Day 7: My Zodiac Sign & If It Fits My Personality

I am definitely a Gemini. Whenever I read anything about Gemini’s, I want to hang it on my wall, I’m left understanding myself more and more, never sitting there and thinking “this is bullshit.” I always relate so much!

Screenshotted from here

I went onto Google images and I simply searched “Gemini” and these are the images that I agreed with most:

I’m definitely not proud of it… but this is too true.

I always ask my boyfriend the same questions over and over again if I’m anxious about something. I’ll research something and I won’t be done until I’ve reached the last page of the results on Google. If I’m curious, anxious, or worried… I need to know everything about the situation. I can not rest or “keep calm” until I know everything’s gonna be okay. The thing is, I never believe everything’s gonna be okay until the situation has actually been dealt with.

Almost everyone in the world makes things harder than they need to be. For instance, my family takes 3+ hours of group texting to plan where everyone should meet for Christmas. That’s why I moved to Las Vegas so I can be completely alone and away from all the people I am obliged to see. Not that I don’t miss them but I’d just prefer to see them when I want to and not when I have to.

Whenever someone meets me for the first time they think I’m soooo quiet, shy, and innocent. I really do get super shy around new people. I have no idea how to act or what to say. I don’t know why. When I’m comfortable, it’s a whole different story.

There aren’t that many people in my life at all because they just don’t pass my tests. I don’t know, I can be an asshole and if they still like me or want to be my friend… I realize they should stay in my life. I’m not an asshole on purpose or anything… Most people are just too sensitive for me. I also like someone who isn’t afraid to take the lead, not someone who’ll just suck up to me and do everything I say, even though I usually prefer things my way. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

When I saw this one, I was like “damn, I didn’t know this was a Gemini trait but I’m glad I’m not the only one!” ๐Ÿ˜‚

I can entertain myself at my own home all day but if you put me somewhere with absolutely nothing, I’d go insane. Or, like the image says: I’d enter a Great Depression.

Make things as clear as you want, a Gemini will continue to assume things anyways.

Sometimes after a long night at work, where I have to stay smiling and happy-go-lucky at all times, I’ll need to take a few days off to recuperate… Even if I’m at a time where I shouldn’t be taking a few days off.

Whenever I meet someone new, I know right away how I’ll get along with them.

I still don’t understand myself or my actions. Sometimes, I don’t even understand my own thoughts and opinions.

Thank you for stopping by ๐Ÿ’‹

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