Halloween Festivities in Las Vegas

This is my first year celebrating Halloween in Las Vegas! While I’m not really into the tons of nightclub parties that are going to be held here, I do love haunted houses! The club that I work at has been turned into a 24/7 haunted house for the whole month. On Oct. 1st at exactly midnight, I was just about to go on stage so I was in the main dressing room. All of a sudden all of the lights turned off and the owner of the club ran around with a Jason mask and a chainsaw he kept revving up. All the girls ruined it because they were shouting for him to just turn the lights back on and get the chainsaw out of the room because it stunk so bad. 😛

Via Visit Shakopee

When I lived in Minnesota, I went to ValleyScare nearly every year! It seems that the famous Fright Dome held every year here in Vegas at the Circus Circus Casino is really similar so I plan to attend that this month!! Sunday’s are the cheapest days to go and I want to go as close to the 31st as possible so I’m thinking I’ll go on the 22nd of this month because the 29th is actually a higher price than other Sunday’s. If you’ve never been to or even heard of Fright Dome or ValleyScare they’re both amusement parks that turn into haunted amusement parks in October with spooky roller coaster rides and a bunch of different haunted houses to explore.

circus circus
Via Destination 360
Via Fright Dome Media Gallery

GA Tickets (for Sunday’s): $37.95
Location: Circus Circus Casino

Via Las Vegas Haunts

Another haunted house I want to go to is the Asylum and Hotel Fear, maybe my boyfriend and I can go to this one on the 29th. Asylum haunted houses are always my favorite.

GA Tickets (to get into both the asylum and hotel houses): $25.00
Location: Meadows Mall

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I also want to go the Trilogy of Terror! It has three haunted houses including: Coven of 13, Castle Vampyre, and Gates of Hell. This one is pretty much open every night at the same cost so when ever we are both home any night this month we’ll be going here.

GA Tickets (to get into all three houses): $39.00
Location: Grand Canyon Pkwy Shopping Center

Via Blog Vegas

HallOVeen at The Magical Forest sounds awesome with rides, food, and tons of other attractions. I’d like to go on the 15th, if it’s possible on that night. 🙂

GA Tickets (incl. all rides and attractions): $22.00
Location: Magical Forest Opportunity Village

Via Candace Todd

The Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest sounds like loads of fun but I wouldn’t be too bummed out if I didn’t find the time to make it to this one. They have a haunted hay maze and a haunted train ride (for $5), those are the main things I’d wanna do but there will also be a petting zoo, carnival games, and live entertainment.

GA Tickets: $8.00
Location: Springs Preserve

Via Blog Vegas

The Halloween Express is where they decorate the The Nevada Southern Railway Train with spooky decorations, have story time, and free face painters on the ride. That would be super fun but a little childish for us to attend, lol. It is only held on the the 29th and the 30th.

GA Tickets: $10.00
Location: Nevada Southern Railroad Museum

Via Undead Maze on Facebook

The last event I’m interested in is the Undead Maze. All proceeds go to The Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth. Haunted mazes are always scary because you’re lost and trying to get out but at any turn you make a clown or killer zombie could be there to make you almost shit your pants! They are only open Thursday-Sunday nights, hopefully we’ll find a night we can go!

GA Tickets: $10.00
Location: Town Square

25 thoughts on “Halloween Festivities in Las Vegas

    1. You’re welcome!!! They all look so fun, let me know which one you decide to go to!! If you’re staying on the strip—the Circus Circus one would probably be the easiest for you to get to. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ohh!! Definitely go to Hash House A Go Go at the Linq if you have one of those ‘I need breakfast right now’ after a drunken night out.

        I’ve actually never been to the Monte Carlo. But the Cosmopolitan next door has the yummy Milk Bar on the top floor for dessert.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, oh my gosh! The houses are always so cool and different, I love checking them all out but I especially love the jumpscares!! Haha, i’m quite upset if I walk out of a haunted house without having screamed at least once.


  1. Those all look like they’d be so fun to go to! I’ve never actually been to a haunted house 🙊🙊 Pittsburgh has this Scare House I really want to go to, and Kennywood (amusement park) does Fright Nights in October. I probably won’t get the chance to go this year (time and whatnot) but I’ve always wanted to 😂


    1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you’ve never been to a haunted house before. Go to the Scare House this year, you need to experience one! They’re so fun! Go to Fright Night next year. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha if I can I definitely will! I just don’t want to go by myself, and I think tickets may be a bit pricey! But it’s supposed to be really scary! I’ve surprisingly never been to fright night but it always sounds so fun

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Maybe you and Ray could go together. 😉 Gosh, all the Halloween events seem so pricey, don’t they?? Ugh. I remember there was this pretty big haunted house in MN for like $8 but the prices keep going up and up every year and that same haunted house was nearly $20 last year. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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