Day 17: My Highs & Lows of This Past Year

2017 is almost over so I’m wondering if I should do today’s challenge for 2016 or 2017…

I think I’ll do my highs and lows of 2016 since this year has a few more months to get better.

Highs of 2016:

  • In June of 2016, I turned 21 and had the best Cali and Vegas vacation with my boyfriend! (Some of my family members were there for part of the trip, too.)
  • On that trip, I experienced the wonderful and amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Hollywood!! It was a dream come true, it really was.
  • My sister moved into an apartment where cats weren’t allowed so she dropped her cat, Benji, off at my place. She never came back to get him… shame on her, but, we got to welcome a new member into our family. Even though he’s the naughtiest out of our 3 cats, he’s family and we love him the same.
  • I was featured in the Minnesota City Pages for one of the clubs I worked at’s back page ad and in another Midwest Strip Club magazine and I got to do my first semi-professional photo shoot for those photos! It was super fun! (I have photos but I won’t be sharing them. πŸ˜‰)
  • My Aunt got married and so, I was able to experience and attend my first real American-style wedding.
  • I discovered Bloody Mary’s!


  • The highest high of 2016, was packing all of our stuff and our cats into the car and driving from Minnesota to Las Vegas, Nevada! (Benji in the car on the way to Vegas):


Lows of 2016:

  • There was a club in Minnesota (the one I did the photo shoot for) that I really enjoyed working at. I got fired because I asked a customer for a tip after he squeezed my ass… I couldn’t see where I was in the wrong. I still don’t. The manager tried to tell me I was wrong but I couldn’t agree so he said I had an attitude and fired me.
  • When I first got to Las Vegas in November’16 I got hired as a dancing cocktail waitress at a top casino but couldn’t pass the drug test to get the job. How could I not know that all casinos here do drug tests? I still hate myself.
  • My first car ever’s engine died on the highway and it cost more than the car itself to fix it so I had to buy another one.
  • I got into my first car accident and totaled that next car I bought.
  • I had to buy three cars in 2016!

Thank you for stopping by πŸ’‹

8 thoughts on “Day 17: My Highs & Lows of This Past Year

  1. I’m jealous you got to go to Harry Potter world πŸ˜‚ someday! But it sounds like you’ve had quite the productive year, and a lot has happened.

    I don’t think you were in the wrong to ask that customer for a tip. He shouldn’t be squeezing your ass for free. And that’s awful about your cars! Hope you manage to keep your current one for a lot longer lol.

    Don’t beat yourself up over things that didn’t work out. It sucks, but we do stupid things. It happens!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh I wish I could live in Harry Potter World! I hope you do get the chance to go someday. ☺️

      Lol, thank you! No one squeezes my ass for free! Most clubs would have taken my side…but that manager was rude!

      Lol I’ve had my current car all year but it is now just starting to make loud and weird noises…ugh, why?! I hate cars!!

      Thank you so much for all your kind words!πŸ’–πŸ’–

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope I do, too! Haha

        And you’re welcome, I don’t blame you one bit. And that sucks :/

        And ohh man, that’s frustrating! Hopefully it’s nothing too major haha.

        And anytime (:

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  2. That was a hell of a year!! I tend to think if the good out weighs the bad, then it’s veen a great year. πŸ™‚

    I’m with you on the tip, your boss should’ve had some backbone. Sucks about the drugs test and car troubles too.
    But that trip sounds amazing! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! Overall I’d say my 2016 was my best year yet! πŸ˜ƒ

      Yeah it was a small town club where they valued their customers more than their employees and that mgr was the one w/ a major attitude, not me lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. 2016 sounds like a long year although you did have some really great fun! I would have loved to go to Harry Potter. The guy squeezing you had no right to do so. And the cars! I am so sorry!!! My tip on cars, don’t buy one unless your gut says “This is it!” When I finally did that, I kept that car for 10 years. My favorite car ever. Good luck. Sounds like this is a better year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 2016 was probably my favorite year of my entire life so far even with all the lows. 😊 You’ll love Harry Potter World, whenever you get the chance to go, it’s magical! Ugh I hate cars… I’ve never found a car that I thought “this is it” I’m more like “this will do” but when my current car goes to shit (with the noises it’s making, I’m thinkin’ that’ll be soon) I will definitely be taking your advice to not buy one until my gut tells me so. It sounds like a DREAM to have the same car for 10 years.

      Thank you so much! πŸ’–

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