The Back-to-School Tag

I graduated high school in 2013 and I’ve never attended college but the beautiful Cat@Welcome To My Messy World Blog has nominated me for this tag and she changed up the questions a bit so that I’d be able to answer them! School buses are driving around again and that’s pretty much the only way the whole “back-to-school” season has been impacting me.

If you’ve never visited Cat’s blog before, you can do so here! I love reading her posts, they are always so fun! I’ve no doubts that you’ll enjoy them as well!

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you!
  2. Answer all of their questions.
  3. Write new questions (or re-write the old ones).
  4. Tag as many (or as few) bloggers you’d like to answer your questions!

Cat’s Questions:

1. Did you like school?

While I was in school, I just hated it so much. I rarely ever went at all during my senior year. I could never stay up… I’d always fall asleep even if I wanted to learn. Sometimes I’d sit in the bathroom and play games on my iPod touch or read a book– every so often, but not too often, I’d write myself a pass to the library and read in there instead of going to class. I regret not liking school.

2. Have you ever been homeschooled?


3. What was your favorite subject?

I loved all sorts of English classes, I especially loved the elective I chose to take senior year: Memoirs. The class was always interesting and the teacher was amazing. If I was actually at school; I would never skip this class for the bathroom.

4. What was your least favorite subject?

My least favorite subject was gym class. Believe it or not, we had written quizzes in gym class at my high school but that’s not why I hated it. I hated changing clothes and moving around and working in teams all the time. Everything about gym– I despised.

5. What was your worst day in school?

I’ve had so many bad days at school. I guess the day I snorted a line of H in the bathroom stall and screamed and cried on the phone to my bf (at the time) about needing to leave school but he wouldn’t find a way to come pick me up. Then, a lunch aid heard me and tried to make me talk to the school counselor. I was so stressed out.

6. Did you do any sports in school?

No way. I did cheerleading when I was in like 3rd grade but I don’t think it was for the school. My mom got sick of bringing me after less than a month anyways.

7. What did you usually have for lunch at school?

Whatever was on the menu. I never minded school lunch and there was always more than one option. When I lived in Bothell, Washington though– that high school’s lunch was ridiculously luxurious. It was like a café with all of their delicious options. K and I would always get a salad or sandwich that we could choose all the toppings and dressings for.

8. What time did you have to wake up in order to get to school on time?

I would wake up with enough time to brush my teeth and get dressed, maybe brush my hair. In Washington, we had to catch the bus so I’d have to wake up at 5:30a and when my dad brought me in Minnesota, I had to wake up around 6:30a.

9. Did you have good friends?

Not really. I had K back then, but now she’s only interested in me so she can gossip about me with other people. All of my other “friends” in high school were ones that I got high and drunk with every time we hung out. Half of them are still in a mess, only a much bigger one, the rest of us are tidying up– we all had to go our own ways…

10. What are your overall thoughts on school?

It’s a privilege! If I could go back in time, I’d drink a Red Bull or something every morning so I could actually listen to and learn everything on the curriculum.

My Questions:

Answer questions below according to when you were in High School.

  1. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
  2. What was a project you worked on that you really enjoyed and were super proud of the outcome?
  3. Did you ever participate in the Science Fair?
  4. Did you enjoy reading aloud to your class when it was your turn to or did you absolutely hate it?
  5. Did you ever get suspended or expelled?
  6. Did you prefer to write with pens or pencils when taking notes?
  7. Did you prefer multiple answer questions or short answer/essay questions on tests?
  8. Did you ever cheat on a test? How?
  9. Did you ever fall asleep in class?
  10. Did you eat school lunch or bring your own?

I tag:

Laken@Dazed and Still Dreaming

Thea@Life of an Introvert

Jessica@Vinegar and Vanilla

Noriko@Book Fiend Site

Vicky@Crazy Little Things Site

Pamela@Starring Pamela

Nat@Just A Nervous Girl

Todd@Serendipity, Encouraged

You are, by all means, not obliged to do this tag! I am particularly interested in knowing your answers if I have tagged you but no hard feelings at all if you choose not to participate. If I haven’t tagged you, please feel free to do this tag anyways and make sure to leave me a comment below to let me know you’ve done it so I can read your answers!

