I got super behind on reading blogs (and books, too!). ☹️ I’m sorry if you’ve gotten a ton of likes and comments on your blog all from me today (or if you haven’t gotten any notifications from me at all!). I don’t know how this happened. I’m almost all caught up though.


(Drove past this beautiful street art in downtown Las Vegas)

Last week, I only went to work 3 days. Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I got a wee bit intoxicated on Thursday night at work…I know I’m so bad. 😫 On Friday, I was hungover and crabby so no customers really wanted to hang out with me. I don’t blame them, lol. There also wasn’t as many customers as a Friday usually would entail because I’m sure everyone that was here in Vegas was saving their money for that Mayweather v. McGregor fight. (The day before the fight, cheapest tickets were priced at $3300! And of course, there was the betting aspect of it, too.)

I’m extremely disappointed in myself because I didn’t go to work on Saturday night, the night of the big fight, I know it had to have been super busy. I just couldn’t bring myself to go though, my arms didn’t lift to shave my legs in the shower, no part of my body or mind was pushing me out the door– I had absolutely zero motivation and I don’t know why.

I broke a nail Friday night somehow so my nails weren’t perfect when I woke up (and I did not want to wait in a Saturday night line at the nail salon…), I was due for a refill on my nails anyways, but they weren’t bad and I prefer to go on weekdays (because there’s usually no line– I’m horrible at time management so I can’t make appointments.) I already had enough anxiety Saturday night because Friday night had been shitty for me. And when my nails are messed up, literally all of my confidence is shattered. (How shallow am I?) I kept thinking about how insecure I would be about it and eventually just laid down and sulked all night instead of getting ready and going. I am so annoying.

Anyways, I needed to get my ass back to work on Monday and I hadn’t gotten my nails fixed yet. If you’ve read my 30 interesting facts post, you know I rarely drive! But for my nails, I did it! I had to. I made two mistakes: I didn’t wait my turn at a 4-way stop, received rude hand gestures, and I ran over the curb when I made a U-turn. 🙈 But by golly, I made it there and back.


And now my nails are beautiful, it was worth the drive and anxiety, I guess. I love red.

I don’t think I’m actually a bad driver but I get struck by so much anxiety I have to sit there and remind myself over and over again to breathe, my legs start shaking so bad I can barely press the gas pedal, I have to pull over into parking lots to calm down. So yeah, I’m a bad driver. I was not made for driving, I am a danger to myself and everyone else on the road, I know. But for my nails, I did it. See how in order my priorities are?

I did go to work Monday night but I had a major headache. Ugh. I was upset I had to leave earlier than I wanted to. But, I went back last night and I’m planning to work tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. That would mean I will finally have accomplished my goal of a 5 day work week. I can do it!! 🤞🏾🤞🏾

Today, I took the day off because Thursday (tomorrow) is pretty much the start of the weekend in Vegas so I need to rest up! I’m hoping it will be a busy one!

Boyfriend got off work at around 8pm and then we went out for…GUESS WHAT!?


You probably guessed it!

YEP! You were right!

We went out for:


AYCE Sushi!


We went to Sushi Neko again because we just love that place and don’t really believe there’s a place in town that could be better (or maybe we’re just scarred from our last bad experience?)


P.s. If you didn’t know “neko” means “house cat” in Japanese, that’s why this restaurant is so cute. It is cat-themed and the interior design and decorations are more than adorable. I promise I’ll try to make this my last post about the amazing Sushi Neko, hehe.

Thank you for stopping by 💋

8 thoughts on “Nails’n’News (#2)

  1. Your nails are so pretty! I really need need to do something with my nails. Right now they’re all different lengths and I have no polish on. I’ve just been lazy, but I think I’ll clip and paint them this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I wish I was able to paint my own nails but I always make a mess and they get all ruined lol. Treat yourself to a mani at the salon?? 😊😊 you deserve it!


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