Journal Entry 01


October 1, 2017


This morning I woke up at 9:40a. I have been saving up for a new apartment and just in time. Our new downstairs neighbors moved in a few weeks ago… they play their music extremely loud all day, and I mean ALL DAY. So loud it vibrates my floors. They’re crackheads or some shit so they never sleep.

The first week we pounded on the floor when we wanted to go to sleep, which was around 5a some nights after I got off work. I thought 5a was a reasonable time to ask for the music to be turned off. They turned their music off and pounded back. We realized we were dealing with very immature folk despite the fact they’re old as fuck. They turned their music back on at 7a. Seriously!

Babe needs his beauty rest, lol… I don’t even mess with him when he hasn’t had it. He pounded on the floor but this time they pounded back and didn’t turn it off so babe went to the office to make a noise complaint. The manager was not happy and told babe that if we heard the music again she’d like to know.

We were going to go out for dinner that night and we noticed there was a nail in our tire and it was completely flat. There was already a towing warning if the tire wasn’t replaced in 24 hrs. There’s always road construction everywhere so we thought that we must’ve ran a nail over. I was stressed out because my car is fucked up right now and now my boyfriend’s car had a flat…

The next morning we woke up early and babe found a spare tire in the trunk and it wasn’t a donut wheel, it was a real wheel! I was so happy!!!

I think the day after that the neighbors played their floor vibrating music and my boyfriend didn’t even bother with the pounding, he just went straight to the office. The manager gave them a $50 fee. And they put a screw in babe’s other tire! Babe drove me to work which is only like 6 min away but we checked the tire when we got there because it was making all sorts of noise… and low and behold, he discovered the screw and he jumped in the car saying he needed to get the car home asap. I had really bad allergies and was so stressed out I wanted to just go home with him but I was strong and jumped out the car to work and babe speeded home on the nearly flat tire. He picked me up on the moped that night, lol, it was a nice night so it wasn’t bad.

I don’t have any proof it was them but I knew right away when he told me there was another screw in our tire that it was!

They still have been playing their music at all hours of the day.

Ah I gotta pee…brb.

Ok I’m back

When we left the apartment this morning around 11a babe slammed our door hella hard because they had been playing their music the whole 3 hrs of sleep we had. Our other neighbor chased us to our car which we have been parking all the way on the other side of the parking lot so that they won’t pop our tires anymore. Oh, I forgot to mention, luckily the next morning after the screw was found in our tire I awoke babe early to go to the tire shop and get a new one and he was able to find one for $25 and the guy even installed it for us! So ha, those crackheads still had to pay more than we have had to. 😛 I know I’m petty but not nearly as petty as the crackheads.

Anyways, he chased us to let us know to be careful because those crackheads are crazy and not right in the head. (Obviously, right?) And that the crackheads have GUNS and are planning to shoot us???? Over a noise complaint……I am not making any of this up.

We woke up early today though and we went to the library because my printer is broken. We needed to print out babe’s pay stubs and my bank statements. I found a nice apartment in Craigslist that had a no deposit for cats special and I was like is this a dream come true?? The monthly rent is as much as the 2-bedrooms I was looking at but in a much nicer neighborhood and after what we’ve been going through with our neighbors here, that’s kind of more important to us than an extra bedroom.

It’s a 1-bedroom but there’s a washer and dryer in-unit, a dishwasher, and a balcony which were the 3 main amenities we wanted.

We went for our tour and applied and were approved right away. We put our holding deposit down and are hopefully moving in tomorrow but they said Tuesday at the latest. I really hope tomorrow so we can get away from these psychos!

Babe just went to the store for White Owls and water. I’m nervous for him because it’s dark out.

After we applied and GOT APPROVED for the apartment, we headed back home to smoke a blunt and I turned on the energy at our new place by phone and I hated that I had to talk to a human because the robot bitch couldn’t understand my name lol.

Then we went to Chipotle for lunch and Walmart for boxes.

When we got home we smoked another blunt and I fell asleep. I woke up around 7p. Babe scolded me in the car–when we moved here he packed up everything and cleaned everything while I slept and he told me he was gonna be upset if that’s how it went this time too. But I woke up from my nap and he has the whole place pretty much packed up already! He wasn’t mad though. 😊 he said “good morning beautiful” when I woke up, hehe. I asked what he needed help with but he wanted to smoke a blunt so he rolled one up, I finished my list of blog challenges, now I’m writing this, and he realized he needed to go to the store for more White Owls and a gallon of water.

I’m gonna make a pb & j sandwich and anxiously wait for babe to come home now. When he gets back we’re gonna finish packing up our stuff.

It is now 9:37p.

19 thoughts on “Journal Entry 01

  1. Wow, those neighbors sound awful! Hopefully you do find another place soon. Who in the world thinks it’s okay to play music in an apartment at 5 am?! I mean it’s nearing 2 am here and I’ve got my music on (lol) but I live in a house, not apartment.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know that I wasn’t in the wrong for telling the office on them but them popping my tires makes me wish I never had lol. I couldn’t believe it!!! 😭

      Thank you I’m so excited too!!! 😄 I’m excited for you putting your condo up for sale and getting all cleaned out so quickly. We are still packing and I am not looking forward to the cleaning part. 😭

      Liked by 1 person

  2. When you live in an apartment building like that, there are rules about noise. You can’t just go playing your music all night, and you guys were nice and had asked them to turn it down! That’s so immature that they put a screw in your bf’s tire over it. I’m happy you guys are moving and getting away from those psycho’s!

    I just saw the above comment and had to look it up. I hope you guys are safe and okay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah–these are the kind of people who believe they don’t have to follow the rules. 😡 Thank you, I’m so happy to be moving too!!

      And thank you for checking on me! We are safe! 💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s so frustrating! I hate those kinds of people. They think they’re better than everyone else 😒 and you’re welcome! I’m sure it’s exciting, too! (:

        And you’re welcome! I’m glad you’re both safe! 💜

        Liked by 1 person

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