Strip Club Auditions Pt. 1

All strip clubs have different audition processes and I have definitely not auditioned at every single club there ever was, so be aware that there are clubs out there that are completely different than all of these places that I’ve auditioned at.

The first “sex industry” job I applied for was Thee Dollhouse at SexWorld in Minneapolis, MN. While the store is still called SexWorld they have now renovated the whole place and renamed the peepshow but I’m not sure what the new name is.

The first time I walked into SexWorld, I was 19 years old. I took the city bus from St. Paul with my then-boyfriend and we explored Downtown Minneapolis for the first time. I had always drove by it and frequently visited restaurants located there but I had never actually walked around or ventured in the stores or nightclubs. This was my first time really exploring the city!

(Image Source)

When I walked into SexWorld the first thing I saw was a huge poster that said “Always hiring at Thee Dollhouse,” I saw the girls behind the glass at my immediate right. I was instantly amused and my feet walked me to the dark and discreet back corner of peepshows and video booths. The rest of the store is sex toys, lingerie, and all the DVDs you could ever imagine. I heard the cashiers say “wow, she went straight back there and he [my then-boyfriend] is still standing out here.” The girls working behind the glass at the time were super smiley and one of them even waved and got up to shake her butt at me. 😉 There was a website listed on the poster that I could go on to find out how I could be one of the girls behind the glass.

How I became a peepshow girl at SexWorld – Minneapolis, MN

I went home and right away, I went on the website that was on the poster. I found the careers page and it said, like on the poster, that Thee Dollhouse was always hiring. Here’s the e-mail I sent in, I think there was a small questionnaire on the site that I was answering:

Date: 7/1/14

xxxx, Hunida
Insert my then-address here
651-xxx-xxxx (Will provide SSN if I’m hired)
No fax

I’m applying for a postion in Thee Dollhouse.
I am currently employed at the present time.
Employer’s Name: Aldi USA
Employer’s Address: xxxx, Saint Paul MN xxxx
1.I’ve been with them for a year on July 07, 2014.
I currently get paid $13.00 an hour
2. If I am offered a position I would have to discuss my availability.
3. If hired, YES, I can show proof of my legal right to work in the US.
4. I have NEVER been dismissed or asked to resign from any position.
5. I have NEVER been convicted of a felony, or a misdemeanor which resulted in imprisonment.

High School Graduate from xxxx High School

**Would rather not have listed references, more of a secret job 😉 I’ve never had any experience in a job like this but I am willing to try and know I can succeed!

Sent from Windows Mail

Attached photos:


I can’t find the e-mail that I received back but it was there the next day when I checked my e-mail saying that I could come in for an interview at noon. I took the city bus to downtown Minneapolis and when I got there, I told them who I was and what I was there for. Thee Dollhouse’s manager came out, introduced himself as such and went through the small packet that I had to sign. He made a copy of my ID and Social Security Card. He explained how the schedule worked. There were 6 hour shifts that you could sign up for but you needed to text the manager every Wednesday what your schedule for the week would be.

The shifts were: 9a-3p, 3p-9p, 9p-3a.

They didn’t have any real interview questions, all they asked me was: “do you have an iPhone?” “is the screen cracked?” and “do you smoke Newport 100s?”

At the time, I had an LG, with the screen in tact, and I’ve always smoked Marlboro Reds. They laughed and said I was the least “typical” girl for the job they’ve ever met. Also, I’m Asian which was rare but now a days, it doesn’t seem so rare anymore.

In most sex industry jobs, the later you work the more lucrative it is. But for this one, the day shifts were the best. Thank you, ‘morning wood’! 😀

I received a small tour of the mini area for the peepshow girls after signing the papers and accepting the job, I met two girls that were working at the time and then, when I got home I texted the manager to let him know which days I wanted to work. On my first day on the job, the general manager let me pick out three free toys (a small, medium, and large ;-)) and helped me come up with the prices I was going to charge.

