It’s better to feel…

I used to be embarrassed when I teared up during a movie. I’d try my very best to swallow the lump in my throat so no one would notice that I felt empathy for the characters.

Then, I learned that having empathy is one of the best qualities anybody could possess because I met those people that can’t even feel sympathy.

I still get a little embarrassed when I tear up during movies or TV shows but I don’t hate myself for it anymore.

(Challenge #2 / Day #1)

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25 thoughts on “It’s better to feel…

  1. I’m glad you don’t hate yourself for it anymore! Because I feel that if a movie or show makes you feel something that strongly for the characters – it’s good. And it just means you are empathetic towards people, and like you said, there are those who have none :/

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    1. Yeah my dad told me that crying makes you weak and I never wanted to be weak so I hated myself. But now I realize I’d rather be weak (if that’s what crying really makes you lol) than not be able to feel empathy for someone else!

      I agree if a movie, show, or book can make you feel that strongly it’s what makes it worth the watch/read. 😊

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      1. That’s what his generation was probably taught lol. I don’t think it makes you weak lol. I mean it might be a weakness, but I feel it makes you more open (:

        I just hate crying in front of people haha.

        And most definitely (:

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      2. Yeah I think all men are taught that crying=weak lol and I’m not gonna lie if I saw man cry during a movie I may question his masculinity. 😆 I hate crying in front of people too– so awkward lol.

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  2. i remember crying so hard while watching this filipino movie inside the movie house hahahhaaha and it seemed to be just okay(?) bacause i cant really stop my tears once it flows. same when i watch a comedy film, i couldn’t stop myself laughing so hard and loud even if im in a cinema. that’s ok, it means the movie is great and it affects your emotions right? :—)

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  3. Hunida, crying and feeling is a good thing because it’s emotion. When I was 22 I shut my emotion after a break-up. I told myself I don’t want to feel pain next time. When I had a new bf, I loved him but it was not intense. I noticed too that when I watch movies I don’t cry anymore, I can’t feel it. And I realized it’s not a good thing because you can’t enjoy the moments because the emotion is not there! It’s funny that now I always cry when watching drama movie but I love it! I’m happy that I can cry and feel! But I still don’t show it lol. I have ways to wipe the tears.

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    1. Aww, I’m happy you turned your feelings back on! I always wished to be someone who has no emotions but now I realize that it’s better to have a lot of emotions. 💗 But I still try to wipe my tears during movies, too lol


  4. High five girl friend! I cry at the smallest things. Like if I see a homeless man looking sad while walking? I’d tear up already even if I don’t know his story. It’s both a blessing and a curse but it’s more of a blessing. It just shows how soft-hearted we are hihi ❤

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  5. Empathy is key! It really is. You should be proud of yourself to have made peace with your terms. Although, I have to ask. What TV shows and films are you tearing up at? My friend used to cry at a coca-cola advert when the animated polar bear couldn’t get on the ice cap 😂

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    1. Hahaha omg your friend is so cute but I can’t lie I used to get so upset watching that Ice Age Squirrel trying & always failing to get his acorn! 😂 Lol, I’ve cried during a lot of books, films, shows but most recently I couldn’t control my tears when I watched Moana and a few books I’ve read recently: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and Room by Emma Donoghue. 😛


  6. Girl, I cry over almost anything. I cry whenever I see other people crying whether it be in films or in real life. I cry whenever I see cute videos on Facebook. So I’m happy you don’t hate yourself for that anymore! It’s normal! 😊

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  7. I agree! But I still try my best not to cry during movies or shows, even when I’m by myself lol. I know it’s not a bad thing but the emotions just come so strong and hit so hard lol

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    1. I know I’m still embarrassed when I cry during movies or especially when I’m reading and my bf is like (??) lol. But I don’t think of myself as weak for it anymore! 😛


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