5 Songs That Are ‘So-My-Life’

1. Me, Myself, & I by G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha



“But regardless I’ll always keep keepin’ on”

“I don’t like talking to strangers
So get the fuck off me I’m anxious
I’m tryna be cool but I might just go ape shit
Say fuck y’all to all of y’all faces”

“Everyone knows how this lifestyle is dangerous
But I love it the rush is amazing
Celebrate nightly and everyone rages
I found how to cope with my anger
I’m swimming in money
Swimming in liquor my liver is muddy
But it’s all good I’m still sippin’ this bubbly
This shit is lovely, this shit ain’t random, I didn’t get lucky”

“They all take the money for granted
But don’t want to work for now tell me, isn’t it funny?”

I’m not the biggest G-Eazy fan and I don’t really think these are the best written lyrics in the world but every time I hear these words, I’m like “damn, that’s my life.” And Bebe Rexha is amazing though, isn’t she?

2. Team by Krewella



“I ain’t givin’ up I ain’t givin’ in
I don’t need a crown to know I’m king
I ain’t givin’ up I ain’t givin’ in
I don’t need your love I don’t need nothing
Go and do y’all Ima do me,
Don’t give a fuck if you ain’t on my team”

This song pretty much repeats itself over and over again but it’s so catchy. It’s always stuck in my head. This whole song is how I feel towards every girl that I work with.

3. Light Up by Drake & Jay-Z



“I keep thinking how young you can die from old age
They always tell me nobody’s working as hard as you
And even though I laugh it off, man, it’s probably true”

“I’ve grown tired of these fucking grown man liars
Storytellers, they ain’t even need a campfire
Uhh, but I just wanna tell the truth”

“Don’t get impatient when it takes too long
Drink it all even when it tastes too strong
Yeah, I gotta feel alive, even if it kills me”

“But these bright lights turned me to a monster
Sorry, mama, I promised it wouldn’t change me
But I would’ve went insane had I remained the same me”

I actually really dislike Drake for who he is and mostly all of his music. But, Jay-Z is quite talented even though he isn’t a very good person. I love this song, forever. Thank you, Jay-Z. I would’ve never listened if it was just Drake, lol.

4. Gasoline by Halsey



“Are you insane like me?
Been in pain like me?
Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me?
Just to pour that motherfucker down the drain like me?
Would you use your water bill to dry the stain like me?”

“Do you tear yourself apart to entertain like me?
Do the people whisper ’bout you on the train like me?
Saying that you shouldn’t waste your pretty face like me?”

“With your face all made up, living on a screen
Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline
I think there’s a flaw in my code
These voices won’t leave me alone
Well my heart is gold and my hands are cold

Are you deranged like me?
Are you strange like me?”

5. I’ll Show You by Justin Bieber



“Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing
When the pressure’s coming down like lightning
It’s like they want me to be perfect”

“This life’s not easy, I’m not made out of steel
Don’t forget that I’m human, don’t forget that I’m real
Act like you know me, but you never will”

32 thoughts on “5 Songs That Are ‘So-My-Life’

    1. I know a couple of the artists but mostly this makes me feel old as well. My son is no help in this respect. His tastes may be all over the map but they average age of songs he likes is probably ten years older than the ones I do. I don’t really listen to the radio either so unless I’m in a store or restaurant I’m probably not going to hear anything new.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lol, aw. I can’t keep up with any of the new new artists on the radio either. So don’t feel too bad! Mostly I listen to YouTube—the radio is kind of annoying.


    1. I know, it’s so overplayed but I still love that song. My boyfriend groans every time I play it, hehe. 😛 You prob have heard the Biebs song before lol, I love him, ugh.

      I think you’d really like all Halsey’s music. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha it’s not that overplayed outside my phone for me. Haha I probably have heard it, I’m not his biggest fan but I don’t mind his music these days.

        I’ll have to check her out! I know a couple people who saw her in concert recently lol

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This post is pretty cool! I definitely relate to some of these lyrics as well. I listen to G easy sometimes but never actually pay attention to his lyrics to be honest but the one you included is really deep and kind of makes me see him in a new light

    Liked by 1 person

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