My Top 5 Pet Peeves

1. Burning my tongue, especially on the first bite or sip.

Photo by Dave Michuda

2. When people eat ice cream with a spoon but they don’t eat all of the ice cream off of the spoon in one bite.

Photo by Faricia Yang

3. When my computer freezes or completely crashes.

Photo by Norbert Levajsics

4. When I get my nails done and don’t realize until I get home that all of my nails aren’t the exact same length and/or shape.

Photo by Julia Komarova

5. When my foot/leg/butt cheek falls asleep.

Photo by Sean Pollock

XO, Hunida

31 thoughts on “My Top 5 Pet Peeves

  1. I hate burning my tongue! Actually the roof of my mouth especially.

    I never really notice when other people don’t eat the whole spoonful, because sometimes I’m guilty of doing it 🙊 mostly to just savor the flavor more lmao.

    I absolutely hate when my computer freezes. I never know if something is just wrong with it or I overworked it 🙈

    I’ve never had my nails done so I don’t know that feeling.

    And I have when my body falls asleep on me and I stand up or try to move and it’s just static/white noise 😅

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    1. Ugh the roof of my mouth is horrible too. Especially when you can feel the skin ripping off afterwards. 😦

      Agh…my boyfriend doesn’t eat the whole spoonful and sometimes has the nerve to scoop more before eating it all off the spoon. Idk why i hate it so much!!

      Lol i know i’m always worried it’ll never turn back on.

      I hate the fuzzy sleeping feeling so much. It makes me so mad.

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      1. Yes! Exactly, I hate that 😩

        Hahha that probably is irritating to watch, I never really thought about it lol.

        I did the same thing the other day! Turned my laptop on normally and it wouldn’t load to the starting screen. Took me about 10 minutes of shutting it down and turning it back on to get it normal. Still is acting normal lol, no idea what happened.

        Haha I wouldn’t say it makes me mad, but it definitely annoys me!

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        1. Then sometimes I ask for a bite and he scoops me more on top of his half eaten scoop and I stare at him—I don’t have to say any words anymore because he knows that I want him to eat all the ice cream off and give me a new spoonful lmao.

          Ugh electronics are so annoying. Your laptop was just having a hard time waking up, I guess, lol. Glad it’s not broken!!

          Lol maybe I’m too quick to anger. 🙈😛

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          1. Hahaha I’m sorry but that’s kind of hilarious, too 😂

            Right? They really can be lol. And I guess so! It made me nervous because of what happened to my MacBook. I still can’t get that to turn on after almost 2 years 😭

            Haha maybe, but I feel that way a lot somedays

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  2. Oh, the ice cream one!! Why would you keep drooling over the same ice cream spoon instead of just eating it and getting a new spoonful? So weird. It’s almost as bad as double dipping. If I’m sharing my dip with you, you better not stick that fry there twice lol

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    1. GOSH! THANK YOU! Lol, could not have said it better by myself. I hate double dippers while sharing and I never would but I must admit if I’m home alone, I always do. 😛


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