Yesterday, boyfriend worked a double shift so he was at work from 12-8. Usually, Sunday’s are our days off together or sometimes he’ll work a short day shift, which, I’ll sleep through and I usually won’t wake up until he gets home so it’s always kinda like we have the whole day together anyways… minus the morning snuggles. ☹️

I know I said I’d work 5 days this past week but I ended up working 4, which isn’t so bad. But, I’ll be going back tomorrow and trying again this week to make it to work the next 5 days in a row.

Anyways, our day off together today was wonderful. Guess what we did??? We went to that sushi place (I told you we’re obsessed!) we didn’t want to wait in line for last time. It’s called Umiya, it’s not far at all from the Las Vegas Strip.


Cutie pie πŸ’–

It wasn’t as good as Sushi Neko, we were a little disappointed but we still ate as much as we could. My favorite was the simple but delicious seared salmon nigiri sushi:


At Sushi Neko, we love their Miso Soup. We can have bowl after bowl. Here at Umiya we were only able to eat one bowl each due to the extra saltiness:


Another thing we ordered I really disliked was the “tuna N chips” because I expected tuna pieces, not ground up tuna… and maybe wonton chips instead of tortilla? And the sauce on top of the tuna was just horrendous:


We ordered more than this but this was our first round:


Everything came so fast and I couldn’t keep up with the photos, we counted on the receipt that we ordered 20 different items but I noticed they missed at least one. Man, I love AYCE. I also broke my dairy-free streak by ordering a green tea ice cream mochi ball, it was so yummy and definitely worth the consequences I may have to face. I guess, lol. :-/


He was suuuper full!!

After dinner, we went to the dispensary. Our favorite place to hit up in Vegas is this place called Blackjack Collective (for various reasons). If you’re ever visiting Vegas, this place isn’t too far off the strip– it’s been legal recreationally here since July 1st, so come indulge here, I highly recommend it:


Check out the amazing artwork on the outside of the building!


Then of course we needed something sweet… we decided on Sonic Slushes! We parked in the parking lot, and pressed the red button to order and the carhop came out on roller skates! Sonic was my first job when I turned 16 and no one ever wore roller skates at the store I worked at, lol. I was ecstatic when my small cherry slush with nerds and my boyfriend’s large real fruit lime slush with nerds came out in the hands of a boy with skates on!


Now, we’re lying in bed together watching a li’l TV, he’s playing with this little bell toy with Twinkle Star, she loves it and is jumping all over the bed. I’m probably gonna read the book I’m currently reading, Room, for a bit after I publish this. I really love it so far. I did finish one book just a couple days ago and I have a page of my favorite quotes written down already but I just have to type ’em up, stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by πŸ’‹

9 thoughts on “Munday Funday

  1. Tortilla chips at a sushi place? That fits right in with the Mexican food place I went to that put American cheese on my taco! Looks good though. Glad you had a good day!

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