Significance of my second tattoo

“He offered her the world, she said she had her own.” –Monique Duval

The first time I saw this quote was probably when I was a freshman in high school on Tumblr. Back then, I used to spend HOURS scrolling through photos looking for the ones that made me feel the most so I could reblog them.


It never left my mind.

People see it and assume it’s a feminism quote or I got it because a man hurt me or something dumb like that.

It’s neither of those things. It’s all about independence to me.

I got it in November of 2014. When I started dancing I thought I needed to decorate my body a bit since it would be on display every night! After I got a few piercings I wanted, I was needle obsessed. I had gotten my first tattoo a year before this one so I had forgotten the pain– I felt it was time for another one.

In my line of work, a lot of my colleagues are looking for men who will take care of them so they can just quit working. I am not one of those girls. A large amount of my customers want to buy me a house and “take me away” from my job and basically, my entire life. But I have my own world and I will build it and earn it on my own.

My tattoo is located on my upper left inner arm:


When ever a customer suggests that they could provide a better life for me than I could for myself– I just point to my tattoo and they kind of get the idea.

Honestly, I had no clue who the author of this quote was until today. I really didn’t care and never did, it’s beautiful no matter who wrote it. I did look up the author now, for the sake of this post, and I’m absolutely pleased with who she is (Monique Duval); as I knew I would be.

When people would ask me who wrote it, I’d just respond like Timmy Turner on Fairly OddParents: “internet!”

(Challenge #2 / Day #11)

26 thoughts on “Significance of my second tattoo

  1. I love that quote! And it really says something about your character, too, and how you don’t need someone else to take care of you! I still have not gotten a tattoo, but I really want to get one. I just can’t decide on what I really want, and I want something that has a meaning to me. At the same time, I want something that’ll look good. So maybe someday haha. I don’t even have any piercings. In elementary school I had my ears pierced, wound up getting a bad infection from the backs of my earrings, and my mom wouldn’t let me wear them anymore lol. I just haven’t gotten around to getting them done now that I’m over 18. Always a money thing 😂

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    1. Thank you!!! 💗

      One day, you will find something that makes you think “I want that on me forever” and that will be the day you get your first tattoo! 😊 It’ll look good AND mean something to you!!

      I had my ears double pierced in elementary school too and they also got infected–I can’t wear earrings in them still unless they’re real gold or silver. My new piercings are all real silver so they haven’t and won’t get infected!! Maybe that’s your case too?? (For your ears)

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      1. You’re welcome! 😊

        And that’s what I’m sort of waiting for I guess! Haha. But there are little tattoos I thought about getting for a first tattoo. My best friend never knows what tattoo she wants until she goes into the place, and she always gets something cool. There’s a story for every one of them I guess haha.

        And ohh my ears are so sensitive! I remember they got infected from cheap earrings. My problem was a mix of that, and the back part of my earring got pushed into my ear, and it was really nasty and gross haha. But even now I feel cheap earrings would just irritate my ears

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        1. Your best friend is crazy lol, I don’t think I’d be able to just go and pick one of the pre-drawn tattoos on the day of!!

          Oh, you’re supposed to twist the backs of your earrings around like 9x a day or something like that!! But yeah, I don’t even wear earrings anymore– mine are so sensitive too!

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          1. Haha it kind of fits her personality though! She knows what she likes, and she just kind of picks something that catches her interest.

            And ohh I’m sure! But 8 year old me did not know that haha. So 8 year old me suffered. It actually really sucks being sensitive to stuff!

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            1. Yeah, there always so many tattoos to pick from– I see a lot of people go into tattoo shops and just pick one! I just don’t think I could be one of those people. 😜

              It does! My skin is so sensitive, it sucks!

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              1. Haha I feel I could be one of those people because if I see something and do it, chances are my tastes aren’t going to change very much haha. I have so many ideas, just don’t know what I’m going to wind up doing yet 😂

                And yes!

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                1. There are so many wonderful tattoo artists, I’m sure you could find something you love 😊 my tastes change so often, sometimes I wonder if I even want the tattoos I have on my body already. I don’t think I’ll be getting any more.

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                  1. There really are! I’ve seen so many amazing tattoos! In person and online. And I gotcha! Haha my tastes change sometimes, but I still like majority of the things I’ve always liked 🙂 I don’t blame you for not wanting to get anymore though haha

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                    1. Mhm, it’s kinda weird when I see my tattoos in the mirror. I always forget I have them haha. And sometimes I like wipe them away because I think something is on me. But honestly I truly do love them and don’t regret them so I think you’ll feel the same way about yours whenever you end up getting some. 😊

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