I read Diablo Cody’s Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper (I don’t recommend this book because to put it quite frankly, the author is a cunt. She knows nothing. There’s no such thing as an “unlikely” stripper.) She worked at the same peepshow that I did in Minnesota and she talks about this business man who came in for a show nearly everyday, I’d bet he still goes in there to this day. He liked every girl that worked there, he gave us all a chance. I had no idea, absolutely ZERO idea it was him when he came into my booth and shut the saloon style doors behind him. I was the only girl there at the time, the other girls that worked with me told me that they’d let me know if they saw him come in but they weren’t there that day to do that for me.

(Of course, most of us that worked there had read Cody’s book either before they started working at the peepshow or because we started working at the peepshow so we all knew about him. They recommended it to me to read but all of our opinions of her are the same [she’s a cunt]. The managers of the peepshow told us that she was the worst girl they ever met, she was extremely stuck up–which shines through exceptionally in her writing of Candy Girl. PLUS, the movie Juno [which is written by her, if you didn’t know] is a real life girl’s story that worked alongside her and Cody wrote that girl’s story and never gave her any kind of acknowledgement for it.)

  • Domination, Pain, Humiliation

The businessman sat down on the small stool in front of me. I looked down on him, through the glass, and as he pulled his pants down…I noticed he had his balls tied up. Very tightly, to the point that they were blue. He called me Mistress and would ask me to tell him how and when to hurt himself. He wasn’t allowed to blow his load until I said it was time. The first encounter I had with him I wasn’t sure what to do or how to act. He actually coached me on what I should do for him. I got it down a little more each time we met but I never charged him the extra “fetish fee” I was supposed to because I never felt that I did what he wanted as well as the other girls did and hey, he taught me how to do my job and his lessons came in handy plenty of times…I was able to charge the extra fee because he made me confident enough to by the the time I ran into my next customer that had a similar fetish.

This guy was a young and some would even say good-looking man. He came into my booth hurriedly and quickly shut the door behind him, he didn’t want anyone to see him, I’m sure of it. Before he even inserted the money he picked up the payphone style phone that we used to communicate since it was quite hard to do through the thick glass between us especially when I was laid back. He asked me if I could talk shit to him. That’s how he asked me. I asked him what he wanted from me exactly. He explained that he was bisexual and he wanted to be belittled for that very reason. He wanted me to call him a “faggot” and tell him how real men didn’t need help with jacking off. That real men didn’t have sex with other men. This made him harder than a rock and he would explode before the 10m was up every time he came in.

There were more than a few men that came in that liked for the other girl’s to talk about how small their penises were. I never got one of those guys though. 😦

Recently, I had a customer in the VIP booth who wanted me to choke him. HARD. I would do it lightly and he kept telling me to do it harder. I kept chickening out and letting my grip go. He told me that he’d tell me when to stop. We spent awhile together, he kept on telling me to choke him. I didn’t have a problem with it but I felt bad I wasn’t doing what he wanted so I eventually did it to the point where he said stop, it was kind of scary. But I was proud of myself and happy that I made my customer happy. 🙂 What if he wanted me to kill him though, you know? I do like when my boyfriend chokes me when we have sex–he does it so good though, it doesn’t hurt at all; I couldn’t help feeling like I was hurting the man.

  • Foot Lovers

I’m sure everyone knows that there are a ton of people that have foot fetishes. It was just surprising to me that there’d be so many men that loved my feet. There were men who’d pay me in the peepshow to not even take my clothes off, just to slowly take my stockings off and reveal my feet. They’d ask me to put my feet up against the glass and try my best to model them. Or to pretend they were around him. Some men would even lick the glass as I put my feet up against it.

