Journal Entry 06

October 13, 2017

Why does it have to be Friday the 13th…especially in October? And why do I have to be so superstitious? I don’t even want to leave the house today but I have to!!

The day before yesterday I came home and the computer I had just bought 8 days ago went to shit. It did an update, I guess, and when I got home it was frozen. Every time I turned it off and back on it would run for maybe 5m then freeze up again. We brought it back to the pawn shop we got it from when we woke up around 1p yesterday, boyfriend had the day off luckily. When we got there the girl who sold us the computer was there so we were helped immediately when she saw us–she asked me if I wanted to return it. When I bought it she had warned me that if I came back within 7 days I could get my cash back but within 30 days, I could only have store credit. She went to see for a return and told me what I had already known; it had been 8 days and I could only have the store credit. UGH. But, the store credit went to any store of theirs in all of Vegas. We couldn’t find anything we liked at that one so off we went on an adventure to find a different store.

We drove for 15m and it ended up being a jewelry only one. How annoying. We then needed to put gas in the car. We found another one not too far from the gas station we went to. I found a pretty similar computer and it was worth the same but the keyboard and mouse were wireless and missing their little USB plug-ins so we had to wait for nearly half an hour for their computer guy to get off break and see if he knew where it was. The guy that was helping us had no idea about anything, I don’t know how or why he has a job there at all. I asked him when we realized the pieces were missing if he was able to just find a different set so we could leave and not have to wait for the other dude’s break to be over. He called the guy and when he got off the phone, he said that they weren’t able to do anything until he came back. So we waited and waited and when he finally got to the store…guess what he did? He went to the back and came out with a whole different keyboard and mouse set like I had suggested from the beginning. My boyfriend asked for a lower price since you can do that at pawn stores (never forget!) and they tacked off $50 which we didn’t know what to spend on and it was getting late so we still have a $50 credit to the pawn store, lol. I saw an espresso machine that I wanted but I wasn’t sure if I’d know how to use it. I kind of want it still…I wonder if it’s still there? I’ve gotta look up how to use one first.

When we came home we realized we never started the dishwasher even though we had intended to before we left. I am happy to announce that the dishwasher actually cleaned and dried the dishes properly this time but we didn’t put in a ton of dishes, so maybe it doesn’t like to be completely filled up? Which is kind of dumb but whatever. We had to wait for the dishwasher and debated on going out to eat but I’m proud of us for making the decision to stay home. Boyfriend made dinner, we ate, made our Starbucks run, I got ready for work, then I went to work.

Work on Wednesday was lame. Last night wasn’t so bad. I had very well-mannered and polite customers. I also accepted two Lemon Drop shots made with Ketel One vodka. I wasn’t drunk or tipsy afterwards but they were yummy, hehe.

I ate a Cooking Light microwave meal today and some shrimp cocktail. I should’ve cooked but I didn’t want to ruin the food, lol. I usually never eat microwave food but I wanted to try this one and it was okay. I’m full but I also ate half a tray of shrimp cocktail.

I’m probably gonna start getting ready for work after I post this. Boyfriend’s at work right now and I can’t wait until he gets home, I hope he gets off on time to pick up our espressos.

And I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!! ❤

It is now 7:42p.


11 thoughts on “Journal Entry 06

  1. Ahh, that sucks about the computer troubles. I have a laptop that I never use anymore. I bought it brand new 6 years ago, but it never really worked right from the moment I got it. It was always super slow and froze up a lot. It’s practically unusable now because it just constantly freezes. I tried using it over the summer and it took me half hour just to try to look at one website. I just stick to my desktop. I’ve always liked desktop computers more anyway because of the huge screen.

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    1. Yeah I’m glad I found another one but now I’m paranoid this one will just go to shit, too. Lol. I also bought a laptop from Walmart one time that did the same thing, I was never able to use it from the beginning. You could sell yours to the pawn shop, lol. Desktops are so much better in my opinion, too. 🙂

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  2. That’s such a pain about the computer! My laptop is slow and was giving me issues starting up yesterday. Maybe just an unlucky day or something lol. Friday the 13th and all.

    Glad to hear you got that dishwasher to finally work right 😂


  3. I normally have 2 or 3 espressos a day. We drink a lot of coffee in my country, mostly espresso. I have one in the morning with non-fat milk, then one after lunch and another decaf espresso after dinner, with or without milk. Sometimes I need one to get through the morning, which is what I need right now, so I’m standing up to go and get an espresso (I’m at work) from the coffee machine after I finish this comment lol

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    1. People always look at me like I’m crazy when I order 4 shots of espresso or tell them that I’ve had 4 shots of espresso, lol. I usually do no milk now. Maybe I belong in Portugal. 🙂


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