Day 8: A Moment I Felt Most Satisfied in my Life

Recently, Alex (my boyfriend) and I went to an AYCE sushi restaurant called Sushi Neko in Chinatown. We’ve gone twice now!

The first time we went, we both did the AYCE but could barely eat enough to match the AYCE price! When we left, I was extremely bummed. I wanted to try so many other items on the menu and felt that we wasted money by not doing so.

A few days later, I declared that we needed to go back! We didn’t have anything to eat all day and the restaurant’s dinner started at 4pm. We relaxed and ran errands so we were starving once we got to Sushi Neko.



When we finished eating, I high-fived my man! I was so proud of us, lol.


We even got dessert but I forgot to take a picture. I ordered the Coffee Mochi and babe ordered a deep fried banana a la mode. I love Mochi so so much! I couldn’t help myself! πŸ™ˆ

When I read the word “satisfied,” I immediately thought of the feeling I had when I walked out the doors of Sushi Neko.

Thank you for stopping by πŸ’‹

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