Journal Entry 04


October 6, 2017


Yesterday, I didn’t do much. There was a knock at our door around noon, it was our internet box, even though we had just ordered it the day before and it wasn’t scheduled to arrive for 3-5 days! We were pleasantly surprised. When we hooked it all up though our computer was saying there was no internet so we had to call customer support. They were surprised that the box had arrived so early too and told us that it hadn’t even been turned on yet. We figured that out and got the internet running in our apartment now, yay! I downloaded the Sims 4 onto the computer and played around a bit.

Boyfriend had to go to the nearest grocery store (Albertson’s) like 3 separate times because we needed some things for dinner that he didn’t realize we’d forgotten at the old place. When he finally had everything he needed for dinner it was around 6 and I took a shower while he cooked dinner. I played the Sims when I got out the shower and finished eating and got a bit too addicted because I told myself I’d only create my main Sim and then get ready for work but of course I did a bit more than just create her. I didn’t get to work til around midnight which isn’t too late but later than I like to start work especially on a weekday.

At work it seemed busy when I walked in but once I was dressed and ready for work, it emptied out. It was really rough at first and I was nervous that I’d not even make the house fee back. Then, a club regular came but his favorite girl wasn’t there so he chose me for his entertainment. I hated hanging out with him because I had to sit and talk then dance and sit and talk then dance. At least he also bought me a couple Patron margaritas to sip on. It is sloooow money to work this way and he made me continue this until nearly 5a (which is when we close). I had never stayed that late before. They were shutting down the main stage as I walked out. I’d never heard that happening before either, lol. I was grateful that I made some $ on a slow night but it sucked that I had to stay so late!

Today, we woke up around noon again because we had to buy weed before boyfriend left for work because mostly all the dispensaries are closed by the time he gets off work. We went to this place we‘ve never been before called Jardin because it’s the closest to our new place. They were blasting 2Chainz songs and there was a ton of camera crew everywhere. For me, it was way too early for all that and I hated it. I asked our budtender if their store was always like that or if something special was going on and turns out that 2Chainz was coming in for an interview there. I wonder how much time we missed him by—not that I’m a fan or anything, lol. Their weed was a bit pricey and they weren’t as friendly as the people at our favorite place. We might decide that it’s worth the drive to go to our favorite place still. I’m nervous for when I need to get my nails done because I’ve gotta find a good place that’s nearby. Good nail salons are so hard to find. 😦

Boyfriend was supposed to work at 3:30p today but they called him and asked if he could be there by 2:45p, he agreed and had to immediately leave for work after he dropped me and the weed off at home.

When he left, I read a few blogs…I’m nearly a week behind on reading all of the blogs I follow and I feel so bad but after reading just a few I decided to play the Sims instead and played all day until 7:30p when I finally took a shower and got ready for work.

Boyfriend didn’t get home til nearly 10:00p, he picked up coffee for us on his way home but also, he got off kinda late and the drive is suuuuper long now that we’ve moved so far away. He may be looking for a new job soon but it has to be something that pays as good as his current one…I think he’ll be able to find one easily; fingers crossed!!

We’re smoking a blunt now and I’m gonna be heading off to work after this! I bet I’ll be there til nearly 5a again tonight…*yaaaawnnnn*

Hope everyone has been enjoying this lovely month of October!! ❤️

It is now 10:54p.

21 thoughts on “Journal Entry 04

  1. It’s so interesting reading about how you get weed from a dispensary. It is not like that here in Maryland. You still have to buy it on the street here from a dealer. Of course I don’t buy any though because I’m not a big weed smoker. I sometimes take a hit if someone offers me one. However, it would be nice to just be able to go to a place and buy some if I wanted because it does help me sleep.

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    1. Having the dispensaries here is so wonderful. Buying it off the streets was the worst. So glad I don’t have to do that anymore. I’ve heard a ton of rumors about how every state will have recreational dispensaries soon!

      I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all without weed. I always suggest to those that have a hard time sleeping to try smoking (indica strains) but a lot of them don’t wanna do ‘drugs’! Even though I know that if they would just smoke even a li’l that they’d be able to sleep!

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      1. Awesome, hopefully that becomes the case. I would love to have some handy when I do have trouble sleeping. I can’t take typical OTC sleep medicine because the active ingredient gives me restless leg syndrome (which sucks and ends up keeping me awake anyway). I can take Nyquil to help me sleep though (even though it’s technically for when you’re sick – because it has a different sleep aid in it than usual sleep medicines), but it tastes super gross & the capsules are too big for me to swallow.

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        1. My dad chugs Nyquil when he can’t fall asleep too but talks shit to me about smoking weed, lol. Nyquil is seriously like a drug and it definitely puts you to sleep but it’s hard to wake up. OTC sleep medicine never worked for me. My best friend used to crush them in my tea so I’d go to sleep earlier as a kid, before I discovered weed, I was always awake and too lively, I could never sleep before 2 or 3am.

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  2. Good to head that you’ve guys have settled in and are getting everything together (: I remember wanting to play The Sims 4 when it came out, but I think that was when my good computer was dying on me lol. Probably for the best I don’t get it – the game is so addicting! Anytime I play the Sims I swear I’m not even doing much on the game and hours flow by. Just craziness haha!

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    1. Hahah, yeah I’ve had it since it came out and even some extra packs and stuff but I haven’t been able to play for nearly a year because my desktop computer broke. Now it’s all I wanna do but I don’t have the time for anything lately. :’-( It really is an addicting game lol.

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      1. Haha I gotcha! You’re dedicated! But that sucks your computer broke. My MacBook Pro basically got fried my last semester of college and I wanted to cry 😭 too much Netflix or something. And The Sims is hella addicting 😂 you get obsessed with your creations and then you don’t have the time to focus on it and it makes you sad lolll

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        1. I have always been the biggest fan of the Sims lol ever since I was little, i’d beg for the newest one even if my dad said I wouldn’t be able to get anything else for awhile if I got it lol.

          I hate electronics, everything breaks so easily, and macbooks are hella expensive I’d be SO upset if I had one and it broke. My computer was just the cheapest desktop computer you could find at Walmart at the time lol.

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          1. Haha I love the Sims! I never was that bad, but I would spend hours playing it.

            Exactly! I had the best of the best, too, high school graduation gift – 17” MacBook Pro (they don’t even make those anymore lol). I think my mother board got warped from heat or just fried 😩 and I gotcha! That still sucks haha

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