(Image Source)

Downtown Cabaret – Minneapolis, MN

A girl that I got on well with at the peepshow told me that she was a retired stripper (she wasn’t even 30 yet and ended up going back to dancing within a year of being ‘retired’). She told me that she was stripping before she joined the peepshow but she found a “boyfriend” (sugar daddy) that didn’t want her to dance–she was allowed to be in the peepshow because there is absolutely no contact with the customers since there’s a glass between the girls and customers at all times.

She informed me that stripping was much more lucrative than being a peepshow girl. I never thought I was good enough to be a stripper… She convinced me and motivated me everyday I saw her until finally I decided I would try it. I asked her which clubs she thought were the best and she said she had always wanted to work at Downtown Cabaret but they never hired her when she auditioned.

I had taken the 9a-3p shift at SexWorld one day. After I got off, I walked to Lickety Split (the retired dancer told me to go here and ask the cashiers to help me find an audition outfit and they were more than glad to!),  I bought an outfit and the shortest dancing heels they make, a black 5″ pair with an ankle strap and a clear platform and heel. Then I walked straight to Downtown Cabaret and I asked the doorman if they were hiring, he asked me if I wanted to be a waitress or a dancer. I told him I wanted to dance then, he called the manager on his little walkie talkie that all bouncers and managers have connected to the collars of their suits. The manager appeared outside and introduced himself. He asked me if I had an outfit and shoes. I obviously had the outfit and shoes but for some reason when he asked me if I had an outfit I thought he meant a gown. There are a lot of cabarets that only allow their girls to wear gowns and I mistakenly assumed this was one of them. I went to buy a gown right away but didn’t go back until a few days later because my confidence was shattered and I was still working at Aldi’s and didn’t really have time in my schedule. When I did go back, the manager had a big smile on his face–he remembered me from the other day. He asked me if I had my outfit now, I told him I did but when I walked into this absolutely beautiful club I saw that the girls were wearing all kinds of outfits, not just gowns. Luckily, I had brought that first outfit I bought with me as well and that’s the one I decided to audition in–the gown was so big on me even though it was the smallest I could find, I’m so glad I didn’t have to audition in that. (I later exchanged this gown for an adorable 3-piece, dark pink, sequined bikini set that I still have the top to.) The outfit I chose to audition in was a black lacey, criss-cross one piece and I also bought black stockings with bows on them.

Their auditions are only held from 11a-6p, the club is pretty empty in these hours.

The manager asked me to dance around the small pole in the back of the club and to take my top off whenever I felt comfortable. I had no idea what to do…I just kind of spun around the pole, I pulled my outfit off, and was in my thong, stockings, and heels in less than one song. Right after I undressed the manager signaled for me to get down. He waited for me to get my outfit back together then, we sat at one of the small round tables across from each other. He had a packet/contract and explained everything about the club. He asked me if I had danced anywhere before and I told him that this was my first club ever. He told me I could only work day shifts because of that, which was 11a-7p. After I got the hang of things I was promised that I’d be able to work the night shifts. I worked the same day I signed my papers and all I needed was an ID and Social Security Card. He gave me a tour of the whole club and explained things in further detail like how the rooms worked and how much you should tip the DJ.

(Image Source)

Deja Vu – Minneapolis, MN

There was a girl I had met at Downtown Cabaret (DTC) that left after a few weeks because she couldn’t make money during the day shift and wasn’t allowed to work the night shifts. One Wednesday, after I got off work at DTC I walked to the Deja Vu. Wednesday nights were amateur nights at Deja Vu and I wanted to watch the show! I hadn’t brought my clothes or shoes, I had just left them in my locker at DTC like every other day. When I got to Deja Vu the doorman told me that there wasn’t going to be a show because there weren’t any girls that night that wanted to participate. He asked me if I wanted a job there, I laughed and said I already had one at DTC. He let me in for free, I went in, and I sat and watched for a bit. This wasn’t my first time as a solo girl in the audience of a strip club. The girl I met at DTC was in the back corner giving a lap dance–we made eye contact and she walked over to me when she was done with her dance. She told me that I should quit DTC and work there instead. I told her that I would work right then and there if they’d let me. She went to talk to the main manager, it was nearly 11p. We walked out to the main entrance area and the manager had me sign papers and told me I could work. That was it, I showed him my ID. I asked if I could work that night and he told me I could, but first, I had to take a taxi to DTC and get all my stripper gear. I was hired for night shifts at Deja Vu which started from 7p-3:30a and 4a on weekends. One of the manager’s favorite girls gave me a tour of the club and explained all the rules, prices, and fees to me.

