Day 30: My Highs & Lows of Aug’17


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-I think the best part of this month for me was that I created this blog! And that I have now completed this challenge!(This is the only selfie I took this month, lol!)
My boyfriend and I visited The Cheesecake Factory for the first time ever, for both of us but, it wasn’t as amazing as everyone else claims it to be. My favorite part was the complimentary wheat bread, I still dream about it. I’m just glad we finally went because we always said “we need to try that place!”
-A few days after that, I made the best decision for myself and have eaten dairy free nearly all month except when there were Ice Cream Mochi Balls around. Which was maybe once or three times. I never regret eating those, though.
-I discovered the GoodReads app, I would have never heard of it unless I created this blog, though so this kind of goes with the first one. Along with discovering the app, and creating this blog, I’ve discovered a ton of books I am super excited to read!


-I drank a little too much a few days this month– which always puts me in a bad funk

-My car is a piece of shit and it’s making loud noises while we drive now…something about the pulley??

-I skipped work on lucrative nights and I’m still mad at myself

-I broke my toenail in the beginning of the month and it still doesn’t look completely perfect again yet

I hope you all had an August full of nothing but highs!! 💗

Thank you for stopping by 💋

14 thoughts on “Day 30: My Highs & Lows of Aug’17

  1. I wasn’t intending this, but this was my next post as well 😂 I’m glad you had a month of mostly good though! Dairy free you is a good start (it’s okay to drift once in awhile, no judgement for that ever!).

    I’ve never been to the Cheesecake Factory, but that’s a disappointment it’s overrated (yet expected).

    Goodreads is amazing! I joined it a few years ago and I’ve actually won a few books off of the giveaways they have on there. I haven’t read much in awhile so I haven’t been so active on it, but I might be making a come back.

    There’s always going to be lows to a month, unfortunately. But you can’t hate yourself for things that are already said and done. Just learn from it. Which it sounds like you have! You’ve cut back on drinking and you’re trying to work more hours. So that’s a start 😊

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    1. I think a monthly wrap-up post is actually really common on here!! Almost everyone I follow made one lol. Ugh, I hate chain restaraunts…they seem to always be overrated. I’ve had waaay better cheesecake elsewhere! 😂

      Omg have you really won books off the giveaways?? I’ve entered 3 giveaways since I downloaded it and haven’t won 1. 😭

      Thank you for your encouragement, it really does help!! 💗💗💗

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      1. It probably is honestly haha! And this is true, sadly! It’s the smaller places that surprise you with amazing food.

        And I have! I used to go through and enter all the open giveaways to anything that sounded interesting 😂 a few of the books I won were actually good, too!

        And you’re welcome! 🙂

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    1. Ugh I always slam my shoes when I’m performing on stage and I accidentally smashed my toe and my nail broke. 😩 It hurt at first but now that it’s grown out a lot, it’s not painful just jagged lol. 😕 Thank you!!

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  2. Aw you look so cute! I love your glasses too I’ve actually been looking for a pair just like those. Where did you get them?

    And I’ve been wondering about Cheesecake Factory everyone seems to rave about it but my parents went one time and basically had the same impression you did haha

    Just downloaded goodreads 😀

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    1. Hehe, thank you. 😊 I got them at America’s Best when I lived in Minnesota, maybe they have America’s Best where you live since you’re in the Midwest? Sadly they don’t have any stores in Vegas. ☚ī¸ They were cheap!

      Eveeeryone raves about Cheesecake Factory and it was just such a disappointment! Even their cheesecake wasn’t the best I ever had.

      Goodreads is such an awesome app and I’m relieved to know I’m not the only who is just downloading the app this year 😆


  3. I’ve never tried The Cheesecake Factory before, too, but I’ve been hearing raves and hypes about it. Maybe it really depends on what the person ate? Haha!

    Oh no, condolences for your toe dear. ☚ī¸ I know how it feels ☚ī¸ hahahaha

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    1. Chicken & Biscuits??? Sounds like something I would LOVE!! I’ve only been to Cheesecake Factory once but if I ever go again, definitely getting that. 😉 Thanks for the recommendation!!


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