Day 24: My Favorite Movie & Synopsis

Shutter Island

“The implausible escape of a brilliant murderess brings U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his new partner (Mark Ruffalo) to Ashecliffe Hospital, a fortress-like insane asylum located on a remote, windswept island. The woman appears to have vanished from a locked room, and there are hints of terrible deeds committed within the hospital walls. As the investigation deepens, Teddy realizes he will have to confront his own dark fears if he hopes to make it off the island alive.”

(Image via Wikipedia, synopsis via Google)

Have you ever watched Shutter Island? Have you ever watched any movies that are similar to Shutter Island? I love movies like this so much, if you know of any, I’d love for you to share them with me in my comments!

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10 thoughts on “Day 24: My Favorite Movie & Synopsis

  1. Oh my! I love this movie so much that I recommended it to my husband. After watching it he said it made him ask about his existence. Lol. It’s a movie that will really make you think “what if”.


  2. I think I only saw this movie a couple of times. I definitely went to see it in theaters when it came out. I remember it being a really good movie that made you really think

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      1. If I ever watch it again I’ll probably have to do that lol. It is one of those movies that you reaaallly have to pay attention to so you don’t miss anything important. No distractions lol

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  3. This was such a good movie! I remember I’ve been meaning to go back and watch this over again because of the ending! It’s such a good psychological thriller

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