I never had to do an audition or even get out of my street clothes but I’ve seen the audition process go differently for other girls here.

(Image Source)

King of Diamonds – Inver Grove Heights, MN

I walked into this quiet for a strip club-strip club and asked the door guy if they were doing auditions. They hold auditions here only on certain days and only until 7p I think? I can’t remember. Sorry. :-/ But I had called the club in advance and I knew that on the day and time I walked in that they were, in fact, doing auditions. I was told to go to the customers’ bathroom and change into my dancing outfit in a stall because I wasn’t hired yet so I wasn’t allowed in the dressing room…I changed and left all my stuff in the public bathroom…I went out and found the manager and he showed me how to get onto the stage. I was to dance on the top side stage on the back pole while another girl that did work there danced on the front pole–I wasn’t allowed to keep any of the tips because similar to the dressing room spiel, I wasn’t hired yet. And of course, I was to stay only on the back pole. I got completely naked after one song and the manager motioned for me to step down. By this time, I was confident in my dancing and my body, I was already wearing 8-inch heels… but still, I was so nervous of rejection. He had a contract packet ready for me and said “it’s a yes for me, night shift starts at 8p so you have to wait until then to work if you want to tonight.” I signed the contract and it was probably 30m until it would be 8p so I called my boyfriend to come back and pick me up. We quickly smoked a blunt and I went back to work that same night I auditioned. I only needed my ID, he never asked for my Social Security Card.

(Image Source)

Lamplighter – St. Paul, MN

I never went into the Lamplighter looking to work there. It is probably the dingiest club in all of Minnesota. I take that back, BJ’s is a lot dingier, lol.

Like Deja Vu, The Lamplighter holds an amateur night every week. Theirs are held on Mondays. I can’t remember the time, I think you need to be there by 10p or 11p (?) and work the floor then the amateur contest starts at midnight. (At Deja Vu, the amateur contest doesn’t include you working the floor first).

I got into my little bikini and heels, I had just gotten the job at King of Diamonds the week before so my confidence was through the roof. I was lazy and thought I could win the amateur night at The Lamplighter instead of going to work for the night. First place was $200 and you could keep all of your tips and any money you made before the contest as well.

Once I was dressed and on the floor, the DJ offered me a drink to loosen up. I am always tense and nervous at a new club. Sometimes even for months I am this way. I accepted and asked for a straight shot of Patron with a lime and salt on the rim. My boyfriend and I had a couple drinks before I went in but definitely not enough. I couldn’t finish the shot in one gulp, it was so big. I slowly sipped on it as I worked the floor and actually got some dances. The lap dances here were done fully clothed; I thought this club was a topless only club?

Anyways, when it was time for the contest the DJ told all of the contestants to go in the dressing room, you could only get onto the stage through the dressing room at this club. Things are a little hazy for me now because I was quite drunk at this point. I had finished the full cup of tequila. I sat in the dressing room and all of the girl’s that already worked there were introducing themselves and being so friendly (this is super rare). I also learned that this was not a topless only club. It was fully nude on stage. I heard my stage name announced, I panicked because I hadn’t shaved “down there” thinking I wouldn’t have to take my undies off. The girls told me I’d be fine and actually showed me how grown out some of theirs were, too. They told me the customer’s wouldn’t care so why should we? (Too true but hard to remember.)

I had to dance to two songs, topless the first song and fully nude by the second. The stage here is completely encased in glass and the customers have to slip their tips into little slots like at movie ticket booths. I was getting some ones and even some fives so I thought I had this competition in the bag.

After my 3 competitors and I all performed to two songs each we were all called back onto the stage to dance all together to one song, fully clothed.

