3 Essential Items I Have With Me At All Times

1. My cell phone

In this day and age if you don’t have your cell phone, you have nothing. Or is it just me? What if I’m in trouble, how can I quickly call for help without my cellphone? What if I forget my PIN number to my debit card? I have it in my memo pad on my phone! What if I’m stuck waiting in line somewhere and I get bored, people get mad when I stare at them too long– which I have a major problem with. What if I don’t have my phone to distract me? What if I get lost? I couldn’t use GPS without my phone!

2. My wallet

I have a small wristlet that I carry around my wrist at all times. It has my ID, rewards cards, debit and credit card, cash, etc. so I need it with me for pretty much any and everything. Especially since I live in Vegas where they ID me everywhere I go.

3. My glasses or contacts

If I don’t have my glasses on or my contacts in, I am useless. I’m not even able to walk in a straight line.

(Challenge #2 / Day #20)

27 thoughts on “3 Essential Items I Have With Me At All Times

    1. Same here. If I wanted to travel light, I could probably go with just my glasses (of course) and a pared down wallet: Bank card, transit pass and health card in case something happens. I have a drivers license but generally unless I’m on a business trip I will drive 2-3x/year. And even if I did do things that required I be of legal age, there’s no question in anyone’s mind that I’m above 19!

      OMG! I almost forgot my keys!!!! *laughing*

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  1. One of the other ESL teachers at my first school in China asked his students if they’d rather lose their keys or their phone, and they all said their keys. I was shocked; I hadn’t even bought a cell phone until I moved to China. In America my life had been so regular and, in retrospect, limited that I hadn’t need a phone.

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  2. I feel so incredibly lost without my iPhone, it’s terrible. Cell phones basically dictate our entire lives though. Like, I have my emails, my text messages, my notes, my reminders, my calendar… everything is on my phone! It’s definitely something interesting and worth thinking about. Thanks for sharing!

    Simply Lovebirds

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