Journal Entry 07

October 16, 2017

Hello my lovely readers!! For starters, I owe you all an apology for not posting this Journal Entry yesterday like I was supposed to.

I finally had a day off yesterday after working 4 days straight. The weekdays were quite shitty but the weekend made up for it, thank you, Stripper Gods!!!

Yesterday, boyfriend worked from noon-5ish. When I woke up, I played the Sims. I told myself I’d write this up but never did. :-/

When boyfriend came home, we went to our favorite sushi spot (Sushi Neko, duh). It’s been our tradition for the past two months to eat sushi on Sundays.

After that, we came home and I played the Sims some more. I’ve bought like 2 game packs and one expansion pack (I had all the other ones so I kind of needed to have the ones I didn’t, ok?), I’ve spent all my fun money on the Sims and I still need to get my nails done…I was going to go today but I’m taking the day off and I want to spend all day at home today so I’ll go tomorrow.

I want to cancel the registration on my car but I don’t wanna drive all the way to the DMV to turn in the plates. Maybe we’ll do that tomorrow too? We need to go grocery shopping but I don’t wanna do that, either. We have all the ingredients for this one recipe—boyfriend is just going to pick up the chicken thighs for it. He doesn’t work until Thursday so we’ll be able to get all that shit done in the next two days. Today, I’m taking a full rest day, kind of like yesterday—except will be doing laundry today and not going out to eat.

I know, I know…I’m a lazy piece of shit. I was born this way and when I PMS, I’m a hundred times worse.

I gotta cute text from my dad this morning. I mean, it was cute for him. The most non-affectionate, sounds funny when he says “I love you, too” on the phone kind of guy.

He just sent a simple text to my sister, brother, and me. It was all of our names (and his other 3 sons’) with the animal emoji of our Chinese zodiac. Lol. I was wondering why one of my little bros didn’t have an animal emoji by his name but that’s because my other little bro was born the same year, hahaha.

Oh yeah, yesterday after Sushi we also went to Walmart. We bought some hangers finally which is why I am doing laundry now. I know I should be more productive today but man, I really really don’t want to be…help.

I read a little bit of Gabi, A Girl in Pieces—still haven’t finished. This book would take anyone else only one day to finish it, and it has taken me nearly 3 weeks. I can’t find a good reading time everyday. But the plot has finally thickened. I like the book a lot so far. I’m sad because some books that I’ve been waiting awhile for have been automatically checked out to and checked back in before I’ve even gotten a chance to touch it. (The Glass Castle, for example). All I’ve been able to do is read bits and pieces when I’m waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the gas station or something.

Life is so hard. It seems I’m working very hard to keep up with chores and the bills but then my PMS comes (for nearly 10 days before I get my period BY THE WAY) and makes me oily, my hair stringy, my face break out, short-tempered, extremely lazy, and I’m always dazed like my head is floating in the clouds and I can’t reach it to pull it back down even if I climb the counters or buy a step stool.

Ugh. Today, I just woke up—maybe an hour ago? Boyfriend has the day off so we got to fit in our morning snuggles, it was so lovely but oh, PMS also makes my you-know-what dry so I hate to have sex and my cramps are excruciating for a min afterwards too. He knows this so he usually doesn’t bother me and he wasn’t trying to bother me this morning but I could feel something else on the side of my leg that wanted my attention. Haha, I was so sad because really, it’s not like I don’t wanna have sex—it’s that I don’t wanna deal with the cramps afterwards and we don’t use lube or anything, spit only works for so long when I’m not excreting anything by myself, lol. So I usually deny it for at least the 3 or 4 days before my period which I often feel bad for but definitely try to make up for on my good days, hehe. I wonder how long I have until it comes? I wanna be able to work this weekend but with my luck, it’ll be here on Friday and unless I get it tonight—I doubt it will finish up before the weekend. Blah.

Wow I can go on and about my period, huh? Lol…sorry, you guys it’s just so stressful. It’s always on my mind when it’s here and I just can’t wait for it to go away.

Anyways, after our snuggles we did a quick making of the bed together, I started the laundry and he cleaned out the litter boxes completely. I put the dishes from the dishwasher to the cupboard and loaded it up a bit but it’s not ready to run yet. He swept the kitchen. We bickered over how much water to feed the cats and then we argued about who had the attitude first. Probably me but he should know by now to stfu when I’m this way but he’s an Aries and he’ll never stfu, ever.

If you haven’t realized, I’m currently obsessed with playing the Sims and that’s what I want to do for the whole day so I can get it out of my system and be normal and go to work tomorrow, lol.

