the best! The food was so really amazing. Thank you!! ❤

      Hope everything's going well for you lately!

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  3. I can’t believe October is almost over either. It’s crazy 🙄

    And it’s kind of hilarious that we both got our periods on the same day! 😂 we’re so in sync apparently haha.

    The rest of your day sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love going into new shops and checking things out. And I love places like the dollar store – so many cheap but must have things 😂

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    1. Life is going so fast. 😦

      Lol, it is crazy that we got our period on the same day. They say if you’re around someone a lot your period become in sync but we’re only virtually around each other a lot. 😛 I guess it worked that way too.

      Yeah I had a fun day yesterday! 🙂 I only like the Dollar Store because everything is really and truly $1. The other places are just as cheap as Walmart. 😛

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      1. It really is 😳

        And that’s true! Haha I just find it finally how virtually we synced 😂

        And yeah that’s the best part! Haha. I haven’t been to one in awhile. And that’s true, those places all sort of have similar prices

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    1. You can ask them to use Almond milk in any thing they make (or soy! but I prefer almond) and they even use a separate blender that says “soy” or “no dairy” on it.

      I had never been inside a comic book shop before, it was amazing! 🙂

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  4. I LOVE your journal series!! I think I say that on every post, but for real, they’re amazing. I had no interest in trying the maple pecan frap at starbucks, but after seeing the pic of yours I wanna go get one today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It still means the same (and that’s a lot) to me no matter how many times you tell me. 🙂 I love that you love them!! My boyfriend thought it sounded gross too but he liked it when he tried it!!


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