Day 4: My Views on Religion

Growing up I was always told things like “if you eat while you’re laying down, in your next life, you will be a hippo” and “if you’re a good person in this life, you’ll be wealthy in your next life”

I always believed what I was told. I never knew having another life after death was a Buddhist belief. I would warn my friends (the same way my parents and grandparents did to me) when they would simultaneously eat and lounge. They always wondered where I heard all of those crazy “myths.” I eventually learned it was a Buddhism thing. I definitely believe in having a next life.

But who says it would be on Earth? 🌏

I don’t attend church, never have. I have gone to the Cambodian Temple in Farmington, MN to help feed the Monks, listen, and sat through their prayers plenty of times since I was a little girl.

(Cambodian Temple in Farmington, MN)

When I’m sad or in trouble, I pray to both God and Buddha to help me. I think they both exist. I think they’re both listening.

I also believe in unicorns, vampires, magic, witches. I believe in everything. It’s all out there somewhere. We just don’t get to see and experience it all.

At least… not in this life.

Thank you for stopping by 💋

4 thoughts on “Day 4: My Views on Religion

  1. As Buddhism spread across Asia it assimilated the local religions and customs in each culture it came into contact with. Because of this some beliefs and practices in each country are sort of superstitious and outside of mainstream Buddhism. I think Karma is a concept that was greatly affected in this way. If you have an interest you can compare Buddhism from different sects or denominations and find all the things that are common. I believe that these are the real Buddhist teachings. Be aware though that the Buddha did say that if you can prove to yourself that something is true, even if he did not teach it, it is true. Good luck on your path!

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