I’ll find the time before I go to sleep to do my post for today (Top 5 Pet Peeves) since this post is a make-up for yesterday.

I’ve got 5 blog awards to complete and I started working on one a little bit yesterday (before I started playing the Sims) but I couldn’t find the right words or answer for the particular award I was doing but I’ll get there some time. The one I’m doing now, I’m a bit stuck on but I think the other ones I need to do will be a lot of fun and much easier for me to complete and I’ll be able to finish them all in a quicker fashion. Other than those I did get my other posts out that I wanted to but now I’m due for another Recipe Reviews asap!

I was caught up on all the blog posts…I mean, at least I was super close, but now I’m behind again. I’m sorry! I will be trying my best to get all the way up to date with you guys!!! I’m loving all the fall posts—I never knew that I loved fall until I’ve read all your posts about the fashion, why I should love fall, what fall brings, and all those fun posts but of course, you all know I LOVE keeping up to date with what’s going on in your life so have no fear, my flurry of likes and over-detailed comments are on their way to a blog post written by you.

I think the clothes is done now so I have to go finish that up. And we have so much laundry I’ll probably be doing it all day.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!!!

It is now 12:29p.

22 thoughts on “Journal Entry 07

    1. Yeah I didn’t have a real computer for almost a year and now that I just got one I downloaded the Sims back onto it and there are a ton of new ones I missed out on. I had to get the Vampires, Dine Out, and Parenthood game packs and the City Living expansion pack lol. I don’t care so much about the stuff packs but I feel like I’m missing out on so much if I don’t have everything!!

      I can NOT wait for pets, I don’t see the point in pre-ordering though, I think you only get it one day ahead of everyone else.

      Ok I’m a nerd sorry lol

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You’re totally fine girl! I can imagine you’re just exhausted, and you needed a fuck it all day 😂 hell, I had one the other day. Just couldn’t motivate. And I feel you on having your period. I swear I get symptoms 2 weeks in advance so my emotions are all out of whack half the month and the week before I get it is the absolute worst (I’m expecting it by the end of the week).
    And it sounds like the sims are your current guilty pleasure haha, but you know what, I’ve spent countless hours playing it myself, too 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, when I’m PMS-ing I feel like I’m ALWAYS exhausted. I want a “fuck it all” everyday lol. It really is annoying because it means we only get one week out of the month where we actually feel NORMAL. ugh…mine is coming at the end of the week too, lol. Ours are in sync?! :-O

      And yes, yes it is. It’s like an addiction to the play the Sims!!!

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      1. Same here!! And I’m just bitchy and irritated all the time! Over everything lol. Work is awful 😂 and exactly! It’s so tiring, it’d be nice if our emotions could just be normal for more than once a month 🙈 and that’s funny! Haha maybe we are? 🙊 sync sisters from afar! 😂

        And it really is! I had to force myself to stop playing it so I could not spend so much time on it 😂


            1. What tracker app do you use? Mine says Today but mine is never accurate. :-/ Oh I remember reading that but forgot to say, I’m so excited for you that you finally get to see him again!! Whenever you want it to come—it takes its sweet time. 😦 How long does yours usually last?

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I use Eve! And that sucks :/ mine is usually close if not spot on, it took it a few months to get that good though. And awww thank you! I’m so excited (: and ohh I know! It always does, it did this to me the last time, too, but luckily was just about over when I got to see him. And mine lasts right around 6 Days, but the last two aren’t that bad. Just enough to drag it out 😩 how about you?

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Oh, I use Flo. I looked up Eve and they look nearly identical, lol. I got mine today and it predicted yesterday so I think it is getting more accurate! It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been using it though—it should be better than this lol. Hopefully yours is done before you see Ray!! Ah, mine lasts 3-5 days—it’s always different. 👎🏾

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Ohh nice haha, don’t know that all. And omg I got mine yesterday 😂😂 twins! It’ll definitely be done by Friday so I’m happy! And it is! the worst is done by day 4 but there’s always that last day or two there’s just enough there it’s not completely over for me

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  2. I am now 368 blogs behind so I am still catching up and sadly my comments are going to seem out of order.
    I think I mentioned in a later post “when you have your period” about the pill that you can not have periods for 3 or 6 months. I know you do not like the pill but you should at least open a dialogue with your doctor and get some information!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, that’s okay!! Thank you for even trying to keep up with my blog. I tried a pill for one day and I didn’t like that one–I know there are a bunch of different kinds but it seems unnatural for me. I don’t want to go crazy or something.

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