At the strip club, this man paid me to go into the private room. He didn’t even ask me if he could but I always take my shoes off for dances and one move I was doing had my feet up by his face. These were bed dances so I was laying across this man and he just grabs my feet so I can’t move from my position and he sloppily starts sucking all over my toes. I let out a little scream which alerts him…he then asks me if it’s okay…I told him about how when I worked at the peepshow something like that would be an extra charge. He offered to pay me more but after a song of it, I told him no more. It felt so gross. I told the girls about it in the dressing room as I poured rubbing alcohol all over my feet and wiped them all over with baby wipes. They all claimed that they’d allow him to do it but I hated it, I had to ask him to stop. LOL.

  • Young Girls (I like to call these men pedophiles)

There’s a reason that they always sell school girl outfits at XXX stores and such. Men love young girls, add a schoolgirl skirt on that young (or maybe even just a young-looking) woman and the men can’t take their eyes off her. A lot of girls claim that they have made the most money in their schoolgirl skirts. I only own one and I haven’t made the MOST money in it, maybe because I find it a little uncomfortable and that’s too noticeable…but it is cute and men do compliment it all night when I have it on.

Most recently, there was this guy who only wanted a dance with dancers who had a wristband. Under 21yo’s have to wear a wristband at the club I work at. When one of the girls came up to ask for a dance, he immediately looked down at her wrist and said “no thanks.” I whispered in the girl’s ear and advised her to go up to the front desk and ask for a wristband. She actually did it and came back with one on and he ran at the chance for a dance with her.

I’ll never forget this man that came into the peepshow, another young and rather good-looking man. He asked me how old I was, I was 19 at the time and he got real excited about this. He picked up the phone and he told me about how he was a gym teacher at a high school and that he loved that I was “fresh” out of high school and close enough to his students’ age. He told me that he couldn’t control himself when they wore those tight volleyball shorts for gym class. He told me sometimes that he had to go to the bathroom and let go because it was too hard for him to contain himself. I just did my job…even though I was horrified. At least he does it in the bathroom and doesn’t harm the girls, right? And that’s what peepshows are for, to relieve your dirtiest fantasies…

  • Enjoying the Company of Other Men

An older gentleman who preferred to see only me and one other girl that worked at the peepshow would tell me of his adventures of going to the old bookstore down the road that had a glory hole in their basement bathroom. He enjoyed going down there and sucking on random strangers that stuffed themselves through the anonymous hole. He told me how he always wondered if they knew he was a man and if they still would’ve enjoyed it as much as they did if they did know. He would beg me to ask any customers that came in to see me if they’d be willing to let him suck them off, that he was willing to pay for the cost of the show. He would pretend to look around the store and after every show I did or even after every inquiring customer that walked out without a show–he would come in and ask me if I asked them. I would lie and say I did, but never did I ever. I didn’t want to scare away any potential customers…he would even ask guys on his own as they walked around the store. It never happened for him, at least not in front of me.

There was this one time I did watch a guy suck another guy off though. There was a huge man and an average sized man, I’m surprised they both fit into the booth but somehow, they did. I didn’t have to do anything at first besides watch as the average sized man got on his knees and the bigger man laid back and relaxed as much as he could on a small stool. I was wondering why they even wanted me there but some people love the thrill of being watched during sexual acts. Once the bigger man finished though, they paid for more time with me. The smaller man needed to be pleasured too the thing was, he needed to watch me to get where he needed to be. The bigger man returned the favor while the average sized man kept his eyes and attention focused on me.

The smaller man actually came back to see me a few times on his own. He said he did what he did with the bigger man for meth and a free show from me was a bonus. He told me he did meth because he used to be fat, it’s what helped him lose weight, and of course he didn’t want to go back to being fat.

  • Eating Cum

One time this guy came into my booth. He got off normally, but when he finished…he put his hand out in front of him. Most men just let it out on the glass or floor, some were even super polite and grabbed a paper towel to let go on. But this guy, he did it in his own hand. I knew something was up. He told me he was going to lick it up, and I kept a straight face and did my job. I encouraged his behavior and he licked his hand clean. He came in another time, I think it was the same guy…at least, I’m pretty sure it was. This time though, he let it go all over the glass and he licked it up. He really liked when I reminded him how many men before him had came all over that glass.