The DJ told the crowd to make the most noise for the girl they wanted to win the $200 first prize. The crowd wasn’t large at all. No one really made a peep. The girl next to me had brought a group of friends and they cheered extra loud for her. The rest of the girls, including me, got the same sad claps from the same folks. The DJ announced that the winner was clearly the girl with the loudest cheers from the audience but the manager wanted me *DJ shouts my stage name here* to win!! I was so ecstatic. I was told to meet the manager at the bar to claim my cash prize. I went and he handed me $100 (I had to split the original $200 with the girl that really won first place) in cash. He told me that I could have a job there but I needed to make a schedule since they also get paid by the hour there; they were allowed to make you work on a schedule. (Even though Deja Vu doesn’t pay by the hour they will try to force you to commit to a schedule.) I was actually considering taking the job but I couldn’t do the whole schedule thing, lol. I told him I’d think about it but him and I both knew I wasn’t going back. The girls asked me when I was going to come back as I dressed up to leave, but they and I both knew the answer was: never.

(via Yelp)

Spearmint Rhino – Minneapolis, MN

I got fired from King of Diamonds less than a month before I was set to move to Las Vegas, NV. I was devastated, I even thought about torturing myself by going back to Deja Vu. I’m glad I changed my mind about that. I decided to go to the Spearmint Rhino where I heard a lot of my ex-colleagues were working at now. I made sure that I went before 7p, their auditions are held every night before then. If I remember correctly, they don’t do auditions at all on weekends though.

There were two other girls in the office trying to get a job there at the same time I was. First, we all got changed into our dancing clothes and waited for a manager to show up to go through our auditions. The manager had us take turns walking back and forth down a small hallway and hired all three of us on the spot. We had to show our ID and Social Security Card and fill out this long employment application electronically on a tablet.

We were all hired and allowed to work any time of the day. I started right away after getting hired.

You guys, this post is so long already, I’ll have to make a Part Two of the strip club audition processes for all the clubs in Las Vegas I’ve auditioned at. This has already taken me nearly 3 days to write because I’ve been super busy and using all my free time to write this. I promise Part Two will be my #1 prompt for November. I’ll be writing only one journal entry even though I owe you two (they’re boring anyways right?) if I have the time before I go to work tonight. Otherwise I won’t be writing one until the day after I write my next prompt: Songs That Have Changed/Saved My Life. And I PROMISE I’ll catch up on all your posts as soon as I can. 🙂

43 thoughts on “Strip Club Auditions Pt. 1

  1. This was an interesting read. As I mentioned before, I’ve never even been in a strip club, but I find the idea of it quite fascinating. I think because I don’t really feel comfortable showing off my body (especially in a sexual way, and to people I don’t know), so there’s this sort of mystique about it. I’ve seen pole dancing videos though, and it’s so cool to watch.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yay! I’m glad you found it interesting. 🙂 Are there many strip clubs in Maryland?

      I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable showing off my body to an audience either but now, it’s so natural for me but trust me, there are tons of girls I work/ed with who you can tell have no idea how to show off their body in a sexual way. 😛

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, this was so interesting! I never knew you were a stripper -I do NOT have the confidence for that. I’ve wanted to pole dance for years, but…Way too shy! That’s awesome though; have you ever considered doing like tutorial dance posts or videos? x

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hahah, I’m surprised you didn’t know I was a dancer, lol…I write about going to work at such late hours quite a bit and it’s also written in my About Me (not that I expect you to have read that at all!!) lol. 🙂

      Confidence is key as a dancer and even if you know nothing about men or dancing, if you have confidence–you should do okay as a dancer. There are days when I have no confidence either and it really hurts my earnings for the night. Sometimes I just stay home because I don’t have enough confidence to prance around in a bikini all night. 😛

      I heard there are a lot of fun clubs to work at in London? Have you ever been to any?

      Hahaha, no I don’t think I’d ever make a video of my own, but when I first started dancing I did watch a lot of those tutorials lol.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oooh I’m going to go read that! See now that I know it makes sense; I think I just kind of assumed you worked the late shift at a store or something. Dancing is WAAY cooler lol!

        I can imagine that – especially round certain times of the month ;-; That’s a really good tip, though – I think confidence is key to a lot of things in life!

