The first apartment I ever rented was a studio, garden-level. My ex-boyfriend (that I also talked about in another post: here) kind of lived with me but we only had one set of keys.

One night after I got off work, he wasn’t home and he had taken the one set of keys with him. If you get locked out, at these apartments, you can call 24-hour maintenance and pay $60 to get in the main door then $60 more to get into your apartment.

But, I remembered I never locked the windows. They were really, really tough to lock, okay?!

(I was never in the mood to bust open the palms of my hands by trying to lock my windows and I didn’t really feel like it was a big deal. I opened my windows so often to let out my nasty cigarette smoke– I didn’t want to waste my whole life trying to lock and unlock those windows.)

I knelt down and removed the screen quite easily then slid the window right open, and jumped into my apartment. Yay! I just saved myself $120!

Just only a couple nights later, I was counting my money and I folded it up and set it right next to my bed. I decided I wanted a soda. (I never drink soda anymore, yuck.) It was late, (or early) nearly 4am. I don’t know why I wanted a soda? But I did. I left my door unlocked and walked not too far down the hallway for the soda I so badly wanted.

When I came back, the money I had just counted was missing. I threw apart my whole studio apartment. I must have been going crazy!! It was late. I could not find the money anywhere. I was so sleepy and dozed off quickly after I decided that I, in fact, was going crazy. I must have just misplaced it.

The next morning I woke up to a phone call from my landlord. She asked me if my cat was missing! My heart raced out of my chest and I jumped up just as fast. I shouted “Sushi?!” and he wasn’t on the bed or eating so I knew it was him she had found.
bur1I went to pick him up in the office, where she had him, immediately. I was so confused. He was here when I was counting my money though? I must have been so stressed out about misplacing that money that he slipped out when I went to get the soda, but how could I not have noticed him run past me? I always noticed when he ran past me out the door. Always. This would have to have been the first time he got past me! What a sneaky little boy…

Or so I thought.

The night after that, I still hadn’t found my cash but I still thought I’d find it sooner or later. But at least I had my cat back!

When I fell asleep, he was next to me. I felt safe. Then, I woke up to him meow-ing at the top of his lungs at the bottom of my bed. I sat up to look at him and see what he was fussing about so late in the night.

There was a man hiding at the foot of my bed in a black ski mask and all black clothes! I screamed at the top of my lungs “get the fuck out!! Please, just get out!!” And I shielded myself with my blankets because it was all I could think to do. In the blink of an eye, the masked man ran back out the window where he came from and I ran to shut it behind him.

I was shaking. I didn’t know what to do. I called my dad hoping maybe he’d come pick me up and let me sleep at his house but I was too pansy to suggest this. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t capable on my own, I guess. All he said was to call the police. So I did. They came and said there was nothing they could do. But, they locked my windows for me. And a few weeks later, they called to tell me that they still didn’t know who it was or how to get my stuff back.

The unwanted visitor in my home stole my jar of weed and all of my cash that night– he got it all before Sushi woke me up to warn me, unfortunately.

It dawned on me that this masked man had been in my home before. The night when Sushi ran out it wasn’t me who had let him out. I think the man came when I was sleeping that night, too. But, that time, he got away and my Sushi tried to run after him. I didn’t misplace my cash, that intruder stole it. I know this because I never found that cash anywhere, ever.

I had nightmares about this man every night and I awoke to every single noise for awhile. My landlord gave me a wooden bar to put between my windows so you couldn’t slide them open, even if they were unlocked. Which they never were again.

(Challenge #2 / Day #7)

32 thoughts on “Burglar!

  1. Omg that is so terrifying! That is actually one of my worst fears, to wake up and find some intruder in my home. I don’t even know how I would react. That’s just so scary to think about. I’m glad he just stole your stuff and left (even though that’s awful enough).

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    1. I’m so glad he didn’t too! It was so scary! I didn’t know what to do but my boyfriend has a gun that we keep by our bed now but I’m still always scared I’ll forget how to shoot it if there’s an intruder! šŸ˜©


  2. That’s so scary! Especially because it happened when you were alone, too. Gotta love cats though, a dog would make noise, too. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt and the most he did was steal a few things (as awful as that is)! Hopefully you never have that issue again

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  3. Oh my goodness that’s terrifying. Glad you were alright!! Jeez you have had so many crazy experiences haha You have such a sweet cat. That’s actually super cute that she went over to warn you. I would never think of a cat doing that. And the police never do anything. The only thing they seem to care about are speeding tickets and shooting black people but anything other than that they just don’t care. I had this experience where one of the subletters in the house took my car and crashed it. Police said they couldn’t do anything unless I brought the guy in. I was like wtf…Like how were they not coming to my house to arrest him he admitted it to me and I had it in a text. Anyways. Just makes me mad thinking about it.

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad he didn’t touch me or barely even look at me! I love my cat, he’s the best. šŸ’— He was so loud, he never is that loud! So I knew something was wrong.

      Omg you’re right about the police. I hate them. There was no point in even calling them and waiting for them to come over to flash a flashlight back and forth over the window looking for nothing.

      That’s so dumb that they didn’t come and arrest the guy?! I thought it was THEIR job to arrest him and bring him in. Wtf?

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    1. I know!! I’m glad he didn’t harm me or my kitty too. šŸ’— I never leave me doors and windows unlocked anymore and I definitely don’t live there anymore, fortunately!


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