Or my lack of a middle name

I actually don’t have a middle name. I’m not sure why my parents didn’t assign my older sister or me a middle name, but they didn’t. It always bothered me a little bit–everyone I met had a middle name… I was especially bothered when my little brother arrived in ’01 and he was given a middle name.

When my parents separated they decided to go to court because my sister and I had been going by our mom’s last name since we were born and my dad wanted to change that. He wanted us to go by his last name. So, he kind of won the case because they thought my mom’s maiden name had transferred to our middle name and after the case; my sister and I went solely by my dad’s last name–my sis still does, she’s lucky that she hasn’t ran into any problems like I have.

When I got the job at Aldi’s in MN after I turned 18, they did my paperwork, background, identity check and such. The district manager called me and asked me “what’s your real name? How old are you really?” I was utterly confused. They said my mom’s last name showed up and they didn’t want me to not be able to cash my checks. I didn’t understand, I told them what I wrote on my application (my dad’s last name) was all 100% true but that I wouldn’t have a problem with the checks even if they were written out to me with my mom’s last name. He let it go, took my word for it, and gave me the job but filed me under my mom’s last name. On my ID, I had it as my middle name and my first name is obviously one of a kind so I never did run into any problems.

Up until I moved here to Las Vegas, just about a year ago, I didn’t know that my mom’s last name is, in fact, not my middle name. It is also my last name. I have two last names and still no middle name. I had to get a new social security card here. I couldn’t get an ID or job without changing it all. Everything was messed up and I’ve been going by the wrong name nearly my entire life. Thanks for being so petty, Mom and Dad!

(Challenge #2 / Day #25)

35 thoughts on “Or my lack of a middle name

  1. Oh gosh that sounds awful! Like such a mess lol. How did your sister get away so luckily and they just messed up yours? Glad it seems like you’re finally fixed up now, but I’m sure that was mighty frustrating! Probably would’ve been solved if you had had a middle name lol

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    1. I don’t know! I asked her if she has ran into any problems and she told me she hasn’t but she also has an odd first name so people just believe her and ignore the other last name.

      When I told my dad, he laughed and asked me if I got it all fixed yet, πŸ™„ lol. And said “oohhh man your little brother’s is like that too” but he’s in high school so I guess no problems for him yet either.

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      1. That’s odd! And I mean, you’re name is definitely unique, too, so that sucks you never got that kind of luck.

        Haha that sounds annoying. Hopefully your brother doesn’t have those kinds of issues either down the road!

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        1. Yeah I was lucky in MN but Vegas is crazy about all government things like that. πŸ™„

          Haha, but I’ve told my dad about my brother and my dad should fix it all for him before he’s an adult but he prob won’t…

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    1. Hahha it was definitely a pain in the ass! You’re so cute for apologizing. πŸ˜†

      Are people really forgetting the middle name nowadays? Wow! If I had a child I’d give it two middle names for my lack of one lol.

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  2. Awwww that’s too bad that your parents caused such confusion about your name, although it is quite the story! I don’t have a middle name either, and I don’t really want one as I’m so used to my name now. I used to want one so it could be my “alter ego” though! LOL.

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    1. Aw, lol I do think it would be weird to add a middle name to my name now but I wish I was given one at birth just because I want more than one name like everyone else gets. 😭

      Lol or as an alter ego. πŸ˜‰

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