My Favorite Quotes From… I’m Kind of a Big Deal by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

I’m Kind of a Big Deal by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

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Originally published: June 7, 2011

“The only circumstance in which it’s acceptable to wear a felt hat with a giant feather is if you’re a cartoon pimp from 1974 or Pinocchio.”

“But the reality was I felt just as lost as she did, I was just more practiced in my false bravado.

“Much later I would find out something she already knew: AA meetings are excellent networking opportunities.”

“The words themselves are not the most important ingredient. You are the most important ingredient.”

“They looked so easy in their own fake’n’bake tanned skin while I felt like I was crawling out of mine.

“When I stand naked on stage with just my thoughts and expressions, I’m petrified I might be exposing myself as a fraud, or worse, a fool for believing that I might have something special.

“I feel this way about a lot of things: writing, cleaning, and sex — I rarely look forward to the actual work involved but I’m usually pleased with the end result.

“As I sat there in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the scenario was ripe for me to obsess about where my life had veered so far off the tracks.

“‘If you think they are looking for something else, get in there and change their minds!’

“I’d be happy, and happy people are able to express sentimental thoughts without feeling like a pussy.”

“I lived on one Lean Cuisine for a day and a half and then accidentally ate an entire roll of frozen cookie dough.”

“Attention is a drug.”

“If I was the type of person to say things like ‘I’d begun to blossom,’ I might say that.

“And he kept a big bottle of Sauza Tequila in his desk, a quality I admired in a boss.

“I loved to cook because my pasta sauces were about eighty proof, and before I was done cooking I had a nice buzz going too — a splash for the sauce, a splash in my glass, a little more for the sauce, a lot more for me.”

“‘I’m just tired too. I need a way to take the edge off. Just one more night and then I’ll give you a rest. I promise.’ ‘You say that every night,’ my liver would say, pouting.”

“For awhile, the wine did help take the edge off but at some point — and it’s really hard to explain — it just kind of turned on me and it was no longer fun.”



The Author of This Book is Kind of Crazy, Kind of Delusional, and All Kinds of Hilarious

Whether she’s driving a limo for former Family Ties star Justine Bateman, dancing in the dark for a rarely seen Bob Dylan music video, or stalking a bachelor reject from TVs Love Connection, Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is kind of a big deal at least in her own mind. Smart, screwy, and scathingly funny, her tell-all essays capture every cringe-worthy moment of her kind-of famous life. From bombing as a stand-up comic for born-again Christians, to winging it as a singing waitress in an Italian restaurant, to posting open letters to Angelina Jolie and David Hasselhoff, this unstoppable L.A. transplant refuses to give up on her dreams, no matter how ill-advised and shows us a side of Hollywood better kept hidden. When it comes to funny women unplugged and unleashed they dont get any wilder than Stefanie Wilder-Taylor….”

(Via GoodReads)


Humor, Non-Fiction, Autobiography, Short Stories

My rating:

1.5/5 stars

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7 thoughts on “My Favorite Quotes From… I’m Kind of a Big Deal by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

    1. It was just a really bland book. 😕 It’s a bunch of short stories of the author’s experiences that don’t really fit together and none that were really worth reading at all.


        1. YES! That’s exactly what I was thinking! She’s a stand-up comedian so she’s definitely funny but the stories she decided to share in this book were just not quite book-worthy, in my opinion.


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