Journal Entry 10

October 21, 2017

Last night at work I was trying to get my stuff altogether to go home but then I got summoned to dance on the main stage. I needed the extra money so why not go up? There were some Cuban ladies there who were so extremely beautiful, like prettier than that lady from Modern Family. Idk if she is Cuban but one of them looked like her but even prettier. Of course, I was drawn to them as they were dropping all their dollar bills on me and kept telling me to go by their spot on the stage. There were a few men with them but they weren’t coming up to the stage, they were letting the ladies have all the fun and continued giving the ladies money to throw on the stage. As I was getting off the stage, one of the ladies asked me if I wanted to go their hotel with all of them. LIKE WHAT? LOL. They wanted ME to be one of them? First of all, NEVER do I go to anyone’s hotel rooms EVER but I had read somewhere that sex rings, where they sell girls, will have beautiful woman try to convince the girls to come because it makes them feel more safe…so creepy. I just laughed and said “aww no, I can’t.” and one of the other girls was talking with the man and whispered in the two girls’ ears. One of the girls had really sad eyes…she said “she doesn’t want to come.” and she didn’t want to keep pestering me like the other ones were. I think her heart was still in her somewhere and she didn’t want me to lose mine like the others who were with her.

I got to work around midnight because boyfriend didn’t get home ’til around 11. It wasn’t very busy for a Friday but I finally made a profit. This week has just been so bad. I still don’t have my period so maybe I can work tonight too if it doesn’t sneak up on me later. I’m so paranoid I’m gonna get it on stage or on someone’s lap, which has never happened to me yet but it has happened to plenty of other girls. Yikes. I hope tonight is a lot better but I’m grateful that I was able to make a little bit last night.

I ordered some clothes from Macy’s because I had a $50 gift card and they had a deal going on for free shipping after you spend $25! I ordered all the things I wanted yesterday morning (after work on Thursday) and it came this morning! Wow, if you ever order from Macy’s never pay extra for the faster shipping because their shipping is already lightning fast! I love all the items I got, and it was so cheap. I got 4 items for under $50! Amazing. Now I understand why my mom and aunt’s literally only buy their clothes from Macy’s, I used to hate the store because we were always in it for the longest at the mall when I was a kid and my family would go to the Mall of America every Sunday.

Boyfriend went to work at 11a today…I hope he’s off soon, I can’t wait for him to be home! He’s gonna cook dinner tonight and I’m so excited. The last two days he’s worked late so I had to find something to make myself since I’m too scared to try any of the recipes because I don’t wanna waste the food, LOL. Yesterday, I ate a Vegan Boca Brand Spicy Chick’n Patty (I prefer the Quorn brand but they were all out of the spicy ones) with fries (all made in the oven) and last night I baked two Beer Brats in the oven after looking up on Google how exactly I should do that. The brats are only $1 a piece at Albertson’s so we grabbed a couple of them the first time we went shopping there and this time we grabbed some more. Boyfriend made the brats for me the first time and every other time we have bought brats, okay?? LOL. All I can do is heat things up in the oven but even then, sometimes I fuck up because I forget to flip things or drizzle things on top lol. But my brats turned out good, I ate BBQ kettle chips for my side, but was only able to eat like 2 bites of my second brat because I was full. I hate to waste food so I put it in the fridge and told boyfriend to run it under water to get the ketchup off and eat it but he just threw it away and laughed at me. 😦 lol.

We are running out of groceries again. Boo.

Boyfriend just texted me and he is on his way home finally, YAY!

Today, all I did was make the bed. There’s a little bit of laundry to do but if it were clean, I have no where to store it. I ran out of hangers and I have filled all of the drawers to the very top with clothes. What do I do? I want to keep everything but I need more space. And yep, I did just buy 4 new items but you know what? I haven’t spent money on clothes in a year. Seriously. The last time I bought clothes was for my 21st birthday. And I still didn’t spend MY money on it.

OH! I really meant to say this part in the first paragraph but got carried away talking about the other shenanigans. After I got to the dressing room when I was done with stage, my heels buckled and what do ya know!!! The bottom cracked in half…this is not the first time this has happened to me and new heels have already been on my list because the straps were ripping off, too. Stripper heels suck, I clack my heels so hard on the stage (especially when I’m mad lol) that mine don’t even last a year. I try my best to be gentle but it’s a habit I have now. I remember telling the owner of Venus (pretty much where everyone in MN buys their heels) about how mine break at the bottom and he was like “if I was the owner of the club, I’d make you pay for stage damages!” because he already knew how it happened, lol. I’m not that rough. I’ve never made a scuff on the stage before but there’s this one girl I work with who wears black booties and she is loud af with her heels and she leaves huge black shoe marks all over the stage!!! Lol, how does she do it that hard?? ok I’m done because you all are probably like HUH??? I gotta go.

Have a good day, everyone! ❤ Hope your weekend’s going well so far!

Oh, and it is now 4:47p.

13 thoughts on “Journal Entry 10

  1. Yes, in many instances the pimps who traffick women will make those women recruit others and “show them the ropes”. I was just recently watching a TV program about sex trafficking, and one of the girls that was forced into prostitution was actually picked up at a strip club where she worked. Good on you for being smart and cautious. You just never know.

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    1. Oh my…I knew it was super sketchy. Yeah. I’m almost 100% sure that’s what was going on with that group of people (recruiters). Wow. There are a lot of girls that would fall for that because so many new dancers will do just about anything to be as “glamorous” as those ladies were.

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    1. The best night clubs (cheapest drinks) are on Fremont Street! That’s where I’d go if I were out on the town looking for clubs. There are so many. What are you looking for in particular?

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  2. I’ve heard about that before with using women to lure other women into sex trafficking. I’m glad you were smart and cautious about it. Honestly, it just sounds like a terrible idea to go home with anyone you randomly meet at a strip club anyways lol. Quite a few sketchy folks I’m sure. The rest of your day sounds so mundane, it’s actually nice to read haha. Just grinding through the day! It sucks how expensive groceries are and they never last long 😦
    I’m glad you got yourself some new clothes! It’s good to treat yourself. I never really shopped at Macy’s before, but I know they have nice clothes! Cool to hear shipping is fast, too, lol.

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    1. Gosh, isn’t that so creepy? Yeah it is a terrible idea to go home with strangers but you’d be surprised how many do!

      LOL my life is mundane. Customers ask me what I like to do on my time off when I tell them “nothing” they hate that answer lol but I’m like it’s the truth!!! 😛

      Yeah, I’ve never shopped at Macy’s on my own before lol only with my mom. I had never had such fast shipping before lol I had to mention it, haha.

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      1. It definitely is! And I believe it, so crazy though!

        Hahah that’s how I feel when I actually have a day off. I don’t do much at all 😂 maybe that’s why I relate to you lmao.

        Haha yeah that’s amazing! The only time I’ve gotten that is once or twice through eBay and then when I had Amazon prime lol

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        1. I know, right? On my days off I’m like I’m gonna go out and do this—ooh this event is on my day off, I’m gonna go. But then my day off comes and I’m like…whew, I can’t wait to stay home and move as little as possible. 😛

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