Journal Entry 02


October 3, 2017


Last night, I went to work unsure what to expect. I kind of thought it would be really slow because of the horrible happenings. It was actually normal for a Monday and I got really lucky. I met someone who was staying at the Mandalay Bay and he needed to take his mind off of it so he paid me to help him do just that. I stayed until around 3:30a.

I was so tired. I fell asleep around 5a and we have no furniture in our new apt so that was our main priority this morning. We woke up around 10a so I’ve only had 4 hrs of sleep.

But, we did find everything we needed at one furniture store after browsing at a few before it! There was a lamp that was set on the nightstand that I chose, but obviously it was just a decoration and didn’t really come with the bedroom set. After we signed the papers he offered us an ugly free lamp but I asked how much the one that was on the set I wanted was and he said it was $169 but he said we could have that one for free only if we bought him some treats from the dispensary since we mentioned to him that’s where we were heading after we were done furniture shopping. Lol, we definitely made the deal. We bought him a $12 brownie and he shared half of it with babe and also a 1g pre-roll for $12.

So we got a super nice lamp for $24!!! And the rest of the furniture was a really good deal too.

After we got our furniture we did go to the dispensary then back to the furniture store then we went to check this Dollar General store out. It wasn’t that cheap. πŸ™„ We found some fall scented candles and a mat for our shoes and some kitchen towels.

We went to PetSmart then we reached our spending limit. Actually we went a bit over.

We ate Panda Express across from the PetSmart.

We brought some more stuff over from our old place and unpacked. We got a bit distracted with each other, lol. Then we finished unpacking and I showered and went to Starbucks and babe picked up a bottle of Brandy. He was supposed to work today but he called off because we were hoping for a same-day delivery but we’re getting all our stuff tomorrow and he has the next two days off now so we have time to get everything situated. Last night we had to sleep at our old place and tonight we will be too because I don’t really wanna sleep on the floor. I can’t wait for our new bed to come tomorrow.

Babe probably should’ve went to work today because we really need all the $ we can get but it’s okay. It’s a busy week and we need to get out that place and away from those people ASAP!

I’ve gotta do my makeup for work now. Ugh. I’m so tired. I hate going to work on such little sleep but like I said I need as much $ as I can get right now.

If you’re reading this and I usually comment and like on your posts… I’m sorry I haven’t had time to read many blogs at all. I’ve been so very busy!!! I promise I’ll try to read each and every post I missed as soon as I am situated in my new place.

It is now 8:31p.

16 thoughts on “Journal Entry 02

  1. Awww I can imagine you guys are both pretty worn out with the move! It’s so exhausting moving and getting everything situated. And then having to work because you can’t afford to not go. But I’m excited for you guys that you’ll be out of that old apartment within the next few days! You both need away from those nasty neighbors. Wishing you all the best with the move! πŸ’œ

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  2. That’s great that you’re on the way out! I’m praying No more busted tires or loud music at your new place! I’m happy for you and glad you made that deal for the lamp. That was a great idea!

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  3. Wow – that move happened so fast! I’m really happy for you guys. It sounded like that last place was pretty terrible. May this new place be everything that that last one wasn’t.

    Also, hilariously I’m so naiive. I read about your getting the lamp and buying a $12 brownie. I had to read it over about three times wondering just what could be so special about a brownie that it would cost that much. I mean really, some great brownies at high end bakeries cost half that here. Maybe it’s just expensive to eat in Las Vegas? And then it clicked. Dispensary. Ohhhhhhhhhh! *laughing*.

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    1. It really did happen so fast, we were so lucky to find a place with the same-day approval and next-day move-in!! The last place was the worst possible place you could imagine! πŸ˜›

      Hahahaha! Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’d ever buy an unenhanced $12 brownie. You know things are actually fairly cheap everywhere in Vegas except for on the strip!!


  4. Nice deal on the lamp, hope to see some photos when it is all set up! Glad you got away from your former feral neighbors.
    I am heading to Vegas October 21st, the situation is horrible and I feel kind of like a shit going there when the city is in pain but then I figured they do not need people to stay away in droves because this will then have a negative effect on the tourism dollars so I just kept my plans… Does not stop me from feeling like a shit though.

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    1. I’ll definitely post some pics up soon but I really want everything to be set up first! πŸ˜€ I’m so glad, too, thank you!! ❀

      No, no. You are not a shit. All of us in Vegas LOVE tourists. We need you all now more than ever!! ❀

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