I worked last Friday and no one said anything about my drunken shenanigans, lol. I was absolutely grateful.

But, towards the end of the night the bitch I shared the champagne room with came up to me while I was with customers and was like “omg it’s my faaaavorite!” (referring to me, obviously I’m not her favorite) and she buffed her chest out like a tough guy, so, I made eye contact with her and she goes, “sup bro”… and I was literally like “???,” I rolled my eyes and I continued my conversation with my customer. I am not here for her drama… we do not ever have to work together again. Our club is big enough for the both of us.

No one else said a damn thing.


On a brighter note,
my locker was still organized when I got to work.

Yes, this is organized to me. At least half of it is still hanging up, lol.

I worked again last night and this new girl was working at the front door, it definitely was not her first night on the job but, she never remembers if I need a wristband or not. (Girls under 21 wear one so bartenders and waitresses know not to serve them alcohol, even though they still do anyways…) She proceeds to ask me, “do you need a wristband?” like she does every time she’s working, and the door man who was working on my drunken night just laughed out loud, obviously knowing that I didn’t need one. I embarrassingly, but playfully shouted, “shut up,” at him and told the door girl, “no, I’m old enough to drink, but I probably should wear one so I don’t,” and he laughed again… Hahaha. I also saw the girl who was my stage partner that night and every time we made eye contact she’d giggle a little, lol. So I guess no one has forgotten but they all were kind enough to pretend that they did. 🙈

I’ve still got a job at my favorite club I’ve ever worked at so far. Yay! 🤗 Aaaand, I’ll be trying to work at least 5 days this week, wish me luck!

Thank you for stopping by💋

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