Journal Entry 03


October 4, 2017


I’m supposed to do a Halloween Costume Ideas post today but I’m not in the mood, it sounds like a lot of thinking and doing. I’m going to write a journal entry instead. I don’t think I’ll even dress up for Halloween this year…

Last night, I worked until around 330a. I was so exhausted, I didn’t believe I’d have a good night but I tried anyways–on nights like that, the universal stripper motto is “keep trying and remember it only takes one” and that’s how it worked out for me, I was so very grateful. I drank a couple of margaritas and barely any of the bottle so I got to bring a nearly full bottle of Tito’s home. I didn’t really even feel tipsy because I was so tired the alcohol just exhausted me even more. I was less than half as energetic as I usually am at work but my customer still said I was fun and bubbly, I was surprised but proud of myself for being able to put on such a good front.

Our furniture was scheduled to arrive any time between 4-7p today. We woke up around 11a and packed the car up with more shit and drove it to our new place. We unpacked everything, swept, and mopped all the floors. Made some frozen salmon burgers and smoked a blunt then we went to Ross which I was super excited about because I hadn’t been to one since I lived in Washington. We found a cute comforter set that included sheets (yay!), pillows, some things for cleaning, a beautiful, big fuzzy blanket, bath mats, kitchen mats, and prob some other things I’ve forgotten about. I love stores like Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx. The deals are unbeatable for such cute and high quality stuff. Then we went to this big pawn shop…I forget what the name of it was. I wanted a desktop computer since we don’t have one or a laptop and our PS3 is broken and we need something to connect our internet to. All we have are our phones, a TV, and an iPad. We found a super nice all-in-one HP touchscreen computer at a good price and she even knocked off a good amount off the marked price because she said it had been there awhile. I hope nothing’s wrong with it. We had her turn it on for us and everything seemed okay. Our internet router thing should be here in 3-5 days. There are a few more things we still need to get for the new place but I’m happy I found the computer so quickly and easily! I thought we’d have to search a bunch of places all day and was worried I wouldn’t even be able to find one I liked.

Now I need something for it to sit on.

We came home to drop the computer off and it was 4p by then but we hadn’t gotten a phone call yet so we thought maybe we’d have enough time to go to PetSmart because turns out we forgot some things yesterday…of course lol. The closest one was 15m away but we thought we could make it. Right when we got there, the furniture guy calls and says he’s 10m away!

Okay I have to save this as a draft because we’re at the restaurant. 😛 (8:40p)

It is now 11:17p.

Starting from where I left off…we were in the PetSmart parking lot when we got the call and we were cursing ourselves because we knew we shouldn’t have left the house but we actually made it back home just a millisecond after the furniture guys!

he furniture truck was parked and blocking our downstairs neighbor car and she was a hella big bitch about it. Why do we have to live by the worst kind of people all the time? At least it’s quiet here though.

Once all the furniture was moved in we headed back to PetSmart. There was an abundance of adoptable cats and kittens and we spent awhile petting and playing with them all, hehe. We then came back to our new place and smoked a blunt, which is when I started writing this entry. We were hungry and didn’t want to cook so we went to this Mexican restaurant that is super close by called Lindo Michoacán Gourmet Mexican Cuisine.


It was a bit expensive in my opinion. I don’t think we’ll ever go back but it wasn’t so bad. We rarely ever go to Mexican restaurants so it was exciting to eat something different than we usually do.

After dinner, we went back home to get the rest of our stuff and our cats. We only have 2 cat carriers so I had to hold Sushi in my hands. They were all screaming mad loud. But it was only 20ish min. and they’re all here now, running and sniffing around the new place. I hope they like it! It’s so much more spacious than our old place.

I just got out of the shower and we’re watching Deathly Hallows 1 because all we have is DVDs since no internet yet.

I took the night off because I am so extremely worn out–I don’t think I would’ve been able to make it. I would’ve passed out. I’m so excited to sleep in our new bed tonight.

I’ll take pics of my new apartment to share with you guys soon! I didn’t have time to do WWW Wednesday today. Oh well, maybe next week. I haven’t even had a lot of time to read. There are just a few more important things I need to get first. (TV stand and computer desk) And I have no decorations at all.

It is now 11:41p.


27 thoughts on “Journal Entry 03

  1. It’s perfectly okay to take some time off to focus on moving in and getting settled! That’s kind of too priority. I wanted to get all in the mood for Halloween this year, but it might not happen either. I’m happy you guys are over at your new place now. It’ll take the cats a few days to adjust. When we moved to our current house, all three of our cats were practically scared to death and took a week or two to fully adjust.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! We’re so close to being completely settled in. Yeah, I’ll probably go to a few haunted houses but I doubt I’ll dress up. I’ve worn a lil costume the past 2 years and have gone to work on Halloween but this yr I’ll prob just wear my cheetah print outfit lmao. Costumes are too much work. 😛

      I’m so happy, too, thank you! ❤ I think my cats all really love the new place! They're all calm and lounging. 😀 They just hate car rides lol.

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      1. You’re welcome! And that’s still something fun to do! Haha costumes are a lot of work. I haven’t dressed up in a few years and this year I have a chance to, so I’m going to for sure.

        And you’re welcome! I’m happy for you! (: Haha I’m glad they love it, that’s good they’ve adapted so fast! And I think that may be a thing for most cats.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah and there are so many costumes to choose from! Do you know what you’re going to dress up as?

          Yeah I think they’re really happy here because it’s so much more spacious! I’m glad they adapted so fast! I’ve heard some cats need to be sedated for car rides but I drove my two boys all the way from MN to here without doing that, they relaxed after an hour or so but they were pissed on the short ride to this new place lol. 😛

          Liked by 1 person

          1. No idea yet! Still figuring it out haha.

            And awww well good I’m glad! And I can imagine they’d be upset haha. Our Missy just sits and relaxes for car rides, but Halo and Sasha just meow and move around a lot in their crates for the rides. Sasha’s little miss diva and claws at everything haha. And that’s for less than an hour of a drive 😂

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            1. Hahaah, Twinkle’s a diva too and she was yipping and scratching in her crate. Benji HOWLS and deep cries every time he’s in a car, over and over and never stops…he’s the worst. But, Sushi just makes small cries once in awhile lol…that’s cool that Missy relaxes, lol I’d bring her on rides all the time hahah.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Ohh gosh hahah, gotta love how dramatic they get, right? And ohh yeah Missy is just a one of a kind cat haha. She sleeps and doesn’t make a sound during her ride to the vet (about 45 minutes away)

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