        I haven’t actually – I’ve been to ONE crap one in Croydon (which is South, South London) for my friend’s birthday but it wasn’t anything special.

        Fair enough! Some of them are really really good!x

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Haha, there are a lot of graveyard shift jobs out here in Vegas though I’m just paranoid I always think “omg they’re gonna know ima dancer” about everything haha.

          Ugh yes I’m around that certain time of the month and I’m just having the hardest time at work this week.

          Haha, I sometimes like those crappy strip clubs!! 😛 not to work at but to hang out at lol.


  3. I love that you’re so honest and upfront about your experiences. How long have you been stripping now? Also, do you enjoy it? I really want to learn how to pole dance, but it’s pretty difficult hey? You need so much upper body strength!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love to read honest and upfront posts so that’s how I’ve planned to write all of mine, it really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy reading what I write. ❤

      I've been dancing for 3 years now, and yeah, I enjoy it as much as anyone can enjoy a job. Everyone dreads going to work right? But when I get there I don't hate what I'm doing…most of the time.

      Yes, pole dancing is difficult but not impossible for someone who doesn't have much strength. You will build so much muscle as a dancer even if you don't do hella pole tricks. Most men prefer floorwork and eye contact, anyways. 😛 they rarely appreciate how much work and pain go into perfecting pole tricks. Nor do they even like it, most of the time.

      There are a lot of pole fitness classes opening up everywhere as of late. Maybe there's one in your town you could sign up for? 😉


  4. Girl, this is so interesting! I’ve always wanted to know more about these kind of things. (Not that it’s on my plan. Just curious. Hahaha!) and I wanna hear it from someone I know personally. Can’t wait for part 2!

    And I didn’t notice you changed your theme. Just now! 🙂

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  5. I’ve never really thought about joining a strip club, but girl, I give you props! That is one for sure way to gain confidence in your body. Also, I’ve heard exotic dancing is an excellent workout 😂 but this was such an interesting read! Especially to hear about your personal experiences with these places. And how you’ve developed since your first audition (FYI, you weren’t chubby in those photos, you were adorbs!). Looking forward to part two, but I definitely understand it takes forever to get it all out and on a post – especially with you settling into your new apartment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you. 😛 Lol, it really is a work out!! I’m so happy to know you enjoyed reading about my experiences!

      I’ll have part two ready and set as my first Nov. prompt. 🙂 Thank you for understanding, you’re the best!!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I think it’d be fun to try to learn! Even with my clothes on 😂 maybe there is one somewhere that I can find after I get my license 🙂 my best friend actually did a bunch of Lyra classes and it looked like a lot of fun (definite muscle strength required haha), but she also did some pole dancing classes, too. I’d love to give something like that a try just for fun!

            Liked by 1 person

            1. A lot of dancers do Lyra classes!! They look awesome. Hopefully you get to one someday. 🙂 I’ve never done any classes myself except for one time when I got to go free because of Yelp but it was really weird to me, lol.

              Liked by 1 person

                1. She taught really weird and over dramatic moves I’d never do what she taught me at work without getting laughed at by the other girls, lol. There’s this girl who just started at my work and you can def tell she went to classes before she started lol.

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  6. Wow! I LOVED reading this! It was very story-like in the way you wrote it and how it progressed. I think the exotic dancing world is something shrouded by a lot of stigma and mystery, so people never really know how things really work! It was really cool to learn more about the process of getting into it. Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to read part 2!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I think it’s one of the things that everybody wonders but nobody knows about haha so it’s awesome to hear some first-hand account 🙂 have a lovely week xx

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m sure I’m not the only girl who has asked you this, so I apologize for the repeat post! I live in Minneapolis and I’ve been reading about all of your experiences and they are so helpful! I’ve never danced before so I’m a little nervous and I was wondering where you would recommend I start! I would love a recommendation from someone who knows the industry in Minneapolis! Thank you so much 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry about it. 🙂 Happy to answer any of your questions!

      Minnesota is such a good place to start. If you are mobile, it’s worth it to make the drive to King of Diamonds in Inver Grove Heights but if you must work in Minneapolis, try Deja Vu but, don’t stay there forever. 🙂


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