Day 27: A Problem I’ve Been Having

Honestly, I’ve got a ton of problems. Since the challenge says “A problem,” I guess you’re in luck, I’ll choose just one problem I’ve been having.

My boyfriend and I fell in love with this 2-year-old girl cat named Twinkle Star. FUPI (Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc.) always has some of their adoptable cats at our nearest PetSmart. While we went there for food and treats for our two boys at home, we stopped to say “hi” to which ever cats were there that day. We always did this. Every time we’d go to PetSmart, I’d jump with joy and say to my boyfriend “eeeek, we get to say “hi” to the kitties!!” and my boyfriend, though he wouldn’t jump, but was always equally as excited, he’d exclaim “oh yeah!”


But, none of the cats ever made us fall in love. No matter how cute they were because we knew having two at home was enough. Then, one lucky day for Twinkle Star, we went to PetSmart and we met her. While I was reading all the names and looking at each of the cats that were there… I noticed Alex (bf) hadn’t moved from one cat. I looked at him, as he was kneeling down — this cute little cat kept rubbing her head on his hand that he had gently rested on the front of her cage. She did the same to me. (Another cat that was there purred as I pet her and then bit my finger!!) We couldn’t stop thinking or talking about Twinkle Star as we made our way through the store to get what we were initially there for.

Right when we left PetSmart, I filled out the online application to adopt her, and FUPI approved us that very same night. We went to get our new baby and all of her essentials! We were so excited but when she got home, all Hell broke loose. So much hissing and growling ensued between her and my boys. We didn’t know what to do.

For a month, we had them separated into different rooms but we felt bad because we like to snuggle and play with all of our cats and we felt like we were not only separating them from each other but also, separating too much of our time and attention away from them.


Now my problem is: all of my cats run around freely in the house, but not really. Everyone has their own litter box, their own water bowl (I even give them filtered water and ice because they won’t drink it until I put ice in it lol), and their own food bowls… but the boys always gang up on Twinkle… they chase her under the bed and will switch off guarding her from moving anywhere else!

I can’t get my kitties to get along. 😭 They’re waking me up constantly with hissing and growling. So, I’m also losing sleep. I don’t know what to do!! I can’t and won’t give any of them up and I don’t want to have them separated all the time.


Thank you for stopping by 💋

19 thoughts on “Day 27: A Problem I’ve Been Having

  1. Ohh gosh, I love cats! We actually have 3 adopted cats as well, two girls and one boy. Our male cat (he’s fat, there’s no other way to put it lol) he gangs up on the other two girls a lot. The one (Sasha, we refer to her as special because she’s very odd) freaks out anytime he comes near her, even to just lick her. The other, Missy (the baby, she was only 8 weeks when we got her) stands her ground and plays a lot with him. But he’s twice her size and he can be an ass. And he eats everyone’s food. Lol. So I dunno if it’s maybe just a male thing to gang up on the females or what. I wish I had some advice to offer you! Sometimes time helps, but maybe they might just need more space away from each other to roam

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    1. Ugh, I love cats too!💗 Both of the boys do lick her head occasionally but she doesn’t like when they sniff her butt, she’ll freak out, too. 😂 But more often, they are fighting and making mean noises at each other. Yeah, they chase her away from all the food bowls, even hers. 😩 I think maybe it is just male over female thing?? 🤷🏾‍♀ī¸ I was also thinking I need to get a bigger place, too. But the thing is, they always want to be where ever the other one is…ugh!

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      1. Haha that’s just frustrating! Because there’s only so much you can really do. I think it could be a male thing – they were both there first and males are kind of dominant (even if they are fixed). And that’s really something you don’t have much control over! At least a bigger place there’d be more places for them to roam, and maybe a few more places to hide and avoid each other


        1. Yeah they are both neutered and she’s spayed so I foolishly thought they’d all get along… lol boy, was I wrong. I do think the boys just don’t wanna share their space with her or are not used to yet. But I hate when they hide! ☚ī¸ I like for them all to be laying or playing where I can see them and pet them whenever I want hehe and they usually all are out and about unless they get into a hissy fit. Then she stays hiding. And that’s what I want to not happen. 😭😭 lol but you’re right, it’s something I definitely don’t have too much control over! 🤷🏾‍♀ī¸

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          1. We’ve had our cats for about two years now, and Sasha and Halo still don’t get along lol. She sees him and will just hiss and run away. Sometimes they fight but its more because he’s an ass and won’t leave her alone 😂 but that’s honestly probably why! she’s new and it’ll take them awhile to adjust to her. The most you can really do is give them time and hope it gets better. You can’t stop nature if they just annoy each other unfortunately lol. The most you can do is monitor it and make sure they’re not hurting each other. Definitely annoying though! It’d be nice if everyone could just get along lol

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            1. Yeah, that’s how it is with my cats! lol the boys just won’t leave her alone and she always hisses. I hope time will make ’em all get along!! While I’m home I can mediate but I came home the other day and she had a scratch on her nose ☚ī¸ so I may have to just separate them while I’m not home at least.

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  2. I have two cats, a male (Cameron) and female (Chloe). Chloe is the oldest. She’s 17, and I’ve had her since she was a year old. Cameron is 7, and I’ve had him since he was 2 months old. So Chloe was 9 (almost 10) when I brought Cameron home. It’s been 7 years, and to this day they still don’t really get along. Chloe hisses at Cameron a lot and Cameron sometimes likes to attack her and bite her, so I have to break them up. They’ve learned to live together though and mostly ignore each other, but they do have those instances where they fight. I think a lot of it has to do with Cameron’s male instincts. They’re more dominant and like to take control, thinking they own everything. It sounds like that might be the case, that your two male cats are trying to exude dominance over the female. Maybe just give it a little more time and hope things settle down. There’s a good chance they might never like each other (like my cats), but they can still learn to live together. Cats are just very territorial in nature, so sometimes it takes a while for them to accept new housemates.

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    1. Ugh, I’m so glad to hear that it’s not only my cats that don’t get along!! I feel bad that they don’t like each other, lol but I do think that they want to exude dominance over her but she won’t allow it?? Idk cats are weird. 🙄 Thank you, I do hope things will settle down in time. 💗


    1. Well, we still keep them separated while we sleep or when we are away but they can all roam the house when we’re awake & around. One of the boys has started to get along with her more, they even kiss & lick each other sometimes but my other boy still won’t let her near him! He hisses every time she gets too close!

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