My sister, my hero

I’ve never had to be an only child. My older sister was born 2 years before me. I really don’t think I would have enjoyed being an only child but I did like being the youngest. When my little brother was born 6 years after me, I was not happy.

I had a cold when he was born so I wasn’t even allowed in the hospital room after my mom gave birth to him. I felt so neglected. It was my goal for a few years to torture my brother. I still feel bad to this day how mean I really was to him. When he’d ask me to make him a PB & J sandwich I’d put a glob of jelly in the middle and just a small smear of PB. I’d be mad because I hated having to do things for someone else and knowing that I’d get in trouble if I didn’t.

My sister never seemed to care about doing things for me, she always took care of me, and had my back.

When I was just finishing elementary school, my parents split up– my sister, my brother, and I formed a much stronger bond with each other. Especially since my parents split because my dad had impregnated his now, wife. Even though my mom was never home and my dad failed to pick us up on the days that he promised he would; my siblings were always there. Especially my sister.

There were these two older boys who lived in my apartment building. I was in 7th grade, they were in 8th…they used to chase me every single day off the school bus and corner me under the stairs, stuffing their hands down my shirt, bra, and panties. They would do this, like I said, every single day and they wouldn’t stop until the high schoolers got dropped off by their school bus, my sister would have to run off of it because she knew she had to get those boys off me. She’d come in the door of the buildings immediately shouting loud profanities until they’d get scared and run off. All those days, I’d just stand against the wall and wait for her to come save me. I never did say “thank you” to her– we’d just walk to our apartment, make some frozen TGI Friday’s wings and mozzarella sticks, and watch TV together. She was my hero and I always looked up to her. Ever since I was born I wanted to be like her, I’d do my hair the same and buy the same shoes as her.

Growing up, I needed her. I couldn’t imagine growing up without a sister. I’m sad that we’re not close at all anymore but it makes me happy to remember that we once were.


Now that I’m an adult, I love my little brother and I try to buy him all the presents that he wants for his birthday to make up for how mean I was to him. I didn’t even mention that I once slammed his thumb in a door so hard his thumb nail fell off, did I?! He barely knew how to talk then!


My dad has made two children with his wife and another one with his “ex”-girlfriend (he’s the one in the photo above). They’ve all just started elementary school. I don’t really see any advantages to having those super, way younger siblings. I actually see them as a disadvantage because I have to buy more presents on Christmas. But, growing up is hard and like I said, I needed my sister back then. I don’t know if I would have survived without her.

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30 thoughts on “My sister, my hero

  1. Wow, that’s awful what those kids did to you. That is actually sexual assault, whether they were young or not. I’m glad your sister tried to protect you the best she could. I was very heavily bullied in middle school, and I didn’t have any siblings to help me. 😦 I’m thinking about writing my story in a future blog post.

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    1. Yeah I realize that it was now but I didn’t know at the time I guess? I’ve had worse things happen unfortunately. And I’m so sorry, that’s why I really do think we need siblings as we’re growing up. I’d def be interested in reading your post about it!

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  2. I was molested when I was 9 by own uncle and I guess when you’re young you don’t know what to do. Because I never told anyone until I went to college. I’m glad that you had your sister to protect you. It’s so touching to know that you are making it up to brother. Thank you for sharing this. You are amazing!

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    1. Omg, Jimi…I’m so sorry to hear about that. Yeah, when you’re young, it’s hard. It honestly feels like “this is my fault, I hate this but how can I stop it, I’m powerless.” It’s so good to know that you were able to tell someone, no matter how many years later. I’m really glad my sister was there all the time, too and yes my brother deserves it, haha. Thank you for sharing your story w/me. 💗 YOU’RE amazing!

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  3. I’m so glad you have such a caring sister! That sounds awful what you had to go through! I was teased for being overweight and wearing glasses but nothing nearly as bad as how you were abused daily. I’m glad you are able to share at this point in your life.

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    1. I’m glad I had her too. She’s a lot different towards me now though lol. I was teased for having “thunder thighs” often in middle school, too. And I refused to wear my glasses when I first got them because I was scared of being bullied. 😛 I was shaking when I typed up the bad parts because I’ve never really told this story to anyone before. Thanks for reading. 💖

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  4. I’m sorry for what happen to you, when you were younger. That’s really awful.
    I am an only child but I grew up with a cousin that felt more like my brother, so I have some idea of what’s like to have someone older, protective and at the same time I would always fight with.
    I’m glad you had your sister when you needed the most!

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  5. I grew up as mostly an only child and let me tell you – it sucks. It’s good you had a sister to look up to – and to take care of you! What those boys did to you is wrong and that’s something you never should’ve had to deal with. I’m sorry you did.

    And jealousy is a thing as kids! Kids enjoy being the center of attention with their parents so when a new baby comes, I can see why you hated him at first. But at least you know you were wrong now, and you do have a great connection with him!

    I’m sorry you and your sister have drifted over the years. Maybe you can try to reach out to let her know how much you miss her? Some things are easier said then done, though, I know.

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    1. I could imagine that growing up as an only child would be super hard and very lonely. I’m sorry you didn’t have any siblings! Yeah I was extremely jealous of my little brother, I still kind of am. 😂 My relationship w/ my sister is shattered and it’s probably my fault. But she’s a different person now…we just don’t get along, sadly.

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      1. It honestly was! I mean, I had step siblings, but they were only around on the weekends at times, and I was still my mom’s only kid. So she was always strict with me and I did spend a lot of time one. And haha I guess it’s probably a sibling thing 😂 at least you matured! And ohh I see, I’m sorry to hear that :/ people do change though. Maybe someday you can try reaching out to her and try talking through your differences. Some things take a lot of time to mellow out, though, unfortunately. Things just… happen. You can’t change that. I hope she comes around to the point you can talk with her again someday

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        1. Yeah, step siblings are cool but they’re def not the same as real siblings especially if they don’t even live with you. At least you had your mom, though…that reminds me of the show Gilmore Girls and I think that growing up like that would be ok too. I’m glad I matured lol. 😛 Yeah maybe my sister & I will sort out our differences one day but for now, honestly, she’s not even someone I want to talk to. 😕

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          1. That’s just it! And they don’t have the same parental struggles haha. And true, although if my mom was more like Lorelei maybe we’d get along a bit better 😂 but she does care, she just drives me crazy lol. And I hope you guys can! But yeah I get that, just give it some time :/

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  6. This part of your life story is heartbreaking, yet beautiful and loving at the same time. I almost cried honestly, some parts brought back memories, other parts I relate in other ways. It’s so amazing the impact our stories can have when we grow from them and share them. I’m so sorry you and your sister aren’t close anymore, I know that feeling for sure with my older brother. We were so close when we were younger. I hope one day we both get those bonds back with our siblings. 💖

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    1. I’m glad my story impacted you in a way. 💖 It’s so weird how we grow apart from our siblings as we grow up…I’m sorry to hear that you and your brother are no longer close, either. I hope we both do, too. Some day. 💗


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