Day 22: How I’ve Changed in the Past 2 Years


(2 years ago – June 2015)



Obviously in the looks department I haven’t changed a bit. My face is the same and I even have the same hairdo! I’ve got different glasses now but I do still have a similar black pair like the ones I’ve got on in the picture from two years ago. My hair gets longer and longer everyday. I just cut 3 inches off a couple months ago and it has grown 4 more.

In 2015, I was a very heavy drinker. My boyfriend and I both were. We both had our own separate bottles in the freezer at all times. We drank every night starting from 5pm all the way until 5am. I’d bring a bottle into work and hide it in my locker and take shots all throughout the night. We also were doing lots of cocaine. I had a lot of money saved up but we wasted it all because I was always too fucked up to go to work yet I still needed my vodka. My boyfriend lost his job because he felt like he needed to take care of me and was afraid to leave me alone. I was never not fucked up enough to realize what he was doing for me.

Now, in 2017, I am semi-sober. HA. I often tell my customers that I prefer water over alcohol now, kudos to me, yeah? Since my mishap a few weeks ago… I haven’t had a single drop, promise!! As for the cocaine, that hasn’t been in my system since 2015. We quit shortly after we started, luckily.

Also, in 2016, I had made a New Year’s Resolution to accomplish and it was to do this workout every day at least once. I did it! And even did it twice some days. I had to actually quit doing it because I was losing booty fat! To this day, I’ll still do this workout when I feel I need to. My stomach and legs are so much more toned. And my stomach is indeed flatter than it was 2 years ago! Which also has resulted in a lot more confidence.

Ah, that’s a big one, I have a lot more confidence than I did 2 years ago.

My relationship with my boyfriend is a lot stronger now, but that happens everyday.

As a person, I don’t think I’ve changed too much. My personality and opinions are the same. But I’m smarter about a lot of things, especially about making new friends. I used to want to be everyone’s friend but I’ve learned that’s impossible. I know that a real and true friend is one in a million. You could say I’m a lot more reserved nowadays.

Oh, and my knees and hips crack all the time now.

Thank you for stopping by 💋

19 thoughts on “Day 22: How I’ve Changed in the Past 2 Years

  1. Yay you! You’re clearly headed in the right direction. I was just a little younger than you when I also decided to quit drinking after one of “those” nights – just a few days after I turned legal drinking age. It was like you guys with cocaine, it sounds. I quit soon enough after I started that it wasn’t as difficult as it could’ve been. (And I had my parents to show me what I had to look forward to if I didn’t quit).

    Funny how some years things change a lot and others hardly anything changes. For me there’s very little different between 2015 and now. We live in a different neighbourhood (but same as 2004-us), but otherwise it’s about the same. But pick the right two years and you’d find us becoming parents or immigrating to a new country and a number of different moves within the states. But then that’s how we’ve been – relatively the same and then one of us gets a crazy idea and before we know it we’re off and running. Adventure time!

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    1. Ah, I’m glad you were able to quit drinking! I didn’t think so much could change but I think changes are good! Especially if it includes an adventure! 😊 You’re so lucky to have lived in so many different places, I’m envious!!


  2. Lovely piece of writing. It is very profound but reads very simple. Like it’s the life of all lot of us.
    Thus the hope to be in the one in million. After all there are many millions in this world

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  3. That’s great you’ve been moving in the right direction! Heavy drugs can be nasty to get into. Never did it myself, but people close to me have and I’ve watched them mess their lives up for it. Drinking is also terrible when you abuse it, so I’m happy for you for cutting back! It all starts with you and it sounds like you’re doing great now! We all have mishaps, you live and move past it. I’m glad you’re more confident, too! I might need your workout plan, I should get on that 😂

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve seen so so many people ruin their lives because of heavy drugs and alcohol, I couldn’t be one of them! Even though I’m still having a little hard time with the alcohol, I think I’m getting there? Lol.

      Omg that workout I linked to is great, it’s so quick and easy and I started seeing results after only like two weeks! Just do a little leg and ab stretch afterwards and it gets easier and easier everyday! 😊

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      1. Haha all it takes is initiative and taking it one day at a time! It’s not going to happen overnight, but even by comparing yourself, you’ve made a lot of progress (:

        I’ll definitely have to check that workout out haha. I lack motivation so just doing something quick and easy everyday would be a great start!


  4. I drink every weekend, so that’s definitely a habit for me. I never drink more often than that though because of work. Drinking really messes up my stomach sometimes, and I can’t handle having a messed up stomach at work (because I have anxiety over using public restrooms). I rarely get drunk anymore though. I used to drink solely to get drunk, but I can no longer get drunk without getting sick (if not that same night, then I’ll be vomiting the next day). I never even used to hardly get a hangover, but as I’m getting closer to 30, my body can’t handle it the way it used to. Now I usually just have a few and get a slight buzz, but that’s it. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t drink on the weekend though. I feel like if I can’t drink on weekends, I get really anxious about it.


    1. Same here! If I drink to get drunk I always always always get sick that night or in the morning and a killer hangover. I used to just wake up with a dry mouth that a bottle of water could fix. Sometimes I drink to get a slight buzz then I regret intaking the calories without even getting to get drunk.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me. 💗

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  5. Girl, even though I basically don’t know you, I am so proud of you! You’ve managed to do stuff that most of the people wouldn’t if they were in your situation. All of the things you accomplished are really really good. Except the hips and knees cracks. Ew, I know what you mean 😀

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