Childhood fears

When I was younger, the internet was just starting to get really big, and I still had Dial-Up internet that held the phone lines up.

My Mom always told me not to put my name or photos on the internet. She told me that a rapist would see it, he would find out my address, and that he’d steal me from our home, rape, and kill me.

I was a big fan of Ciara back then and my cousin told me that she was born a man. (Does anyone else remember those rumors about her?!) I didn’t believe him and I had to find out for sure. I searched the World Wide Web for my answer but there was nothing believable enough for me. I found her official website that had a page where I could ask her any question that I had for her!


Now, I could ask her if she was really born a man. On the question asking form, I had to fill out my first name. I don’t know why I didn’t just make one up but I didn’t; I used my real name.

I stayed up for nights on end after I sent that question. I feared for one: that Ciara was going to hate me when she read my question but even more so, for two: that a rapist would read my question and he’d be coming to snatch me through the window any minute. I feared this for pretty much my entire childhood and I actually do think this could still happen to me when my man’s at work or something.

Mostly everything I feared as a child I still do to this day: the dark, evil ghosts, drains, various superstitions, rapists, stalkers, murderers etc.

(Challenge #2 / Day #6)

11 thoughts on “Childhood fears

  1. This is very interesting because when I was a child (like 14-15 yo) I was not like that at all, well, I would not put my real name or address on the internet, but I remember I met with many strangers, boys and girls, that I knew just from the internet. And I was lucky because they were nice and I end up making many good friends.
    Now, I would not do this again, I’m afraid too, I have anxiety, I barely hang out with my friends. Haha! I kinda miss those days.

    PS: I’m scared of dark and evil ghosts too. This is stupid but.. yhea..


    1. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you met up with people on the internet at such a young age. I’m afraid to at this age, too, still! I have a lot of anxiety too, especially about making friends, I don’t have any to hang out with.

      And it’s not stupid. The dark is scary and so are evil ghosts. I don’t see how people are NOT scared of these things.

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  2. I never really had this sort of fear, my mom never expressed anything like this until MySpace came out. And even then, she was more worried about her computer contracting a virus lol. But she’d be worried about me posting too much personal information in online chat rooms (I used to go online to Pogo to play free games – my mom still uses the site lmao). And for MySpace it was “never add anyone you don’t know.” I would get nervous about telling people my real name online though, because my mom kind of embedded that fear into me, just not as much as yours did I think lol. My mom was scared and paranoid of everything offline and online. She wouldn’t let parents drive me around if she didn’t know them

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    1. My mom was the same way!! She didn’t trust anyone that wasn’t someone in my family. I understand though, if I had a daughter I would not let her post her photos on the internet or her name at a young age.

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      1. It got to be frustrating when I could never go places as a kid! She wouldn’t let me sleepover or anything if she didn’t know someone lol. And yeah I do understand that! There’s so many creeps online, and kids really do not need to be posting photos online

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