  • Snapping Photos

There were a few guys that liked to come in and ask us to take pictures of their man parts. It made them excited. They’d come back and ask to see if we still had them on our phones.

  • Assholes

So many men love women’s (maybe even men’s) assholes. The first guy I met with this fetish was at the peepshow of course. He had a flashlight with him every time and all he asked was that we bent over and hold our ass cheeks apart as he investigated our assholes for 10m. If he really liked it, he would go for 10m more.

Men at the strip club always ask to see it, too, but they never have a flashlight, lol.

  • Cross-Dressing, Modeling, Compliments

This guy didn’t come into my booth but he repeatedly went into the booth of one of the other girls that worked there. She would tell me all about him. He was a businessman that came in on his lunch break. He wore lingerie all day underneath his suit. He asked the girl to tell him how pretty he looked in his lingerie and that he resembled a princess in his tutu that he bought from the store one day. That’s all he wanted.

Another guy, who had a rock-hard body came in once in awhile and all he’d do was get completely naked. Even take his socks and shoes off. He would do all kinds of modeling poses, shake his ass, and tighten his pecs. All he wanted us to do was continuously throw compliments at him. “Ohh yeah, like that!!” “Looks amaaazing!” “OoHh Wow! Beautiful!”

I know there are a ton of other fetishes out there but these are the ones I have come across and that have stuck in my memory. I’m sure there are more that I’ll have the pleasure of dealing with in the future, maybe there were even some that I already have come across that I didn’t realize and/or don’t remember.

I hope these men were as interesting to you as they were to me. 😉

31 thoughts on “Fetishes

    1. Hahah a lot of people told me I should have reported that gym teacher. But my job is to accept their behavior not condemn it. 😛 I’m actually most of the time very interested in men with fetishes just not when their fetish could possibly be dangerous for others.

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    1. Ah, I’m glad you found this interesting!! I do wonder where all their kinks came from, I wonder where mine come from too. I’m not sure I really know how come I like some of the things I do. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This was a super interesting post! I have never thought about most of these before. I love the way you write so down-to-earth. I laughed quite a few times really enjoyable to read! Again, it is so interesting to hear your perspective on this. Like you see stuff in movies but it’s never the same as what actually happens. Also, I agree with that the one comment above, you should def write a book 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, yay, it’s so good to know that you enjoyed reading this and even more so, that you enjoy my writing, and especially that I could make you laugh! 🙂 Yeah, stuff in movies is always different than in real life maybe that’s why I enjoy reading more. I wish I could write a book but I have no idea where to start and I don’t even think I’d have an end. 😛 Thank you though, it really means a lot to me. ❤

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  2. It’s always crazy to think about the weird things people get into. Some of them are commonly enough known (you mentioned some) and others are not, but they also don’t surprise me because people are fucked up lol. The high school teacher definitely sounded like a pedophile, and I hope he never tried anything with his students.

    The one about the foot fetishes reminded me of this one time I got a message from this guy, I can’t remember if it was on Okcupid or tinder, but he messaged me and asked me if he could touch my feet. Since I did not know this guy, I flat out said nahh. I don’t get the obsession with feet anyways. It just reminded me of that weird first liner from that guy hahaha

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    1. Yeah I’m truly not surprised by much in the sexual fantasy land any more. But, I do still wonder why or how people like what they like. Yeah, the high school teacher made me quite nervous…I hope he didn’t either!!

      Lol, it’s so crazy how many people love feet!!! There are guys who pay for pictures of feet on the internet.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I can imagine! Especially working in a strip club lol. I’m not surprised by what I hear people being into, but seeing it is a totally different thing. And hopefully!

        And it really is crazy 😂😂 and I believe it! I wonder if I could make a good amount of money just taking photos of my feet? 🤔

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        1. Ah yeah seeing and hearing are def totally different things lol.

          And there are lots of men who would buy the pics but they also wanna video chat you and stuff. Ha, you could do a webcam site but strictly take foot fetish guys only. If you find the right guy, I’m sure you could make a good amount. 🙂 lol.

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