Day 12: My Day in Bullets

I prefer to do my daily blog post when I first wake up and before I get ready for the day, but today’s post was to put my whole day in bullet points and it would have been just one bullet: “woke up, now writing this” lol, so now my day is almost over and these were the events:

  • Woke up and used the bathroom
  • Snuggled with babe, we both had the day off today, attempted to go back to sleep but our cats kept fighting and chasing each other so we had to stay up and mediate
  • Our next door neighbor kept knocking on our door, it was only 10am
  • We pretended we were still asleep (he always asks to use my bf’s phone because he broke his, I guess…)
  • Our neighbor stopped knocking on the door for less than 5 min, then was knocking again
  • Bf went to tell him that he needed to fuck off and ask him if he knew how fucking early it was
  • Neighbor apologized, proceeded to ask if he could borrow bf’s phone but ALSO, informed us that another stupid fucker that lives in our building hit one of our cars (it was my bf’s, not mine, ha) when he tried to park next to it… luckily, our neighbor witnessed it because we would have never known… the fucker didn’t even leave a note or anything. I’m sure he’s seen us go into our car several times as well. He could’ve told us. Jeez… how rude, right?
  • We told our apartment manager and they told us we should make a police report, bf called but they told us we actually have to go into the police department to file it. The mark/dent is so small, it’s not really worth it, is it?? I’m just pissed he wasn’t even going to apologize or inform us that he hit it!
  • Bf and I went back to snuggling, smoked a blunt
  • I read some blogs on here and almost 1 chapter of the book I’m currently reading then I fell asleep
  • Took a 3 hour nap
  • Woke up, took a shower
  • We smoked another blunt and looked online for an AYCE sushi spot (we’re obsessed 🤷🏾‍♀️) that we haven’t tried yet
  • I chose a place called Umiya with high Yelp ratings and an assortment of wonderful items on their menu that I was super excited to try
  • We had to stop at the gas station and get gas
  • We got to Umiya and the line for a table was pretty much out the door
  • We asked how long the wait would be, they told us 30 min but we have waited in lines here in Vegas too many times to know that 30 min could really be an hour, maybe longer… I was sad 😭
  • We had already decided that if the wait was said to be over 20 min we’d just go to Sushi Neko like last time
  • We immediately walked out the door, got back in the car and drove a short distance to Sushi Neko
  • There was no wait when we got there but it was super busy
  • We got a table right away but no service for awhile
  • We ordered our food and got maybe half of it and they lost the other half of it somewhere else, I guess
  • Our waiter had to re-take our order… like twice
  • We finally got the rest of the food… well, most of it — we were still missing two half rolls but we decided to cancel them
  • We got dessert (green tea ice cream and the deep fried banana w/ ice cream, yum) and our tab, paid… (We were here for 2.5 hrs… every other time we’ve ate here we finished in about an hour or less.)
  • We left, drove home
  • Got home and smoked a blunt
  • Now, writing this on my phone, on our bed, bf next to me watching some silly videos on his phone on FB, watching a lil Everybody Loves Raymond on TV
  • I’ll probably stay in this same spot for the rest of the night, lol
  • I’ll browse the worldwide web, smoke more weed, snuggle my man, play with my babies (my 3 cats), and read my book until I fall asleep

I love Sunday’s, they’re so relaxing. 💖 Even though ours was a little hectic, everything that went wrong was minor. I always love when we have the whole day off together, today couldn’t have been a bad day. 💗

Tomorrow, babe has the day off but I have to go to work because I only worked one day last week. I hate myself, lol.

Thank you for stopping by 💋

5 thoughts on “Day 12: My Day in Bullets

  1. Awww you guys look so cute together (: sounds like quite the busy day, but it’s always worth it with the right person. At least the damage wasn’t too bad to his car!

    Liked by 1 person

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