Day 16: My Views on Mainstream Music

I don’t know, I like mainstream music. At work, I choose to dance to Justin Bieber songs. I don’t think I could dance to any thing more mainstream than Justin Bieber.

One thing I don’t like: how artists change who they are and mold themselves to become more famous and popular in mainstream… for example, Machine Gun Kelly, I liked his music and who he was better before he went mainstream but mainstream is where the money and recognition is… so can you blame him? Or any other mainstream artists?

What are my views supposed to be on mainstream music? “Blah blah blah, it sucks”? Well, I honestly don’t think so. Mainstream music plays everywhere, people love it, and so do I because mostly all the songs are so damn catchy and I like that I can annoyingly sing them all day.

Today was hard. It was really hard to write about something that means close to nothing to me.

Thank you for stopping by 💋

5 thoughts on “Day 16: My Views on Mainstream Music

  1. I feel you in a way! I don’t mind mainstream music because I hear it all the time. But in the same breath I get so annoyed with hearing the same songs all the time (every hour) and they all sound similar. But there are some really catchy songs, so I can’t hate it! Haha.

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