Day 21: One of My Favorite Shows

There has only been one show in my life that I’ve watched every single episode of every single season. And I don’t mean by binge-watching on Netflix, which I’ve actually never finished a show doing either. I’m close to finishing all the episodes of Shameless but I’ve only just started watching season 7 and the next season is already coming out (or maybe already did?) and I’m just bored with the characters and my hate for Fiona is becoming too much to bare, I really doubt I’ll watch the rest of season 7, let alone continue onto season 8. I am obsessed with American Horror Story but the Roanoke season hasn’t come on Netflix yet and there’s another season coming out, I do want to finish this series but I have no idea when I’ll be able to. I’m waiting on you, Netflix! I also enjoy watching Big Brother but I’ve missed plenty of seasons in the past. I wish I could be on that show myself.

Anyways, the show I’m choosing for today’s challenge is a show I watched every single episode of while it aired new episodes on TV. I was quite young when the first season came on but my sister is 2 years older than me and I always watched “her shows” with her and this one was one of them and the only one I never missed an episode of.

Here’s to the best show ever created:

One Tree Hill

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12 thoughts on “Day 21: One of My Favorite Shows

  1. I loved One Tree Hill for like the first 5 or 6 seasons! It was straight up genius! After Chad Michael Murray left, it wasn’t as good for me. I also binged it on Netflix, not when it aired, so that may have made a difference! But there were many things I loved about One Tree Hill, and it still has some of the best quotes!

    Shameless is oddly addicting, but I know what you mean about Fiona. I finally finished season 7 a couple months ago. In some sense I kind of relate to her being fed up, so I guess I don’t mind it so much haha.

    I’m amazed you’ve never fully finished another show though! I guess it’s easy to get bored after awhile, though! I tend to watch a show all the way through if I can, unless it’s super unbearable haha. But there are quite a few I started, thought were good, but put on hold for quite awhile and still haven’t picked them back up. And then Netflix took them off πŸ˜‚


    1. Oh I was just devastated when he and Hilarie Burton left the show. I assume a lot of fans stopped watching because there weren’t very many episodes without them. I had such a huge love for all of the other characters as well though so I would have kept watching forever. Lol. Yesss, the quotes from OTH are unbeatable.

      Yeah, Shameless was so addicting at first. I couldn’t even go to sleep because I wanted to watch it so bad. I think I just never really liked Fiona even before she got so completely irresponsible.

      Yeah every show I’ve ever watched I binge watch for a day or two and never go back. I actually did watch all of 13 Reasons Why but I really don’t know that I’ll watch the 2nd season that I heard is coming out soon.

      And maaaaybe I’ve watched every single episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, but does that really count? Hehe. πŸ™ˆ

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      1. So was I! I couldn’t get into the rest of the show as much honestly. They were my favorite two characters lol. I liked the others, but it just wasn’t the same for me.

        And I gotcha! Shameless for the first few seasons definitely was binge-worthy.

        I’ve done that with shows before, but I’m consistent with sticking with them lol. And I have mixed feelings about that show, I dunno if I’ll watch the sequel either.

        And hahah I mean technically if you’ve seen every episode! I used to watch that show growing up (so many lol). I’ve seen every episode of FRIENDS


      2. Yeah i loved the 13 reasons why book and I watched the whole first season in one sitting and I was just kind of left disappointed… and sad. I’m curious to see what they’ll do for the plot of the sequel but I’m not sure I want to support the show anymore.

        I still watch Everybody Loves Raymond, it’s always on tv lol that’s why I think I’ve seen every episode because there’s never one on that I haven’t seen before it but it still makes me laugh every time! Hahaha πŸ™ˆ I love friends too but I really don’t think I’ve watched every single episode because I see a lot of memes I don’t remember seeing in the show.

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      3. I haven’t read the book but I know people who’ve raved it! And the show was sad. I read a lot of mixed reviews about it supporting suicide by displaying it the way it did, and it kind of turned me off from the show. I don’t know if I’ll give season 2 a try, I don’t really know what they could do with it.

        And I gotcha! Haha that’s honestly what’s happened to me with a few shows. I’d come home from school (years ago) and have my after school line up. Friends I’d been watching as a kid (I remember getting to stay up late to watch the final episode air lol). And I gotcha! There’s sometimes those random episodes they rarely play that are harder to catch on tv!

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      4. Yeah the producers and stuff had talked to like experts at Suicide prevention and they were super clear and serious about not showing the Suicide scene at all but they still did. All to make it “better”… yeah I don’t know if I wanna support that.

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  2. I love all these shows too! Love Shameless, but I had no idea there were that many seasons out; love American Horror Story (but in a love-hate way, I think it’s actually a little terrible but I can’t stop watching it); and I used to be a huge fan of Big Brother. I actually never got into One Tree Hill though, I was always a reality tv kinda girl – just the most wholesome, cultured material on tv, am I right?

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    1. Ugh, I’m love American Horror Story. I’m a li’l nervous cause I heard some bad reviews about the Roanoke season. ☹️ Hahaha I love reality TV too! One of my favorites is The Challenges on MTV!


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