A word of advice to the younger me

If I were able to give my younger self advice it’d go a little something like this:

Dear Teenaged Hunida,

Please stop letting everything impact you so intensely. It’s not the end of the world. It won’t be the end of the world, not even in 2012. All the pain and anxiety you feel will subside. And why are you feeling this way all the time anyways?I know you’re really good at putting on a front. You make it seem that you don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about you but I know you better than you know yourself and I think you’re too worried what everyone thinks about you. I know you’re just so good at acting this way that you’ve even believed it yourself. But, what you’re trying to hide is so clear. It’s okay to get hurt, let people hurt you.

I know you’ll think you’re deeply in love and that you’ve sacrificed so much for that “love” of yours, that you’re too afraid to break it off because you’ve pushed everyone else away, you think all you need is him. They’ll all make fun of you if you aren’t together anymore. But you don’t, and they won’t. And who cares if they do?! He is no good for you. Please, please, please get away from him. I wish I could tell you to never get involved with him but he will introduce and guide you through so many great adventures I’d like you to experience. So yes, go and do all those things but don’t let him run your life. Don’t push everyone else away. And when you do eventually get away from him and move all the way across the country, DO NOT call him every single night and DO NOT book that ticket to return home in the summer. You’ll be sent home sooner anyways. Your best adventures with him are o v e r, no matter how badly you wish there’ll be more. Only the worst are to come.Don’t keep him as an excuse to not get hurt. I know he’s always there for you and if any other boy hurts you, you can pretend you don’t care because you “already have a boyfriend anyways.” Don’t. Do. This. Let more than this one boy hurt you. It will be healthier for you that way. It’s normal! You have not found that special high school romance. YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE TO BEING FUCKED OVER.

Stop acting like a rebel and treating relationships and life as a game. You are not cool. Not one bit. Do your homework and pick your head up. Apply for colleges. Please, set yourself up for an easier future. It’s really all up to you and you’re failing! I know you’re smart. You just don’t listen. You can be the boss in the future but right now, listen to your parents, your grandparents, and please, listen to your teachers.

Sorry, but someone had to tell you. Even though a lot of people who care about you have tried, they gave up long ago, didn’t they? Who in the world still cares about you anyways?Wait, I thought you’re weren’t supposed to care what other people think though? That’s how you act anyways?

Do it all for YOU! Because you do deserve it all.

I’m someone you can trust, aren’t I?

(Challenge #2 / Day #19)

14 thoughts on “A word of advice to the younger me

  1. If only we could actually go back in time and talk to our younger selves to try to make their lives better, our lives better. Because sometimes the person who cares most about us is us. Because other people tried and we pushed them away, they didn’t understand, or we thought they didn’t. It’s funny what growing up does to you.

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  2. I love this! I’m utterly shocked that I’m not following your blog 😱🤔 I’m so sorry Hunida! I thought I was but apparently I’m not 🙈 well I am now! I love it 😁😘❤️

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  3. Love hurts, but you seem like a strong and confident woman. Get it all out girl! We just wrote a post about listening to your “older self.” Find someone who has “been there done that” and ask for their story. You may find advice to help you before you venture into something.

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