Day 20: How Important I Think Education Is

Super important

In my opinion teachers deserve more respect. When I decide it’s time for me to go to college (maybe soon?) I’ll be going to become a teacher.

I want to teach elementary students because I think that that’s when education is the most important.

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I’m not sure how important some things that are taught in school are but most of it should be taught. I realize some lessons are false and I’d prefer for those lessons to not be taught.

I believe education is important for the social environment it creates, too. Students make friends which are definitely needed while growing up.

Teachers deserve more. The fact that they have to buy their own extra supplies and room decorations is so sad… I think they deserve so so much more.

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11 thoughts on “Day 20: How Important I Think Education Is

  1. One of my first dreams was to become a middle school teacher. That eventually changed but I still think teaching is wonderful. Students need great teachers that really do care. When I was in school I didn’t have many teachers that cared about us actually learning unfortunately. I had a teacher in high school that would literally turn on YouTube videos the whole class period or sit at her desk and let us do whatever and then test us on textbook work. It was ridiculous.

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    1. Yeah when I was in school there were too many teachers that I felt didn’t care enough at all… I had a few teachers that did the videos everyday thing, as well. I wanna be a teacher that cares and I feel like in elementary school kids still believe in adults, you know?

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      1. Wow – I hit the right generation for my education. When I was in elementary school we didn’t even have VCRs so if a teacher wanted us to watch something there would either have to be a filmstrip or a planned viewing of a PBS show.

        My teachers made all of the difference for me – what sort of difference changed as I got older. In the elementary years they encouraged me to learn and kept me challenged. This was really at the beginning of gifted programs so before there were special classes they’d have to come up with special assignments or guide me separately as I worked a little more quickly through a math book or I and a few other students would work on a reading book that was a little ahead of the rest of the class.

        High school was totally different. There were two big things they did for me then. They helped me form my current world view. (Some of the more conservative may be nodding their heads now saying “See? Those teachers are trying to raise a bunch of liberal adults!”) but they also provided a great deal of stability and caring when things at were not good. I credit them with creating a stable enough environment for me that I could not get completely bogged down about my parents’ alcoholism (and eventually ending up there myself) and along with some of my friends’ parents, providing good adult role models.

        Which is to say, I think whatever age you choose you can have a positive influence. But of course you’ll have more influence with the age you really enjoy working with.

        As for school: Don’t forget – you don’t have to wait until you’re in a position to sign up full time. You can take 1-2 courses any time and then transfer your credits when you start going full time. Or just finish your degree part time. That’s my #1 recommendation – even a small step down a path is progress in the direction you want to be going and will feel really great.

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      2. Oh the teachers that showed videos all day were the ones in high school. In elementary school everything was better! I wanna be a teacher that makes a difference and love to hear that you had teachers that made all of the difference for you! And when I was in elementary school I was also taken with a few other students to do tougher math problems and read higher level books! In high school, I wish my teachers had cared a little more. I went to the student guidance counselor a few times but she was so useless. I’m glad to hear when you were in high school they were able to provide you stability but truly sorry to hear about your parents’ alcoholism. I did have great role models in some of my friends’ parents too, fortunately.

        I have been thinking about going to school part time lately, it does sound like a good idea. Thank you for the encouragement! πŸ’–

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  2. Education is and always will be super important! And it’s important early on that you get an education (while you’re still a kid and developing). So many people lack the right kind of education, and it’s sad. They don’t know their history, how to spell, anything. It just makes me sad how they’ve taken art out of a lot of schools. The education system sucks, but teachers – the good ones – they really do deserve more.

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  3. I’m glad my son went to a wonderful elementary school and a great middle school. I cannot imagine a school where the teachers don’t care. That would be awful. I hope you become a teacher!

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    1. That’s why I’d rather teach children than adults because of how full of life they are, they get excited about everything, I love it. πŸ˜ƒ I’ve had a lot of li’l brothers and cousins so I’ve got the crowd control down, too!!

      Thanks for stopping by!!πŸ’–


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