Journal Entry 09

October 20, 2017

I woke up around noon today but boyfriend was still sound asleep. I browsed the web on my phone a bit and he woke up around 1:30p. We got to snuggle but only for a quick minute because he had to get ready for work. He starts at 4p today but he has to leave at like 2p because the traffic is so bad. He’s still in traffic right now–I just texted him. The weekends are the worst in Las Vegas for traffic.

I went to work Tues night and sorry if this is TMI but, I was hella gassy so I had to go home in only a little over an hour of being there and I hadn’t even made what I paid to get into work. I don’t like to share the numbers so much but I made -$10…then I couldn’t force myself to go on Wed night. I went last night and I got there around midnight and stayed til 3a and made +$10. I am so upset with myself. I tried HARD last night and all of the customer’s were being so rude. One even pretended to be deaf…then another one kept talking shit about my piercings, and this other one kept asking me what my ultimate goal in life is and why haven’t I done anything to make it there yet…the other ones just said they didn’t have any money like WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT THE STRIP CLUB THEN? That’s what bothered me the most about last night. There were actually a good amount of customers but they were all being complete assholes and it wasn’t just to me because I had witnessed it happen to another girl and heard plenty of girls bitching about the night…what the fuck, Stripper Gods. I’m going to be homeless at this rate.

Boyfriend and I did clean the whole house on Wed and I’ve only got one basket full of laundry left to do but guess what? I ran out of hangers again. We’ve already went out to buy more twice. I threw a whole bag of raggedy clothes away. Some of the stuff was nice and I know I should have donated it (shame, shame on me…) but every time I make bags of clothes to donate they sit around the house forever so boyfriend actually set them outside in case a homeless or less fortunate person wanted them. I hope someone who needed them found it, boyfriend told me he saw a homeless guy looking through our garbage bins a few times. I don’t mind–people throw away a lot of stuff that could be useful for someone else. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” right? This apartment complex is very quiet and calm so there’s no security and we’ve actually seen other people leave stuff out for the homeless too.

Our neighbors downstairs have two dogs…one big pitbull mix (maybe?) and a small weiner dog or something. You guys, they leave their dogs tied up on their tiny little patio everyday. And sometimes it gets so windy at night they cry and cuddle so close. They never let them in the house and I’ve only seen them get walked ONCE and I’ve almost lived here for a month now…yesterday, the little one escaped and she was sitting in front of the patio, kind of like telling her pitbull friend to please come out because she wanted to leave but she wasn’t gonna leave without the pitbull…we knocked on their door to let them know that their pup escaped and the guy came out and the poor pup inched away and put his head down so low, obviously showing fear of his owner. I wanted to cry. When I came home from work it was nearly 4a and extremely windy. The poor small pup had crawled under the concrete fence again, she was still attached to her leash this time but she was crying because she was so cold and probably wanted to be with the pitbull. Boyfriend and I hesitated about knocking the door at this hour so we went into our apartment and smoked a blunt…then we went onto our balcony and looked down to see if the pup was still there and she was so boyfriend grabbed a blanket and unleashed her and wrapped her up. He said she was so cold and shivering…you guys, it does get cold at night in Vegas…it can be 30 degrees and the wind is enough to lift me off the ground if I wore an empty backpack or put an umbrella over my head. We were both near tears. He brought her to their door and told the lady that the pup was so cold and shivering…and the lady opened the door this time and she acted like she cared a bit more than the man did. The lady was also the one who walked the dogs the one time I saw it happen. She took the dog from boyfriend and she turned the lights off on their patio and we THINK she took both the dogs in last night. I feel SO bad for these dogs. I wanna steal the little pup but I know I couldn’t handle the pitbull and they need to be together. I don’t want to call animal control and have a problem with my neighbors again like I did at my old place…and would the pound be better for the pups anyways? What should I do? What would you do???

Boyfriend finally made it through the traffic to work and texted me. I have planned all of my blog posts for November and half of December already. But, I still have ones that need to be posted a lot sooner that I haven’t even started working on…hehe. I’ll get there. I did catch up on everyone’s blog that I love. 🙂 YAY ME! I’m ready for more posts, guys!!

I still haven’t been reading all of the books I’d like to. There’s always so much other stuff to do instead. :-/ Maybe I’ll find the time when I finally get my period which my tracker says I’m supposed to get today and I’ve been cramping all week which usually doesn’t happen to me until I’m actually on my period…so I keep thinking “oh here it is” and there’s nothing. It’s really putting me in a bad funk. And my face is the oiliest it has ever been in a long time. WHY WHY WHY. THIS WEEK SUCKS!

It is now 3:26p.

34 thoughts on “Journal Entry 09

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week. I’m sure next week will be better. It’s surprising how some people can be so cheap and rude and at same time judge mental.

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  2. I guess that’s one good thing about my stressful office job, at least I make the same amount every day, so I don’t have to worry about that. What kind of person goes to the strip club with no money? That’s just stupid and rude!

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    1. Sometimes I wish I could go to an office job that was the same everyday. I think it would help loads with my anxiety.

      It is stupid and rude—too many guys do it, they think we’re just like a movie theatre or something and they come to just sit and watch us.

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  3. I feel like getting your period makes everything worse because your body betrays you and then add in the stress and it makes it worse!

    And I’d be furious if I was in your position and someone came to the club with no money. Then why would you go in the first place? You guys need to make money, too.

