One day, when I was in 5th grade, I came home from school and my Mom and Dad were both home. This was a rare occurrence because my dad usually didn’t get home until later at night. I knew something was up, especially because my mom was laying on the couch with her head on my dad’s lap, crying.

I asked them “what’s wrong?” And my dad told me to open the big manila envelope on the table sitting next to them.

I had no idea what was going on! When I looked inside there were thousands of cute, little folded up notes that I had been passing with my 5th grade best friend throughout the year. One note was left open, it was one that I had written. It said, “my mom’s being a fucking bitch right now and my stupid dad won’t let me go to your birthday party.”

My parents never let me go to any of my friends’ house. They thought their dads and/or brothers would rape me. I blame it on my mom watching all those movies on the Lifetime channel. So yes, I was often infuriated about missing out on everything my friends did outside of school and at the time believed that it made my dad “stupid” for not allowing my attendance to her party! And my mom was always a bitch. I just had no idea my words could hurt them so much. Or that they’d ever read them in the first place.

In 5th grade, we had those desks that you slid stuff in.

Unless you were really lucky, you got assigned one of the few you could actually close and open. My best friend wasn’t a lucky one.

During class, one of my notes that I had written her fell out of her desk. This spiteful little cunt, who I had never talked to before, saw it and decided that she could stick her hand in her desk when everyone left for lunch. My best friend had all my notes that she responded to during class time still in her desk! I guess she had no need to bring the notes home since they were already read and responded to. I don’t know why the cunt decided to give them all to the teacher but she did. We didn’t have the same teacher, fortunately, because her teacher read not just one but, a few of my notes out loud to her class. They were all meant for my best friend’s eyes only. I wrote bad words and bad things about so many classmates and probably teachers, too. (Never once did I write about that cunt though, so I still don’t understand why she turned them in.) All of the 5th grade teachers decided that we were no longer allowed to write notes at all. I wrote notes with so many girls in my grade and even to boys that I liked… I couldn’t believe we couldn’t write them at all anymore. They were my favorite form of communication.

I was so focused on wondering how I was going to still write notes to my friends without getting in trouble, I forgot to care that all of those notes were being sent to my parents. They actually mailed them so I didn’t see the consequences right away, the both-my-parents-home and my-mom-crying-thing happened maybe 2 or 3 days after the teacher read my note aloud. I was already writing notes again by then — I had already been planting my notes in the playground for my friends to find.

That’s the first time I ever saw my mom cry like that. My dad told me how disrespectful I was for calling him stupid and my mom a bitch. They didn’t even hit me, though… They were just sad. I never knew that I could make them feel that way. They were also upset about the swear words I used for every adjective, often for nouns, in place of proper nouns, and even as verbs. I wasn’t allowed to use such words at that age even though my dad’s kids he’s raising right now have been cussing since they could say words and he thinks it’s hilarious.

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10 thoughts on “Day 19: Disrespecting My Parents

  1. Wow – what a series of terrible events snowballing in to a really horrible conclusion: A mom who was misguided by TV into being overprotective, you as a kid who was not yet savvy about what to put in writing and what to just leave to words, a careless friend and another spiteful kid. Of course our life is full of these convergences that lead to both good and awful things. Hope you end up with more good ones soon…

    I think the closest moment I have to that was probably when I was about the same age as you were here. I had just learned a new word and was riding with my dad on the way to the store. I don’t remember what he said or was doing that bugged me but now was the time to try out my new word: “Dad, you’re an imbecile.” Even then I could tell it really hurt his feelings.

    Of course a few years later in 1992, I completely disconnected from both of my parents and haven’t been in contact with them since. (It was for the best – and for good reason) so I’m sure that was more upsetting…

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    1. Hahaha “imbecile” is a much more intelligent word than the words I was using. If I was your father I would’ve been proud of you!

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve disconnected with your parents but I believe you when you say it was for the best and good reason, so I won’t pry. 😊

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me!! 💖

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  2. Ohh gosh, kids these days will never know what it was like to pass notes in class – the art of it! That’s awful they all got mailed to your parents though! Notes are private, and kids will be kids! Everybody gets pissed off at their parents – my mom wouldn’t let anyone’s parents pick me up or drop me off as a kid. So I know what it’s like missing out on everything – she was so paranoid! It wasn’t until high school she started letting up. But even then she was a stickler.

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    1. You’re right, kids these days probably all have cell phones and no need to write notes, kind of sad. 😕 Ugh at least I wasn’t the only one w/paranoid parents! My parents stopped caring about pretty much everything after they split up, so by 7th grade I was free!! lol

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      1. Exactly! It’s unfortunate, and it honestly is sad haha. I didn’t get my first cell phone until 9th grade 😅
        And you’re definitely not alone! I was never really “free” 😂 my mom still cares about what I do, but I’ve finally shaken off the worst of it. And I’m almost 24 lmao. She lightened up over the years

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          1. Haha awww, well she probably still cares but has accepted you’re doing your own thing! I’m my moms only kid so she’s always been over protective. Sometimes she cares a little too much lol.

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