My last living day…

If it were my last day on this earth and I knew this, I would have the most difficult time at the end of the day deciding if I should end my own life the way I’d like to (which I haven’t decided yet) or just let whatever it is that is taking my life away in the first place run its course.

I’d be so sad if it really was my last day because I haven’t been able to travel anywhere that I’ve dreamed to yet. I wouldn’t want to waste any of my time trying to make it to any of those destinations though. I’d have to live the best day possible where I’m currently located (Las Vegas).

I would spend the entire day with my boyfriend and I would wish for him to be by my side through all my last hurrahs and until death takes over.


I really would be freaking out; I don’t know if I’d be able to enjoy anything but I would try!

I think I’d do a helicopter ride and the jump off The Stratosphere for my adrenaline rush things.I’d definitely be smoking blunts all day and I’d down a few cocktails for my ease the mind things.I’d go to the best steakhouse The Golden Steer and eat the biggest steak dinner and hit up more than one dessert spot, places I haven’t tried yet but have been meaning to. I seriously would stuff myself to the brim with sweets because I have the biggest sweet tooth and there would be no more worries about gaining weight! I’d call my parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins, siblings, etc. and inform them all of my fate, tell them I love them.


And then, I would honestly just want to spend the rest of the day with my boyfriend in bed, in his arms… and I will pray that I die painlessly. I doubt I would be brave enough to do it by myself anyways.

(Challenge #2 / Day #23)

13 thoughts on “My last living day…

  1. This is such an interesting idea for a blog post. It’s such a shame that if we knew it was our last day we wouldn’t be able to make it to any of our dream destinations! I would definitely as much time as possible with my loved ones, that’s for sure. I loved reading this! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!! I think I’d really hate to know if it were my last day. 😭 I think spending time with loved ones would be the most comforting and perfect last thing to do.

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    1. Yeah but you can’t always decide your fate!!

      I wouldn’t shut down my FB because there’s an option now for people who die, your family can change your page to show you’re dead and then it will turn into a tribute page.

      But how thoughtful of you to return your books lol!!

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  2. Have I mentioned before how adorable you and your boyfriend are? Because you look so cute together!

    This is a thought I’ve wondered about before here and there. I don’t know how I would really live on my last day if I knew it was. Like you said, knowing it’s your last day and knowing your time is limited can be so much that there’s the possibility you would spend the day hyperventilating because you couldn’t do everything you wanted to. I feel like I would just spend it with the people I really care about. Or do something crazy. Something about death makes a person fearless. If you know you’re going to die, why not just be adventurous? Do things you never thought you would do.

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    1. Hehe, thank you!!! 😛💗

      Gosh, I would absolutely haaate to know if it was my last day! I would prob end up spending the whole day hyperventilating until death took over, lol.

      It’s hard to choose between a super adventurous and crazy day or a hold my loved ones kind of day!

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    1. Thank you!! They’re not so bad but I don’t think they’re much cheaper as other places? I’ll have to do a comparison somehow, lol. I don’t have the time or means for traveling lately but whenever I do, I’ll def be doing so! 😊


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