My views on tipping

I believe if you’re dining out at a restaurant, you should always tip your server 20% of the bill–if you have no complaints about their service.

If you are left thirsty without any water at anytime and need to track down your server for a water refill, I feel a 15% tip should be good enough for your negligent server.

If your server just brings you your food and forgets about you and is nowhere to be found when you need extra napkins, I don’t think a 10% tip would be so bad for him/her.

But, I don’t believe in giving no tip at all when you are dining out. Unless everything was absolutely and completely horrible–you shouldn’t just leave a zero dollar tip, you should also leave the premises, don’t eat there, don’t pay for your meal at all.

If you’re getting your nails, eyebrows, hair etc. done: if you love it, tip 20% or more! I’ve witnessed so many ladies at nail salons recite, “ooh I love it, thank you so much” and tip a measly $5 after a full mani and pedi sesh…how rude! If you don’t love it, don’t tip. Yep. No tip!! They shouldn’t even make you pay for your service, in my opinion, but some places still will.

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28 thoughts on “My views on tipping

  1. I always tip because servers make so little. I have left no tip when I never saw my server and finally had to get up and go get a manager. But that was the only time. And seriously, I thought $5 was good on a $20 manicure! I’ve been rude all this time?

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    1. I wouldn’t have tipped if you had to get up and get a manger either! That’s unacceptable. And no you’re not rude lol $5 is fine on a $20 mani but the ladies I see give $5 or sometimes even less are ALSO getting their feet scrubbed and massaged and all that…

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  2. I’m a big tipper – especially when im abroad. At home, I tip tattoo artists and waiter and waitresses but anything else we don’t really tip here in the UK (in my experience at least). I think in America from what I understand though your wages are lower for servers with the expectation that tips should make up the difference, but we don’t get that over here. Same goes for being abroad; often services are a lot cheaper so I like to leave a tip because what isnt much to me is a lot to other people. Although us British are so concerned with being polite that we have to tip back home anyway😉xx

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    1. That was definitely the case for me in India. Things were so cheap that leaving a large tip didn’t make much of a difference. Why not pay a 50% tip when the meal was $2? Like you say it makes a difference to them.

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    2. I’ve heard that people in the U.K. don’t tip much but if that’s the way it always has been and is okay then I don’t see a problem in that. Yeah there are some places that give their servers half the min. wage and expect them to make the rest on tips. But I watched one documentary where they took away servers’ tips at this restaurant somewhere here in America and gave them a better hourly wage and in the end the servers wanted the tips back instead.

      Awe, I love British people–I wish Americans cared about being polite. 😛


  3. 18% is becoming the new baseline here but like you I aim for 20 and go up from there. I rarely tip zero but once got such bad service at a snobby restaurant – we were basically ignored the whole time – that I paid with credit card and wrote in a $0.05 tip. But that was 25 years ago. Definitely the exception.

    It was odd traveling to places in Europe where they don’t usually tip. Prices were higher so they could pay better but you always knew what your bill would be.

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    1. 18% is good, too!! 😛 LOL, a 5 cent tip… that’s too funny but sounds like they deserved it.

      Yeah I think it would be interesting to visit a place where they don’t tip, I’d find it hard not to feel bad!!

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  4. I have only ever not tipped once in my life. My server instantly hated me on sight and was beyond rude but he was perfectly pleasant to everyone else at the table. His rudeness was so noticeable we all assumed that I must have resembled his ex wife

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      1. It was the darnedest thing, I have never experienced anything like it before. At one point he even put his hand up in the stop motion when I tried to ask him something then turned to another person at my table and started asking her if she wanted more sweat tea, then he walked away. Meanwhile my glass of soda was empty… We all made jokes that he was probably going to spit in my food. He had no clue that I was the senior manager at the table and picking up the check for the entire table. When he tried to hand it to one of my MALE staff members I snatched it up to make sure he knew I was taken care of the check!!

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        1. Wow…it really sounds like he had something against you!!! I wonder what it was?

          I notice servers always hand the bill to males and are always a bit more attentive to them s well because they assume they’re paying. 🙄

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          1. When I am out for business I mostly pick up the check because I am usually the senior manager at the table and yeah mostly they try to hand the bill to a male.
            I hope all of your family and friends in Vegas are accounted for. Just tragic!

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  5. Just to put it out there before I say this, I typically tip around 20% or slightly more. Okay, that said, I think the fact that waiters can be paid so little and must rely on customers for tip is ridiculous. I remember working as a waitress, my base pay was actually $3.62/hr. It can legally be WELL BELOW min wage. If there are very few customers that day then it’s easy to walk away with hardly anything. I think the employer should be responsible for paying the waitress a fair pay rather than relying on customers. This is how they do it in Singapore and we never tip there and service is still great. A lot of people make the argument that service will go down if waiters are not expecting a tip. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but when I go to Singapore tip is never expected and everyone is still polite.

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    1. My boyfriend is a server and makes min. wage at least, luckily. But you never know which servers are getting paid well below that will need your tip. His tips are really good but I believe they are well-deserved. I was a waitress for two weeks and it’s a lot of work! Hungry people are the worst people!

      I think that employers should pay their servers more as well but servers make more than a higher wage pay if they get tipped accordingly.

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  6. I actually believe that places of employment should pay their employees enough that they shouldn’t have to rely on tips from customers to get by. Tips should be a voluntary gratitude for exceptional service. Especially since it costs so much to eat out these days anyways. I feel like it’s just a way for the owners of these businesses to fill their pockets with more money. However, since that’s not the case or the world we live in, I do always tip between 18 and 20%.

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  7. I know servers make really low wages, so I always tip. I admit, I don’t always tip as high as I should because money is tight sometimes, and I only went out to eat because my friends talked me into it lol. But I guess I’m not that bad if my meal is $12 and I tip $3. So maybe I just feel that way because I feel I should tip even more than that lol. Especially working with servers at my job. I always tip my bartenders and delivery drivers, too.

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    1. Oh yeah definitely bartenders and delivery drivers too! 😛 But if your friends talk you into it maybe they should pay for your meal and your tip, hehe. But yeah, sometimes I feel bad when I don’t spend that much $ so it seems like the tip should be bigger than it is haha.

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      1. Hahah right? Although, they do sometimes so I can’t complain 😂 and that’s how I feel! But sometimes I can’t really afford to tip much more than that either. I had someone tell me that something is always better than nothing though, most people appreciate you trying

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          1. They definitely are! 🙂 and that’s pretty much I feel if someone tips me at my job. Like they don’t have to, so even if someone gives me a $1 or $2 it makes me feel like I did a good job. And then sometimes I have people who tip me $5 or more and it warms my heart haha. There are some really generous people

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