26 thoughts on “The Back-to-School Tag

  1. I hated school too! Gym class was my least favorite as well, I disliked it because I knew I sucked at any and all sports. It was embarrassing to be picked last for teams too. I failed gym numerous times due to my refusal over changing clothes and simply not wanting to participate because people would complain I was too slow on the team or didn’t know how to play the sport. The only class I liked in school was Ceramics and that ended after my Ceramics teacher left her job and I got placed in the regular drawing class.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gym was the worst! Luckily my gym classes never made us choose teams, we were pre-grouped into “squads” on the first day of class. I almost failed gym too because I never went but luckily they had these “make-up” packets where you could just research and write a summary about a work out technique for points.

      Ceramics was so hard for me! 😭 very frustrating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, that is cool that your school had makeup assignments for gym. I would have aced that for sure.

        Ceramics was kinda hard but I liked working with clay. I never learned how to use the potter’s wheel though.

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  2. Girl, I hated school too! But like you, I regret not liking it. I wish I would have taken it more seriously and enjoyed it while it lasted. I didn’t have many friends either, but life was so stress free back then I should have just embraced it!

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  3. Omg! What kind of school do you have there? I kinda loved high school. I was in an architecture high school and we had so much fun! Well, not always but I remember all my friends were so funny and we spend some good time together. Now I don’t really have time to talk with them but we chat sometimes.
    After 3 years we have a group named “Big family” and we chat there. Well, this is kinda bullshit but it’s still something.
    I’m so sorry to hear about all of this from you. High school must be nice because you remember it for your entire life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe, sounds like you found a wonderful group of friends! And it’s cute that you all still have a li’l place to chat! 😊

      Yeah it was all my own fault that high school was bad for me and yeah it’s def one experience I’ll never forget!

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  4. Oh gosh, girl my least favorite class was gym as well. And 7th-9th they made us take a freaking swimming class during gym. So we would have to change (had to be like a one piece or you had to wear a tank over it) go swimming for 40 minutes, and then have to change back right after. Nothing like fighting over blow dryers before going to your next class. I hated it so much! And I always sucked at sports, so the rest of it was rather terrible, too, my mile time was just sad.

    Your mom not wanting to take you to cheerleading reminds me of my mother not wanting to take me to Girl Scouts. I actually wanted to be in cheerleading and instead she signed me up for that. And then her and my step dad would argue about who would take me so I stopped wanting to go.

    I miss being a kid and not having responsibilities! If I could go back and actually enjoy it, I would. I only have a couple friends I still keep in touch with. The rest of us went on with our lives.

    Also thank you for the nomination! I will do the post 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy that we never had to do swimming in my gym class, I could imagine how horrible it must’ve been but we did have to do like weird ass dance routines and also biking. I did the biking once. It was horrible. 😭

      My mile was 14 1/2 min. LOL!

      Our parents suck. Lol. Doing outside activities are important for children especially if it’s something they want to do. They did let me join a play once though but there were many days I had to wait over an hour for one of them to come pick me up. But I wanted to be in that play lol.

      Me too. We never knew how good we had it when we were kids… our emotions are so strong when we’re young– we are blinded lol.

      And of course! Can’t wait to read your answers. 😄

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      1. It was awful!! Haha like it wouldn’t have been bad if it was after school, but when you have swimming at the end of the day and it’s winter and you want your hair dry before catching the bus? Awful!! We had to do ballroom dancing my senior year 😂 and biking is weird but I would’ve taken that over swimming lol!

        And my mile was 14 or 15 minutes, too, don’t feel bad 😂😂 I walked it half the time.

        Exactly! I hated it haha, I couldn’t do after school things without getting an attitude at home lol. At least you got to be in the play! But that sucks they couldn’t even show up on time :/

        And we really didn’t! We get this mindset that we can’t wait to grow up and not live by our parents rules and to do what we want. It’s not all that glamorous, and they did warn us 😂 kids are stubborn lol.

        And okay! (: I’ll probably write it out Monday!

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        1. Lol that does sound awful. I also don’t know know to swim so I def would not have gone to that class and failed lol. Biking was horrible. It was so tiring lol.

          I def walked and even sat down on one of the benches behind a tree during my mile 😂😂

          Looking forward to reading your answers!!! 🤗

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ohh gosh haha, they would’ve taught you how to swim. That’s the one perk. And ohh yeah that would actually be really tiring haha. We had days in high school where we had to workout in the gym. Always wiped me out lol.

            And that’s hilarious 😂 we had a track that didn’t really offer anything like that

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh gosh, so many people have tried to teach me how to swim in my life. It’s like I don’t move. 😭 it’s so hard, lol.

              Yeah there were days where we had to go the weight room too, I’d always just lounge around and make fake marks on the sheet lol.

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