    And that’s so sad about the dogs! Hopefully after you and your boyfriend showing the lady the dog, they’ll do something about it. If it happens again with the dog getting loose, I’d let them know that if you have to get their dog for them one more time that you’re calling the humane society or something on them. Warn them. But no that’s not right that they keep the dogs out like that and can’t even give them a blanket or anything. Why even have the dogs if you can’t take care of them?

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    1. I hate it more than anything. It takes over my whole life 99% of the time. Ugh.

      It is very infuriating. I mean sometimes they’re lying because I’m just not their type but a lot of times it’s obvious they really don’t have $. It’s rude that they come to just watch for free and think that cover is enough when we don’t get any $ if all they do is pay cover to the club!

      I know!! They just leave them out there…no blankets, tied up. The space is so small, the pit bull probably can’t even stretch out into his full length if he wanted to. 😦 it makes me want to cry. I wonder the same thing…why do they even have them?! 😭 I wanna do something but I don’t want any drama.

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      1. I know what you mean!! It’s awful 😩

        And that is rude as fuck. It’s like going out to eat and not leaving a tip. You don’t do that 😒😒 I mean some people do but it’s rude.

        And awww that makes me so sad 😦 and I know what you mean, it’s best to avoid drama, but if it gets bad you may have to monitor it

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                1. Would you report it? This morning when he woke up the first thing he did was yell at his dogs to get up. 😦 and prob kicked them around like I’ve heard plenty of times while I’m on my balcony. The kid is always screaming and the man says “toughen up”. I want to report it but idk if it’s my business, we have other neighbors and they don’t do anything about it? They’ve all been here longer than me.

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                  1. I feel like if this is an everyday thing I may feel obligated to report it. I’d say mind your business unless it sounds really bad or you can hear him abusing the kid. It’s mostly if you feel the kid and/or dogs are in a not safe environment. I would kind of monitor it, not quite jump into calling them unless it seems like it’s the only option. I only say that because if you report him abusing the kid then that opens up a whole thing that the kid is also going to have to go through.

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                    1. It has def been an everyday thing and I’m sure everyone in the entire complex can hear him abusing his kid. I know the dogs are unsafe and unhappy…I hear them get kicked and yelled at all day. Kind of how they treat the kid too. I know–if I call the kid could be an orphan and who knows what would happen to the dogs. :-/

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                    2. That sounds so awful 😦 does the wife get treated similar? And that’s one of those very sticky situations, because it could really disrupt their lives, but at the same time, if there is that much abuse going on then something has to happen because that’s not healthy for the kid and the dogs

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                    3. The wife is abusive, too. He shouts at her but she always is shouting back, their favorite conversation goes like this “fuck you” “no fuck you!!!” “stfu!!” “you stfu!!!” on repeat. It sounds like they hit the kid because he’s always screaming at the top of his lungs “stop!” or “oww!!!” and it’s obvious when they are hurting the dogs too they cry and moan when otherwise they are completely quiet.

                      There are SO many people that live around us and can hear it too but I know I’m going to be the one that at least calls about the dogs. I can’t handle it. I just heard it as I was typing this.

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                    4. Ughh that makes me so mad and sad at the same time :/ yeah I think I would call. That’s actually an abusive situation for the kid involved, and the fact they abuse the dogs just makes the entire situation even worse.

                      Ignorance is bliss, they don’t want involved. It’s also why we live in a fucked up society because people don’t want to burden that responsibility to help someone else. I’d call the cops. Like if it’s been happening for days now, it’s probably been happening a lot longer. I feel bad

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                    5. I don’t think I’m gonna call for the kid but I’ll prob call for the dogs–I just know that they’ll know it was us anyways because we are the newest ones here. The lady comes out and like paces in front our balcony every time we go out there now like she is watching us so we don’t look down at her pups.

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  4. I feel so bad for the dogs. Oh my god just reading it makes my heart ache. Maybe you can put some blankets for them or something, maybe the owners would see that they’re doing something wrong? Or the next time you see the owners, ask them why the dogs are always left outside? Ughhh. They shouldn’t have had dogs in the first place!

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    1. I know I think about them all day every day. The owner is scary–I think they know we think they are wrong but they don’t care. We wanted to give them the blanket but they didn’t take it. 😦


  5. Oh dear what a dilemma you have with the dogs. Honestly I know you have to live there and you don’t want to have issues with your neighbors but those poor dogs, that is just horrible. Maybe try talking to the lady, if that does not work wait a few weeks, act like you have no interest in the welfare of the dogs before calling animal control

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    1. We did knock on their door and tell them that the dog was too cold to be outside, we’ve been ignoring them now and haven’t seen their pup escape. I heard her kick the pup though and it cried and the man whispered something and she shouted “I’ll fucking do it again” while my boyfriend and I were on our balcony (right above the dogs). I want to call animal control and social services because he is always abusing his child too, I know it… but I don’t want nails in my tire or even worse, they hurt me somehow. They do not seem like nice people and I’m sure they wouldn’t stop at just their kids and dogs, they wouldn’t be scared to hurt their neighbors. There are tons of other people here, and they haven’t done a thing either. Idk.

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  6. What ever happened with these poor dogs? It really is a tough situation to be in…hearing and seeing the abuse but not wanting to make the situation worse by reporting it. I’ve been in that situation a few times myself. Anyway, if you could provide an update that would be great. I’m now worried sick about the dogs and this post was over a year ago. LOL

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