Macarons are expensive

I thought I was ready to just relax and not spend any more money for the night but I saw a picture of macarons and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

I made my boyfriend drive us to this cute, little shop called Tea of Joy. Which is literally across the street from the sushi place we just ate at earlier (and got a small dessert at). He was like, “really babe?? Put your bra back on.”

Ice cream is not the same as macarons, ok?


They had sooo many flavors of macarons, there were only 3 flavors I didn’t want. We got 13 of them. They are perfect. So delicious. But so damn expensive. 😩 We also got two small drinks. I got the Thai Tea slushie w/ honey boba and almond milk:


Yum yum. Boyfriend got the Milk Green Tea w/ honey bobas, he said it tasted only like milk. 😕


I wonder how wonderful the macarons in France are, and how much do they cost?

(P.S. This quick macaron stop should be the last bullet on my previous post.)

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